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INSANE motorbike jumps! *ALMOST WENT WRONG* | w. Alex Porsing & Mike Jensen | HelloRasmus x RedBull

INSANE motorbike jumps! *ALMOST WENT WRONG* | w. Alex Porsing & Mike Jensen | HelloRasmus x RedBull

Hey, I’m Rasmus, I’m not the type of person – – that does crazy stuff, but I’d like my life to be – – a little more extreme.. So RedBull sent me to learning Supercross to see if that – – could toughen me up. I’m at a place where I’m really really really out – – of my comfort zone.. What! What?! How would any mother allow their children to do this? This is my very first experience with this sport.. I’m not even sure what to call this sport.. Motocross.. It’s motocross.. How can you do that? I am so freaking afraid.. Oh my god, we need to talk to that guy! That is insane! Who are you? My name is Alex, and I’m a freestyle raceman.. Freestyle motocross, that’s what this is..? 100 kilo motorbike, uuh Motocross bikes – – that flies through the air around 20 metres long – – and 10 metres high, on doing a bunch of tricks Why would you do that? It looks super duper scary.. It is but it’s funny.. This is like a standard freestyle motocross bike.. This is like the big boy stuff.. When you do a backflip and – – you take off hands off the bike.. You kind of want to have the bars to be straight – – when you grab them back.. I can.. I can see that yeah.. Because.. – whenever I do a backflip on a motorbike – – I want my steering wheel yes, I know.. That’s what you want to do.. What does your mom say about this? Yeah, actually the first time she came here and – – watched me ride, she went to the bathroom to puke.. I think so.. Can I get a ride.. Of course, of course if you want to.. Guys, what are my chances of dying here? Pretty high.. No, no!! I am the biggest chicken, I am like uh.. No, you’ll be fine I promise.. For many years I ridden bikes, since I was 3 years old.. I’ve got you bro. I’ll buy you a Red Bull if you crash – you are sure.. Okay, well It’s a deal.. Let’s go do it. You gotta get a helmet first.. Sure I got it, and there’s a Red Bull inside.. Later! So just hold under my arms.. Like this? Yeah, I’m gonna hug you as tight as a teddy bear.. Yeah, we’re having a moment right now.. We will.. You’re ready? Let’s do it! That is insane! We didn’t even jump anything! I felt like we were crashing at least 5 different times.. Yeah.. And when you get on top of the.. what’s it called? A hill.. Oh my god, it’s a freaking Mountain. It’s so tall! Can I wear like big costumes? Costumes? I’ve ridden naked.. Really? Naked? Yeah, it was winter. Okay. Well that sounds horrific, if you like fall – – like how often do you fall? I mean, I won’t say often, but it does happen. We’ve had broken femurs.. ACL surgeries.. Meniscus surgeries in both knees.. I’ve torn some muscles and I cracked my Kneecap.. – in this knee.. Internal bleedings, some broken ribs – – and concussions.. What!? This is god damn crazy.. I don’t get it! Why would you keep putting yourself through – – all that pain? What’s.. like what’s the drive? Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t know either! I’m beginning to like the sound.. Don’t dab, don’t dab.. It looks so much cooler when you’re close up.. Bravo, bravo.. That was freaking dope!!! Oh shit! I don’t even know what to say, you’re freaking scientists.. You’re freaking scientists.. Well I feel like you like turn off gravity – – and be like hey I’m Einstein – – I’m just gonna be like ah gravity is not my thing – – I’m just gonna do like super crazy stuff in the air – – with like a machine.. I don’t know what to say it’s normal to me.. This is not normal. This is weird and freakish – – and awesomely cool.. Guys I don’t know what’s happening. I feel like this – – is pretty pretty cool. Yeah? I’ve got a bike for you.. It’s a baby bike! That’s not.. yeah pretty much.. Awww… Heaps of adults use it just to mess around.. I’m ready to mess around.. It’s called a pit bike basically.. I am like a baby.. Uh, okay.. Okay, can I go for a ride? Yeah? I kind of get it.. It’s actually kind of addictive like it’s a lot of fun.. Yeah, I’m a pro.. I’m a motocross Prata