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In Russland Fahrrad fahren? – Erfahrungen und Hinweise

In Russland Fahrrad fahren? – Erfahrungen und Hinweise

Okay shall we try it? Now the neighbours are coming Okay, next point is animals Welcome to our new video, today with the topic Russia! How to cycle through Russia We’ll start with Visa and Registration you need for Russia Visa Olga as a Russian. No Visa needed! No Visa needed, I with a german passport Need a Visa and it’s quite complicated And difficult to get a longer Visa I have a three months private visa Organised it via a german visa agency Then we could go to Russia, quite expensive Quite difficult But that’s the only possibility to get a three months visa Otherwise you just get a 1 month tourist visa Registration When you are in Russia then You have to registrate, i think Within the first 7 days This goes via a hotel or a private person We suggest to just go to a good gotel To not have any stress They will do a registration And then you have it Weather How is the weather in Russia? It’s snowing all the time No, not really We were lucky with the weather this year Very dry and sunny Best time to travel in Russia is summer And now early fall is also nice Beginning of May i would say You can start May, June, July, August, September, now October Really, 7 months? No 6! And the other 6 it’s snowing Yeah almost, it really gets cold of course But also, Russia is huge So in the south, near Georgia You have mild winters, like in Germany Near lake Baikal in Siberia You can have -55°C In the winter, people told us And also from east to west The climate is changing But overall you can say In summer it’s quite nice And you have some time to explore this huge country Traffic Then traffic So we are here the second time In Russia, first was 2 years ago And now With the traffic We made different experiences both times Because we went on different kinds of roads The people are not used to cyclists on the road In theory they might now that they should have 1.5m distance To the cyclists But practical this never happens So we used this trick To make them remember We put a stick on Michels bike With a red clothing So you can see it from far And then the drivers obeyed the rules And they remembered to hold distance Nevertheless, on the main roads It wasn’t nice to cycle The first stage, when we were in Russia the first time From Georgia to the north Via Wolgograd, Saratov Then to the east to Samara, Ufa and Chelyabinsk Olgas Hometown We went all the time on man roads Because there are no real alternatives You can go on small roads, but that’s double the kilometer And we didn’t have time for it So, all the time main road And also with the bamboo stick The people came really close Sometimes it would have been too dangerous with the stick They maybe would have hit us Because the truck drivers Sometimes went with half a meter distance But this time we did it different This time we choose the small roads This means much less kilometer But real nature Real wilderness, in the middle of Siberia If you saw our last videos The update videos, there we showed a bit Absolutely awesome, no traffic Ansolute wilderness, beautiful nature That’s Russia, we loved it much much more We would suggest that to all of you To check for some small roads And then cycle there It’s so beautiful and then you don’t have the stress On the mainroad Alternative transport Next tip, alternative transport We now took a train to cover a big distance Because we took this small roads But our final destination in Russia was Vladivostok And for us it wouldn’t have Been possible, at least for us To cycle on these roads and cover all the distance On the small roads Several thousand kilometer So we took a train And it worked very well too If you have a bike, you have to register it before At the trainstation You also have to buy a special ticket But then there is a luggage waggon We could take our bike in it, without disassembling or packing Just roll it in the luggage waggon And it worked good Taking a train in Russia is very nice So you go for several days probably Ours took 52hours? But there are only sleeping waggons You have a nice place for sleeping and sitting You can walk through the train You can work on the laptop Reading, talking with the people Also very nice way to travel Russia And now close before Vladivostok We hitchhiked And this also worked really well We hitchhiked 500km on one day Three people took us Each time maybe 15 minutes For the last we had to wait a bit longer First two maybe 15 minutes each At the last we didn’t have a good place It took more time, maybe 1.5 hours But as a reward we got invited to his home And we had an awesome evening Thanks again People The we come to the next point, the people You always say, the people in Russia Are a little bit shy, or cold Not so much hospitality At the beginning at least But you have to break the ice Then they are the nicest people on the world There is a big bear, he will eat us immediately You have to eat meat We don’t eat meat Then you won’t make it Broken, without meat Russians are a bit more distant at the beginning Maybe they are a bit more conservative And everything new Should be taken carefully And when we pass them They don’t greet immediately Because they don’t know if we undertstand them That’s the next point But i would suggest to approach the people And to greet them Then the faces turn into a smile and they greet back Or if you have questions You should approach the people They will do everything to help you Language Most people just speak russian In the bigger cities people speak english But where we have been They