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Impaling Motorcycle Helmet With 150 Ton Hydraulic Spike | in 4k

Impaling Motorcycle Helmet With 150 Ton Hydraulic Spike | in 4k

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel today we are going to do second video with the impaler five million and last week we did little bit more scientific video with different materials and today we are going to go just full retard with fun stuff like this so it’s not so like err… videos’s just more about having fun so… let’s start with the helmet spike there. so now we are ready to impale and I think it’s not going to be pretty for the melon guy and by the way this is like the cheapest motorcycle helmet that you can buy so I don’t give like high hopes for the helmet to survive and… here we go! uh… that doesn’t look good yeah you cannot see the spike but it was already down here because the tables start to move uh oh… uh oh the helmet is inside of the melon yeah i think this is a fail on like impaler test on the helmet yes and then two decks of playing cards and what is Anni your opinion – are they going to explode? (yes) i say that they are not going to explode, they split in half quite calmly i think that was like small – small explosion and… they are in half like i said but it was bit more violent than i thought yeah, pretty nice yep, and then everybody’s favorite lego blocks and these feel extremely sharp and painful under your feet so now we are going to have our revenge against the legos and then everybody’s favorite, at least on instagram candle yeah, I think it’s too soft and too slippery to impale it properly yep, and then the hockey puck taa-daa it isn’t stuck yet and… this is really, really interesting flipped the outside part it’s like other way around right now. the inside is out and outside is in fixed. yeah now you have like hockey puck turned into like what is that thing where you have just like and here is the inside can you open coconut with 150 ton hydraulic spike? i think, yes. yep and and then old samsung mobile phone i think this can be maybe five years old? not that much. I don’t know. yeah, that was… pretty easy it is the coconut water there wasn’t anything inside of the phone or i think there shouldn’t be water yep, and then the toy car yeah, looks pretty bad yep, and now we have probably the most dangerous one phantom two battery err… let’s go out yeah, that was pretty good and now it smells here quite badly, so i think we are going to end this video and let the rest of the smoke out so… that is all for today thank you for watching, and have a nice day and for today’s extra content we have this orangutan or orange monkey, and it’s extremely dangerous because it can slap you with those long hands so we must deal with it. I think this is one of the finest (?) ever. Anni, we have to save this one.

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