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In the Fix: Berlin vs. Moscow Part 1

In the Fix: Berlin vs. Moscow Part 1

hipsters and hardcore rarely mix together for duvet let’s look at the radical element of urban cycling the fixed gear bike where the time fixed gear bike is a bike that you ride that has no brakes but has no free will that means you can’t cause if the bike is moving you always have to pedal when I got my first ski bike I told the guys I I need a front brake and they said well we won’t tell you a front brake those people must be nuts I mean Berlin is a pretty weird city it’s really open its full with graffiti people smoke weeds but you ride a bike with no brakes you get a fine mr. Maloof mostly easy polka silky silk ship is for temple uranium aspiration was like a path the beliefs – subdiver curse the ghost biggest blue memento a mini pebble was most but I’d suppose it is a part of shortage machinist are to associate a full of cicadas also hook Samia – Pierre way his NIDA rackets to meet of thusly – Rita fara not cadet mascot sketchy top of the city which in Polish there was the World Championships of bicycle messengers in 93 was here in Berlin James started it as a New York messenger and it took a while to realize it’s the bikes that folks use on a six days and on the velodrome I don’t know a lot of messengers started using that and early mid 90s nowadays I would say it’s like a messengers and hipsters and pregnant Jews the guys want to look like a messenger because they find it cool and in Berlin which is superflat choosing the fixed gear bag is just the obvious you have this choice can get boring but for writing a fixie bike especially when your bike messenger and you’re working here and you want to write a fixity bike that’s pretty much paradise people 90 percent of the time or even 99 percent of the time to stick to the rules so it’s pretty predictable the traffic in Berlin to me is very laid-back in New York you never see a bike path on the sidewalk you always have to be in the street is 50 times more exciting yeah Lowell McAdam Stolley Sophie galini me or Kia yeah can you get most bishopric zero me up Carrasco Mossville newborn Sasuke traffic it will circuits and wishes forest this was Berlin in the next episode we go to Moscow stay tuned to hear what the cops and politicians have to say about fixes you

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  1. With all the car crash compilations and road rage videos I've seen out of Russia, I don't think I'd want to bike there anytime soon

  2. To be honest, I have tried fixie, and it was very interesting. Then I realized, that I need more distance between bike and curb (for my spinning cranks). I also went on 200km trip one day, with a lot of little up and downhills (very tough experience). Then I realized, that fixe is not helping me. I admire that people can find pleasure in that type of bike.

    In addition I don't quite understand the issue with front brake. I'm not trying to attack annyone, but I just can't get it. In tough situation it can save our ass. In another – we could just don't use it. What is the problem with having it? It could be helpful sometimes. Having the "pure" bars without any stuff is so important? Why?

  3. Fixed became the custom in the late 1970s early 1980s because riding all day cost couriers money replacing parts.

  4. Круто!!! Давайте жесткий фиксед-заезд по Москве, на финише подсчитаем выживших))

  5. Dude, it's no shame in having a front brake.. you can only use it in emergeny moments.
    I rode for 3 months without brakes.. i really didn't go as fast as with the brakes, because i knew i could brake anytime

  6. Что он нагло врет. Хипстер типичный. В Москве никто не стартует с газ в пол, 95% ездят как тупые овощи. Жутко медлительные водители, с такое реакцией вообще не понятно живой ли человек за рулем или нет!

  7. Нахуй шлемы, нахуй тормоза. Можно ещё с закрытыми глазами ездить.

  8. I love cycling but i dont have enought money to spend it with . I have a fixed gear but its definitely cheap and rusty Hahahahahaha

  9. Most of the messangers in Berlin are super arogant and its always a pain in the ass when you have to cross them on the streets. They always think that they own the streets and shout to every one who is in their way.