are happy that we speak russian Because they like to talk to us And hear our story But most of the time they think Why do we approach the people They won’t understand us They don’t want to embarrass themselves, because they just speak russian So a tip, if you want to travel russia Learn some russian Maybe get a translater app It will also break the ice You get in contact fast then And if you sit on the table later Suddenly everyone speaks english, german Everything Pretty funny You will meet Very funny and interesting people in Russia And if you speak a couple of words Just a bit, some basics Hello My name is Michel I’m from Germany I travel on the bicycle, or something like that Then the people will be happy Some easy stuff That you are hungry. I don’t know Some easy basics You get along much better And the people are happy Eating and drinking Eating! So eating and drinking The russian kitchen It’s really good Pretty vegan friendly i would say There is a long tradition Of Lent So there are many vegan dishes So if you say you want to eat: “Posny” Which means food for Lent The people understand that And Lent in the russian orthodox church Means being 100% vegan And also in the supermarket You find many products Which are “Posny” When we went longer into the wild It gets more difficult to buy something So you have to stock for several days What we did We bought a kg of Buckwheat, which is a staple in Russia A kg of oats Rice and Pasta Potatoes And then raisins or Helva Which is a russian sweet made from sunflowerseeds And sugar Pretty compact and rich in calories Perfect for cycling And yeah Some veggies too Carrrots, onions, cabbage, garlic This doesn’t get bad so fast You can buy for several days And take 1-2 carrots and 1/4 cabbage every day Then you have veggies for some days That’s how we did it Water is no problem at all In Siberia we just took the water from the streams And this is so cool, i enjoyed it so much You are in the real wilderness No houses No industry, no people, nothing You are just in nature And you can take the water from the streams And drink it, and it’s the best If you want to be even more safe You can use a waterfilter We also have one Then you can filter it If you like We didn’t use it, or once? When we take water from lakes From not moving watersprings There we used it, right But no problem Also you can just stop at a house Say “Hello” Do you have water? And then it will be okay Animals Shall we try it? Now the neighbours are coming Next point is animals We got this as a gift From hunters A high pressure honk To protect us from bears and tigers So that they don’t get closer We didn’t saw bears or tigers, just footprints In one national park There we were quite close And one night we heard something We are not sure, i think a bear or a wolve Probably a bear Then we just honked twice, in the tent Then it was quiet and the dude was gone Very effective You can also read it in the internet How to behave in bear land Eating and cooking away from the tent Maybe even put it on a tree We put our stuff in our big bag Our food in the bags Closed it and These two bags with food We additionaly put in our big bag More security measures A knife Of course for a real emergency But this is in our tent At the same spot, every night Then aditionaly a pepper spray We have it since Russia We wanted a bigger one, a bear spray But we couldn’t get it The laughed at us In every hunting shop Where is asked for a bear spray The people said, no we just have human spray This was the same with all the rangers and locals And with all the people we spoke about bears They all said, bears in Russia are not aggressive And they don’t attack people Normally. It happens sometimes, of course But ecspecially now, in the fall The bears are happy and fine And don’t want contact to people So, yeah Sometimes honking, then they now you are there And they don’t come close Loud talking, music, listening to podcasts Sometimes we listened to podacasts with our speaker Make a fire Just show them that you are there And also when we cycled Sometimes ringing Sometimes whistling Every few hundred meters maybe Just to show that you are there Then it’s okay Then we have the small animals Mosquitos, flies We needed this In the late summer there are not so many It was okay Just on a few days, near lakes There were millions suddenly Millions of mosquitos, or allso these small flies My whole foot was biten By flies and it took three weeks Until it was okay again Then in the end I can say Russia is an amazing and really nice country We felt very safe We were never in a situation where we felt threatend Just in the traffic Where people are unmindful But you can escape this on the small roads And to cover distance Take alternative transport like trains Or hitchiking To not cycle on the main roads The people are amazing When you speak a bit russian Every walls fall down immediately People invite you and more than once We sat in some small kitchens Drank Vodka or went to a Sauna And just had an amazing time People always asked us where we are from What we are doing and that it’s awesome It was really fun Escpecially now the second time, in Siberia In the wilderness Where the people don’t see so many tourists And where not so much things are happening And then there are suddenly two cyclists And then they immediately stop and ask Really nice We met so many nice people Just awesome Russia, really nice for cycling! And if you have questions about Russia Write us a comment We hope we don’t forget something I think we told everything Thanks for watching, subscribe to our channel To not miss the next videos A Thumps up and we see you next time