Shane. Yeah, dude you are.. You’re getting the hang of it, I’m proud of you.. Alex thank you so much for hanging out with me.. It was a pleasure man, thank you.. Guys, Alex got a YouTube channel. I’ve got a YouTube channel and Instagram- – and Facebook, follow me – Alex Porsing.. You can basically just follow me – – and see what I get up to as well. It’s all in the description.. It’s crazy stuff. You are a crazy person – – and also a very nice person.. Okay, I’m not gonna take this. I’m gonna – – give this back to you. I’m gonna take the for you.. And let’s go somewhere else! Cool, thank you so much! Guys, I finally found a bike in my size.. My dad would love this. I’m kind of loving it too Someone’s on a motorbike. Guys come! He’s messing up the floor.. What?! No way, this is so freaking dope.. We need to go talk to that guy! Wow you are a magi- a motorcycle magician.. What’s your name? Take off your helmet – – introduce yourself.. My name is Mike Jensen.. I’m a famous stunt rider. And you’re a Red Bull athlete.. You make magic on a motorbike. I try.. Is this your job or is this for fun? It’s not my job yet, it’s still just my passion, you know.. What’s the best thing about being a stunt rider? Like freedom on a bike, you know it’s – – like dancing with your partner.. Yeah? Yeah. It’s like dancing? So earlier I met Alex Porsing and he does – – like jumps and stuff.. He needs to be inside or on a track.. Can you like go anywhere and just like have fun? Yeah you just need like flat a surface Mike I have an idea.. Sometimes people will ask you to dance your name.. So I was thinking if I asked you to do like a special trick – – that I invented.. Let’s say.. Can you make a trick that I would like to name – – the fidgets spinner!! The fidgets spinner! yeah, we can – – make the fidget spinner.. Yeah you can? I can try.. Let’s do it.. That is next-level fidget spinner right there.. Okay, I’ve got another one for you.. The Titanic!! Okay like this, but I don’t know if you can do that.. We broke the bike.. Okay, so can we take like a break? Yes sure we’ll take a break.. Commercial break.. Cut. We’re back, it’s working That was amazing.. Okay, I have one more uuuh… A unicorn, can you make a unicorn trick? I’m wishing you all the luck I have.. We are going to see a unicorn trick.. You are a freaking magican.. Make some noise for Mike.. Now it’s your turn. My turn? Yeah.. I don’t know how.. Can I go with you? Of course! Okay, yeah sure.. Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, you pick. Will this possibly hurt? Me or you? Me? Probably not. Probably, probably.. Guys if I pee my pants don’t tell anyone.. Someone take my phone.. You got a life insurance? No. No? No.. This is going to be very romantic.. Yeah.. It really is like dancing.. It feels like it’s very very smooth – – then it goes really fast, then to goes slow.. It’s kind of like kissing in a way. You don’t know what to expect, but it’s very nice.. No.. Wauw.. Another day of not dying on a motorbike.. Mike you messed up my hair. Thanks for showing me this and also giving me a very – – intimate experience on a motorbike. I mean.. That’s what I do, baby. Feel like we know each other pretty well now – Yeah we’re getting close.. And on that note, I think I have something – – I have to do. Thank you so much. Thank you.. The best of good luck with everything! Just win all the prizes. Yeah no problem.. See you later! See you! Okay get here guys, come come come.. Guys, guys we have to move, we have to move – – because um I’m really hungry.. Guys I have no idea what I’m doing – – but this has been a great experience! I’ve been driving fast on a motorbike. I got dirty – I kind of started loving the feeling of going really fast – – and even though I didn’t know anything – – about motorsport I feel like I do now.. I’m a pro.. Kind of.. Anyways, thank you so much Red Bull – – for sending me here to toughen up – – and thank you for watching this video! 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  1. Absolutely love this video 😍🚲💨
    BTW jeg så dig den dag i bella centeret! 😅
    And you are way taller in real life haha 😅🤣

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