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Inside The Mavic Neutral Service Car & Scooter At The Tour De France | Tour de France 2017

Inside The Mavic Neutral Service Car & Scooter At The Tour De France | Tour de France 2017

– The yellow Mavic neutral service cars are an icon in the
professional cycling world. They sit alongside the yellow
Mavic neutral service scooters and also the yellow Mavic
neutral service bikes behind me. As a professional cyclist’s
final port of call, they could be having a terrible day, they could have broken their bike and be miles off the back, away from their team car. But Mavic neutral service
will be with them. So today, we’re incredibly
fortunate to get a chance to have a look around. See what it’s all about. (electronic music) A lot of the interest with
the neutral service cars is right here on top
of the car, of course. So Mavic has up to four
neutral service vehicles in each stage of the race
here at the Tour de France. And the first three
bikes on one of the cars are set up for the top three
on general classification. So if you think, say Nairo Quintana or Chris Froome has an incident on the
mountains or on a flat stage, and they cannot be
reached by the team car, the Mavic neutral service
cars will be there for them and will have a bike that
is made to fit with them, so they’ll liaise with
the team’s mechanics and the team staff to make
sure it’s right on the dot. But, what if you’re not
on the top three in GC? Well, Mavic also has a
solution for that, too. So, on the roof, there are three bikes with custom-made KS Lev dropper posts. Those dropper posts are
custom-made specifically for Mavic. They weigh in at 450 grammes, which is pretty light, all considered, and they have 65 millimetres of travel, meaning that you can ride on the same bike if your saddle height is 70 centimetres or 76.5 centimetres, which actually encompasses
quite a big range of the pro cycling peloton. To change the saddle height
on the dropping post, all you need to do is pull the red string that hangs from it, and you can set it yourself and adjust your height as you go along. So, the mechanic in the
back seat of the car always has a pair of wheels in his hands ready to jump out of the car, go and fix any problems
that a rider might have. But once those wheels are used or if there’s a bigger incident, we turn to this supply of wheels. All of the wheels on the
Mavic neutral service vehicles and also on the Mavic
neutral service bikes tend to be new old stock. So they might be from a pro team who didn’t wind up using them very much, but nothing is supplied brand new, or very little is supplied brand new. So, to account for the groups that have differences in the peloton, there are couple of
Shimano 11 speed wheels, there’s a Campagnolo 11 speed wheel here. But, in truth, they were saying that most of these wheels are
given for five minutes while the riders either get
service from their team car or get back onto the bunch, so, an 11 speed Campagnolo cassette, while it won’t sync perfectly
with Shimano shifting, it will work and it will
keep you in the race. So, something that I’ve
quite literally just learned is that normally, there’s
nothing in the boot or trunk of the Mavic neutral service car. Everything the mechanics need is either on the seats in front of there or it’s on the roof. So is all the tools and everything else that mechanics need is in the car. Let’s step inside. It’s pretty comfy, plus
leather seats in the Skoda. You’d probably doze off back here, but I’m not going to because we’re going to have
a look at what I’ve got. First, up we’ve got their pair of wheels. This is a slightly old-school pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels. I used to race in these back in 2012. Front and rear. Got a nice 11-25 cassette there. So, again, this is the first set of wheels that the Mavic mechanic
is going to jump out with. Put this down there. Got a tool kit there, which we’ll talk about in a second. Right here, we’ve got toe clips. Kind of an old-school component. You don’t usually see these
too often or every, really. But these are used in the worst case where a rider’s shoes don’t work with the available pedals on the bike. With a toe clip, you can strap those shoes to the pedals to get back in the race. Also hiding down here, we’ve got some chain lube. And the reason that’s there is because it’s always a bit of a
nightmare to ride along with a squeaking chain or
a not-functioning chain because it’s totally dry. So, the mechanics can either
lean out of the window or stop the car to lube
the bike’s chain up. All the tools in the Mavic
neutral service vehicles are provided by Park Tool, and, as you’d expect, the
mechanics pretty much have a full range of tools to fix any problem on a bike available to them. So, they’ve got the screwdrivers up here. These ones are particularly useful because if the riders need on-the-fly
derailleur adjustment or something like that, that the thing that’s going to come out. We’ll put that back. We’ve also got a cassette
tool and a chain whip, so that would be if the rider
has the wrong set on a bike or on the wheel, they can
then change the cassettes here and then make sure the right
wheels are distributed, so they have the right
range of cassettes on wheels for distribution later. Here we’ve got the essential
Park Tool bottle opener, also available in the GCN Shop. Down from here you’ve got the big tools. Got a mallet, they’re
probably, I’m almost certain, not going to use that in a car. It’s still here just in case. You have the range of torx keys. Again, they’ll probably
turn to a multi-tool first. Old-school button bracket removers. Basically, it’s super, super important to have the full range of tools available so that you can deal with any situation. But you probably don’t have
to deal with any situation. Or not any situation that would lead you to use most of these tools. The Mavic neutral service scooter is also an iconic vehicle in pro cycling. Here I am sat on one! This is used as the first port of call, especially on some of
the narrow mountain roads or things like that. It has a driver, not yours truly, a jumper at the back, so he’s the guy who’s going to get out and fix the rider’s problems, and carries four wheels. And if they do run out of wheels, they will simply restock them
from the neutral service car. Moving forward to the front of the car, of course, the driver sits here, but this passenger seat is often reserved for a VIP or a Mavic special guest. Probably one of the most
interesting seats in the house because this is often the car that goes and follows the early breakaways and so on and so forth. We also, of course, have radio tour here. So, this is used to announce radio tour and communicate with radio tour, which is essential because,
as the neutral service cars, they form such an essential function. Apart from that, again, very comfy. Hydration supplies, Evian,
good French brand also. Yeah, we’re there. That is a complete tour of the Mavic neutral
service car or rather, the iconic Mavic neutral service car. Let’s hear your thoughts
down in the comments below and don’t forget to hit
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84 comments on “Inside The Mavic Neutral Service Car & Scooter At The Tour De France | Tour de France 2017

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