37 comments on “In Russland Fahrrad fahren? – Erfahrungen und Hinweise

  1. #wasser mir ist auch schon oft in Deutschland das Wasser ausgegangen. Wenn man irgendwo klingelt oder Leute anspricht, bekommt man immer geholfen. Einmal habe ich sogar eine Tüte voll Obst, Riegel und zwei Bier dazu geschenkt bekommen 😊🤟

  2. You forget to mention that small roads, depends on weather, as you had the luck to have a dry summer, I had a very wet summer in Irkutzsk Oblast, small roads were underwater…
    Those you give are definitely good advises to cycle in Russia.

  3. The footage of the huge lorry just missing you by inches is terrifying. Not a country on the top of my list to go cycle touring!

  4. 15:46 Если толщина клинка более 2.4mm + толщина упоров для пальцев 5mm или больше – то это считается холодным оружием в России и могут быть проблемы, если нет охотничий лицензии. Если характеристики ножа не попадают под один пункт то оружием не считается. Вообще лучше подробно про закон прочитать.
    А так, при покупке ножа обычно дают сертификат где сказано что этот нож не холодное оружие, а ножи для охоты продают только по лицензии.

  5. I love your channel Thank you so much for materials and Big Job!!!! Watch out for the bears, Because I would like to watch the next episode!!!!!

  6. Hey guys, nice video as always. You have showen us a very beautiful country. Regarding registration: if you do it in a hotel (for visa), do you have to book or stay in the hotel? Does the hotel charge you any money to be able to be registered?

  7. Viele Russen haben ein Alkoholproblem,am Steuer sind sie eine tickende Zeitbo….
    Wäre mir viel zu gefährlich auf einer Hauptstraße zu radeln.

    Es hätte,glaube ich viele Interessiert wie vegane Ernährung bei so großer körperlicher Belastung über einen langen Zeitraum euer Physiologie beeinflusst hat.
    Man hätte beispielsweise ein großes Blutbild vorher/nachher machen sollen, wie hat sich der Stoffwechsel im Allgemeinen Verhalten, wie haben die Muskeln und Knochen reagiert,kam es zu Veränderungen im Stoffwechsel usw.
    Bin selber kein Veganer,aber aus medizinischer Sicht wäre eine nähere Betrachtung interressant gewesen.

  8. Thank you so much…extremely interesting commentary. ..always great to have some insight of real experience. Hope you're both doing well.

  9. Very informative video and a nice look into the real Russia not just what you see on TV. Take care and safe cycling, Al

  10. Olga ist so eine hübsche Frau. Mit ihr würde ich auch gerne um die Welt radeln, auch wenn radeln nicht mein Ding ist :-).

  11. Nice shirt.

    Medical care?

    If you don't speak Russian you are going to have a much harder time. As Olga is Russian it was a lot easier for you so no or very few communication problems.

    I am sure Russia has it's beautiful places and nice people but the poor standard of driving when these people get behind the wheel of their vehicles, many accidents and deaths means it is not on my list to cycle tour in. The few negatives are big ones. Also I believe driving while drunk is a big problem. I don't fancy getting squashed by a drunk driver.

    Thanks for making your review.

  12. Kannst Du nicht auch die russische Staatsbürgerschaft annehmen? Müßte doch einfacher sein wenn man mit einer Russin verheiratet ist? Oder wie sind die Voraussetzungen?

  13. Schön das ihr euch die Arbeit mit dem Video gemacht habt uns Russland so leidenschaftlich und informativ nahe zu bringen!
    Man merkt die Liebe die ihr zu Russland habt.
    Die Hupe brauch ich auch für Autofahrer…. 😂

  14. For Central Russia riding on small roads might not work. As long as main roads and supported ones have similar conditions some truck drivers keep riding on small roads because they avoiding police stations. Supported roads might pass through military camps which is not allowed to enter. Even if you see a pass through on Google map.

  15. Самое эффективное при встречи с медведем, это ставить рюкзак на голову, дабы увеличить рост, медведь на особь выше себя нападать не будет, если только не прикормленный людьми.

  16. Hello friends, Also das war eines der besten most informative videos ever ! Das solltet ihr oeffter machen, ueber ein gewisses Gebiet detailiert berichten, in diesem Stiel.
    Olga, you are such a sweetheart, you rock ! Love your style!! You guys are the bomb ! You guys have evolved tremendously. Seasoned travel veterans.
    Keep on trucking, looking forward to your next episode. Be safe out there!

  17. Danke für das tolle Video. Russland steht noch auf meiner Liste. Wie ist die Navigation mit komoot o.ä.? Welche Apps funktionieren, welche nicht? Oder Karte?
    Danke Euch!

  18. Selbst bei uns in Deutschland versuche ich die Hauptverkehrsstraßen mit dem Fahrrad zu meiden. Ich fühle mich einfach unsicher.

  19. Hallo, ihr sprecht mir so aus der Seele. Ich war 4 Monate mit dem Motorrad in Mütterchen Russland (genauer Ex-SU) unterwegs und ich kann euch nur 110% zustimmen. Was für ein geniales Land!! Gute Reise

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