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Indoor Training Tips From Marginal Gains Expert

Indoor Training Tips From Marginal Gains Expert

Hi, Phil Burt here. I want to talk to you
about indoor training because here in the UK we’re coming into winter at the moment
and virtual cycling is massively expanding at the moment. You’ve got the likes of your
Zwift, Sufferfest, Peloton, Wahoo with their new fit bike, Wattbikes – people are really
really taking to static cycling training. And that’s got a couple of challenges with
it. I think it’s fantastic in that people are doing stuff online, competing with each
other – nobody likes going out in their garage, riding up and down their gears, looking at
the concrete wall. And that advance in technology is fantastic but we’re noticing a change in
the profile of the injuries that are coming. So just as mountain biking is a little bit
different to road cycling, when you’re on a static bike there are a couple of issues
to consider. I’ve seen people with problems with different types of saddle sores and different
types of knee injuries. Now that is surprising if you think if you’re really into Zwift and
you sitting in the same place for two hours, one thing that will cause skin breakdown and
a certain type of saddle sore, like a boil or broken skin: skin gets wet, hot and it
will break down eventually. Now have a think about it – your static in you garage or your
home gym, you haven’t got the air moving over you like you have outside and you’re sitting
in the same place, more sustained loading, not getting in and out of the saddle as much
as and you’re not, you know, for example, even stopping at lights and moving away. Things
like that. So the sustained loading of the saddle is more pressure, friction is more
and the combination of that with sweat and things like that, it can lead to different
types of issues. Now that’s hard to stop but things like just setting an alarm at the top
of your handlebars every twenty minutes to remind you to get out of the saddle while
you’re chasing the guy down the road on Zwift or Peloton or whatever, can really help. Just
getting in and out of the saddle, giving your skin a breather, relieving the pressure. Making
sure you use appropriate chamois creams if you suffer from that skin breakdown, that
is a pretty useful thing to do. But in terms of the sustained loading on the knee, you
might just need, in the winter, is to really double up on your off-bike stuff. So if you
use a foam roller, if you’ve got certain stretches that help with making sure that the knee remains
free. It’s just simple as this – it’s like you’re in one position, as if you’re out on
the road, and if I said to you you’re not allowed to get out of the saddle for the next
hour and we’re on a road ride, you’d probably look at me and go that’s going to be tough!
Well that’s indoor training – so – it is tough, it’s great but maybe you have to, I would
say, redouble your efforts around skin care, particularly around saddle issues, try and
remember to get out of the saddle as often as you can, if you can afford a fan to blow
air over the front, that will make a major difference to you, increase your enjoyment
of it no doubt, not as much sweating as well, overall, and just being right on it. It’s
something that we’re noticing, I’m sure it’s going to grow in terms of still growing but
we might see those types of injuries. We don’t want people stopping cycling, something that
they’re enjoying that adding to their enjoyment of cycling overall. So if you’ve got any questions
about indoor training, and your set-up or how optimally to enjoy that, or stay injury
free – just drop them in the comments.

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