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Insane Supercharged Chevy Geo Tracker Wins Big At Hot Wheels Legends Tour Charlotte

Insane Supercharged Chevy Geo Tracker Wins Big At Hot Wheels Legends Tour Charlotte

– I’ve heard several comments, you know, about the tracker itself and they come up all the time. There’s no way that’s real. All that’s fake. You know, you just got all this plastic stuff on top of the stock
four cylinder engine and so when I crank it up I say I don’t think it still
sounds stock, do it? But it is all real, 100%. You just gotta see it to believe it. (engine revs)
(soft techno music) (upbeat music) – Thanks everyone for coming. I was just all about bringing
the community together. Bringing those car fans. Bringing all those toy fans. All those fans that would
gather for the brand for the past 50 years. – Okay, the wood car. Unbelievable craftsmanship. Everything about it was amazing. – [Second Judge] Great, yeah. – But when it’s a Hot Wheels that big it wouldn’t be a in your face type of car. – It wouldn’t stand out. – [Judge] I like the ice cream truck. – [Judge] I think that definitely would be a Hotwheels. – [Second Judge] Absolutely. – [Judge] The problem is we’re kind of after horse power here. – [Second Judge] The Hummer. I think that thing’s killer but we’ve got three rat rods
already with dual, you know, so. The Geo Tracker. – [Judge] That’s
definitely in the ball park because we’ve never
done one to start with. – [Third Judge] The Tracker
issues would probably be decoration part of it and
from a toy perspective would now be docked– – These guys could tone
it down a little bit. – We could tone it down a little bit. – Maybe even take a couple of the Nitrous bottles off. – Yeah.
(laughing) (soft techno music) – There’s some horse power in here and that was the theme this year. So we narrowed it down to one car. It’s hard to believe. And it is the Chevy Geo Tracker. (crowd cheers) – There’s nothing else to describe it. That’s a dream come true. When they said Geo Tracker Delton Hubbard all in the same sentence and Hot Wheels that was it. Dream come true. (upbeat music) My name is Delton Hubbard and today we’re at the Hot Wheels show in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m a retired US Army and I just build cars
on the side as a hobby. It’s just a passion. I wouldn’t really call it a shop. It’s just a backyard garage, something we love to do. It’s just driven by the
love and the passion of cars and build ’em. So it’s definitely family
participation 100%. Well obviously I had hot
wheels when I was younger and kind of didn’t know
what I had, you know. You’re playing with them and since 1995 its been an obsession of collecting and collecting and collecting
and it’s grown outta control. So we had to move it to the next level would build a life size Hot Wheels. What I did for the Geo
Tracker kind of evolved from just years of Hot Wheels so me and my son, as he got bigger, the Hot Wheels crave got bigger. So we started looking at ’em and looking at ’em and said what if I build a bigger car to look like a Hot Wheel? So my son he says, “Gotta
have an engine Daddy, “you know, you’ve gotta have pipes on it “it’s gotta look fast. It’s gotta sound fast or
it won’t be a Hot Wheels.” That being said, when we first started this project it was intensively meant to be a
Hot Wheels themed vehicle. As you can see from the Ghost
and that Treasure Hunt symbol. That was done purposely
to be a Hot Wheels. So how else to do it was to go bigger, badder, over the top. So the name evolved Never Enough ’cause no matter what we did, it was never enough. The engine has a small
block Chevrolet 350. It is a real blown, blower engine. The Eagle crank rods. It’s just, what I like to say, a big horse power engine in a little toy car. I think there’s maybe 11
Nitrous bottles on it total. It’s a theme behind it of being never enough of never
enough Nitrous bottles. Each bottle serves a purpose, like on the engine and on the back. So it’s just never enough. My brother and my son said “Do not put a wind up key on it”. I said it’s a toy! I said ‘m putting it on. I said “now it looks more like a toy. It’s gotta giant wind up key on the back. So when I started to go in the shows, people they’d come around, they’d go oh my God, I
love the wind up key. That’s what made it. The key is what made it! And I would just look at my brother and my son and say now you gonna listen to the things I say? I came definitely in the spirit of fun. It was a fan of participation 100%. But I gotta be honest, the entire time I had my fingers crossed. I had my toes crossed, and I’m walking around
looking at competition, I’m like oh there’s some
stiff competition out here. There’s a lot of Hot
Wheels in this parking lot. And I was worried. And I was sweating, I got picked. And when I got picked it was
literally a dream come true. It’s going down in history now because this is something to say I built this in my backyard, with my son, and now it’s there. I mean it’s gonna be a
potential Hot Wheels. It’s going to Vegas. So that being said, the other guys that’s gonna be competing against this, just pack a lunch and come
because I’m bringing it. I’m bringing everything I got with it. It’s gonna be more polished
than its ever been polished. It’s gonna be more shined
than its ever been shined. This shirt right here,
it’s gonna be ironed crisp. I’m bringing my A game. So anybody that’s got to
step up beside this Tracker, you better bring it. ‘Cause like I said. Hot
Wheels, I’m all in, 100%. If I have to push it there, I’m gonna drop the mic when I get there. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “Insane Supercharged Chevy Geo Tracker Wins Big At Hot Wheels Legends Tour Charlotte

  1. I wish I had the passion and money to do anything like this. Like passion for anything…

    Nothing gets me up in the morning and any enjoyment I get out of life is short lived, followed by boredom and self doubt.


  2. Congrats 🎊 and can not wait to own one myself in the 1/64 X 20 of them and that probably won’t be enough ,,, lol 😂 sweet

  3. But then at the end of the day you still have to tell everyone you drive a fixed up Geo. And then everyone asks "Why'd you do that?"

  4. Man this is a childhood dream. Props to this man for making a geo, a car Id always laugh at, into a real badass hotwheel 💪

  5. Somebody know the name of the music that is being played on the beginning and from the 2:10 to the end? anyone?

  6. That wind up key sold me!!! First thx for your service…(Im Vet Marine) I own a 1991 Geo Tracker soft top black/ bottom yellow /2 door 2 wheeler manual -(my first car) and watching this I don't feel so embarrassed by having one. I bought mine right off the show room lot brand new. It was attractive then, (got broken into several times – first accident was with a police car who ran into it after I had it for a week!) and still attractive now even with rust and faded rag top. I get several offers a year, but it has been over 25 years of history. Maybe I can get some one to pimp it out like this…I would love to have a wind up key for mine.

  7. Amen brother man that GEO tracker looks sharp and yeah the idea of putting the wind up key on it was so cool. Congratulations on winning the hot wheels prize too. May Jesus give you and the family many more blessings. Almost makes me want to bring my Lincoln lse to you and have you build it lol. Again that GEO does look sharp and y'all done a really great job on it. Peace out

  8. This is where it comes to show you that, you have an obsession for Hotwheels since the 1990’s but that you still have that kid in you and that your stuck in a Toys R Us store .

  9. No matter how much stupid things you put on your car if you make it sound dope and it can do a burntout you’re not a ricer

  10. 0:50 I spotted Bassline my favorite hotwheels car ever. I'mma make a petition to bring back Acceleracers

  11. An episode of Up to Speed on the Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick and the later Chevy Tracker/Suzuki Vitara would be cool.

  12. There is no such thing as too many Hot Wheel Rat Rods come on a rat rod looks cooler besides like I said there's no such thing as too many rat rods like there's no such thing as making too many good Hot Wheels right hit the like button if you agree with me

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