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Indoor Cycling Technique – Fitness Tips – Westway Sports & Fitness

Indoor Cycling Technique – Fitness Tips – Westway Sports & Fitness

Hi, I’m Tamara from Westway Sports & Fitness. Today I’m gonna run through a couple of techniques
that will help you improve your riding and get the most out of your indoor cycling
class. Okay, once you’re riding the main thing is
that your hands should be lightly on the handlebar your weight should be going through your leg,
that way your legs will be doing the work and you’ll be working your core and your back. Okay, remember there are three hand positions. First, hands together shoulders down – flat road riding. Second, a little bit wider hands
resting lightly on the handlebars. Third position is from standing. Hands at the front of the handlebars. So a tip for transitions – when you’re moving from seated to standing, first of all move up and use your legs, then hands to the front. When you’re transitioning back to the seated position – back, sit, hands follow.

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