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Inside A Bike Race Feed Zone | What Does A Pro Cyclist Eat For Lunch?

Inside A Bike Race Feed Zone | What Does A Pro Cyclist Eat For Lunch?

(dramatic intro music) – I’m at stage 15 in Giro d’Italia and I’m showing you guys what goes in a world tour musette. (dramatic upbeat music) We got two bidons, two
bottles, water bidon, a water bidon, got a normal water, energy drink, carbohydrate
drink, three gels. So we’ve got a gel, a
cola-flavored gel, plenty of gels in here, another gel here,
energy gel, these SIS gels. Onto the bars, banana bar, another bar, we’ve got an energy coco-crisp bar. Have a coca-cola for the riders, a little taste of coke, it’s a nice little coke, small coca-cola. We’ve got some rice
cakes, savory rice cake, rice cake, rice cake full of dates, (jazz music) – That goes up my expectation. We’ve walked down the feed zone and we’ve made our way
to UAE Team Emirates, where we’ve got Massi
and Team Doctor Jarrad who’s going to talk us through
what goes into a musette? Well do you want to talk
to us through it mate? – Yeah sure, I mean, nothing
too exciting but I mean obviously the objective is to try and get the guys some energy and get them refilled for the
next part of the stage. So they each get two bidons or bottles and both of those will have
the normal race mix which is a carbohydrates mix mostly. Then they get a couple of gels, NAMED is our sponsor so
they get two different gels As well as two different
energy, energybars, so that’s plenty calories for them and they’ll sort of, put
those in their pockets and have a snack as they go through, and they also have got the choice of, sort of some homemade rice
cakes that are soigneurs prepared for them
everyday, there’s a couple of those as well, three of those, and that’s pretty much it so
they’ve got a buffet selection and they can sort of
choose what they want. – Does what you put in the musette change on different stages? For example a mountain stage, or flat stage, or even
a long and short stage? – Yeah, no so we’ve
made varied little bits according to the stage, you know? If it’s an easier flat
stage, some of the guys might say oh they just
want a water instead of two mixes and they
don’t eat as many gels. They might have more, sort of
the rice cakes than the gels. That’s on a stage where,
you know some tough times at the end, most of the guys
will want some quick energy in the form of a gel, a gel
or two for later in the stage. – And a lot of the other
teams put in Haribo or a Coke, I see you guys don’t,
is there a reason for that? – I mean the idea there
is for really fast-release carbohydrate or fast-release
energy, but I mean there is really not
much difference in terms of how quickly rice is converted
into glucose in the blood than Haribo’s, Haribo
might be slightly faster but I don’t think that’s going
to be the end of the world in the difference between,
you know, winning or losing a race so, no we don’t really use Haribo or sweets very often now. – The feed zone is also a good place for some fans to be because
not only do you get a good view of the riders
and you get to hang out with all the soigneurs,
but you might, just might bet a bidon or two. (upbeat music) – Making my way down the
feed zone and I’ve noticed these guys, the guys
from EF who have set out a lovely little restaurant
for their sponsors over here. So this is part of their
hospitality program. They’ve got champagne,
beer, they’ve got Moretti, I mean I’m guessing this
isn’t for the riders, chaps. – No, although, when in Rome. – [Host] Guys, can I grab a beer? – Absolutely. – EF. (drinks clink) – Cheers, cheers. Do you have a certain
way you hold the musette because I know a lot of
people have different – Well yeah the best
way, like today the flat, you give it like this, then
the rider can catch it here and he has this one on
the hand, and it’s safe. This is the best for me today I hope. – That’s how you do it,
so if you do want to hold a musette out there, that’s how you do it from the professionals. (interviewer laughs) – It’s the end of this
video if you’ve enjoyed it then make sure you
give it a big thumbs up and for more Giro
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60 comments on “Inside A Bike Race Feed Zone | What Does A Pro Cyclist Eat For Lunch?

  1. #TorqueBack I'm wondering what the UAE guys wrap the rice cakes? It's not just normal tinfoil, looks much easier to open and less messy!

  2. Great content on whats in a mussette for the riders , would have been great to see a clip of the riders picking them up

  3. As long as you guys are at it, how about demonstrating Pro high speed (min. 40kph) waterbottle hand ups.

  4. That was too short I wanted to see what it was like to work as a feed zone farrier while the riders are collecting the food

  5. Do the professionals ever get really, really bored and sick of gels and energy bars, having them day after day?

  6. There has been a couple of 'what's in a musette" videos. Do one on how the riders handle the musette on the bike like do they transfer everything from the musette to their bike/Jersey pockets? And what do they do with the musette? Throw them away?

  7. Well… I'll be doing a 100-mile Amish Country Bike Tour in Delaware later this summer and we get… Amish Pies!!!!

    Though I'm fairly certain they won't be in a musette bag. A bit messy, that. But, still, pies!!!!

  8. How about talking to some cyclists who are eating a ketogenic diet or very little carbohydrates. I’m just getting into cycling again and I’m on the Keto diet. I’m not sure what or even if I need to eat anything on longer rides over 100km. Great channel by the way! Keep it up!

  9. Bit about fast release glucose was pretty interesting. Didn’t realize a rice cake was nearly as effective as some of the more common items I’ve seen (e.g. coke, haribo)

  10. Can you guys do a video about medical bus? That big one with bed and x-ray. And maybe medical car too? I would love to see how doctors prepare and what they carry around for riders.

  11. I'm sure he's right physiologically about rice cakes vs Haribo and a coke. But I'm equally sure that the point of Haribo and coke is to be a psychological pick-me-up that also contains sugar and caffeine.

  12. "Both of those will have a normal… race mix which is a carbohydrates… mix… yea… mostly" lol

  13. So it's that simple. Nevertheless hobbyists are and will be debating about ingredients of gels and bars all night long… 😉

  14. focaccia with tomatoes and was the best thing i ate on a bike…when you simply don't want sweet things

  15. You guys at GCN are really nice and cool. With these videos, you can help promote these products of the sponsors of the teams. That is good for the sport. Thanks. Regards from Philippines.

  16. Lo scorso anno alla tappa di Numana della Tirreno Adriatico sono riuscito a prendere una borraccia e due sacche, una della Sky (quasi vuota) e una della BMC (praticamente ancora piena) e in effetti il contenuto era più o meno lo stesso di quello descritto nel filmato. Ricordo inoltre una delle volte che il Giro è arrivato a Milano dei ragazzi che andavano spasmodicamente a caccia delle borracce.

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