  10. If you use you bicycle for work or really long trips don't use a fixed bike..I tried and it's exhausting , I'm really stubborn and I really enjoy cycling but it's too much.
    If you wanna go for a short ride it's alright , I think that's the way to enjoy it .Stay safe

  11. omg all this hard smoking/coffee drinking messenger cowboys – call me charles bronson i ride breakless and live in a city with hills… riding breakless fixie in berlin or ny is super pussy cause all flat …lol

  12. My friend James Moore is a Rock Star From Brooklyn New York Hes been Rocking the Fix Wheel since he was 12 or 13 years old . use to build his own bikes . Love this guy

  13. If it wasn't for the fact that other people get injured in accidents with them, I'd be fine with no brakes for fixie riders. Call it natural selection, if you will.

  14. Hmmm..fixies for flat roads are okay, but the Black dude saying you can't coast on a fix, WTF is he talking about, of course you can coast without pedaling, he must be thinking of an unicycle, that's the one if you don't pedal, you won't go, unless is on a downhill.

  15. I rode a fixed gear for a year now and its lovely but having to ride as a bike messenger for like 30h/week might be a bit hard with unrest ed knees


  17. I need a front brake. They said, well we won't sell you a front brake. Those people must be nuts.
    I can't even………………..

    So a hipster is an individual that chooses to be different while misinterpreting being an idiot with being cool, all while glorifying whatever nonsensical recycled idea they deem as badassary? When in reality, no one cares…?

    Did I get it right?

  18. Riding with no brakes is kind of a hipster thing to do. Know if everybody did not have brakes it would be hipster to have brakes. That's the hipster thing to do is to be different. And hang out with everybody who does the same as you since you are different than the crowd but same in your crowd. It sounds kind of confusing just quit shaving your beard and doing the same thing that everyone else is doing and you'll fit in unless you don't want to fit into a hipster group then you're just truly lost

  19. Fixed gear just feels better to me, I dont use it as primary transportation, just for fun. And I have a front break, im not stupid.

    I'd say that the connection you have with the bike is better, like driving a stick shift.

  20. nahh even we are not bike messenger we love and enjoying riding in a fix we don't care people call as nuts because we think we are cool

  21. yeah i know how it works. but your video didnt (or took a very long time to) explain why people should be bothered. I had a fixed gear bike with a brake so why make it out its about no braking?

  22. When Hipster junky get their fix. How to get adrenaline rush. Ride without brakes.

    Me: okay, I'll wait for them be on livekeak.

  23. So cool. Ps the first two guys in the video riding bikes are rockin front brakes lol I took the brakes off my fixed gear, never looked back like Gordon Levitt in Premium Rush lol But seriously, people need to understand no brakes doesn't mean we don't know how to stop quickly. Maybe not as fast a brake though, but a bike with no hand brake is a exhilarating feeling.

  24. They keep saying "moscow is tough, moscow is tough". Well i live in moscow, and i ride bicycle all year. I started over fifteen years ago in Vienna, and that is where i remember the worst traffic for a cyclist to be. Moscow is a lot more bike friendly.

  25. but why?
    what is so good about not having a front brake? i do not get it… the bike looks cleaner but thats it.

  26. When he explained what a fixed gear bike was I was like "There's no way I would ride one!"
    Then I realized that I have ridden one long ago when I was 5. It was a red Huffy, no brakes and when It coasted the pedals kept moving. Love the videos 🙂

  27. Try the Lockyer valley Qld Australia , population about 20,000 , cyclists about 10 three of them killed last year , I take a swig of holy water every time I go for a ride

  28. Got to see the "Six Day Race" in Berlin 1990. But it's nothing like the "old days" STR which was a tough, working-class-only scene.

  29. Ну в Москве могут и пизды дать так-то и из травмата пальнуть

  30. These morons get what they deserve but shame for the hard ache they cause to the driver that end up killing them and having to live on knowing they killed someone.

  31. Coming from a fixie rider myself, these guys are retarded. Doing stunts in traffic is the pinnacle of egoism because its not endagering just you, but all other traffic participants. Every self respecting fixie rider should downvote this.
    "People 99% of times stick to the rules… so this allows me to break the rules." – Classic egoistic narcistic bullshit.

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