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Installing new Aluminium Top Case (OMG It’s so BIG!) – ep87

Installing new Aluminium Top Case (OMG It’s so BIG!) – ep87

Perfect hello, sexy, baby Good morning people How’s it going up there on the other side and a very Merry Christmas to you if this video comes a bit later And you’re like wait a second. Christmas was like weeks ago month ago. Forgive me I’ve been taking it slow with posting the footage, but I’m sorting out all these things here to Continue to ride to Patagonia. So hang in there and we’ll get to regular programming But today we’ve got to leave some follow on Christmas Day that place is deserted Which is awesome because there’s almost not gonna be anyone on the road We’re going to rebait on pray to where we’re gonna sort out Hopefully all goes well new baggage system forever But we only got two days because otherwise they closed shop until like six seventh of January So we want to sort that out and I’m gonna hit the road now, let’s go Ready, thanks man Safe journey, have a good Christmas day Go look at this. This is some follow right now. It’s like walking dead And they offend then my father was having issues it’s it’s uh, it’s dying so some screen was going away and Going backwards and at the reload route again Fast and tough. Yeah, so it’s happening again The battery of the phone is dead and it’s actually expanding really fast And the phone dischargers super fast now, and I’m not sure if I’m on the right Road Yeah Oh difficult up pay again This is jf hotel 9:00 9:30. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah And how are you going to watch? I watch it on the computer I mean you camera woman we are All GI and rib around prayer to Run our way to brass motors or motor shop. Nothing a few nothing’s happening here This is an online shop, I’m not sure if a supplier up there panniers, they’re one and the same or not I’m not sure But the actual manufacturer dear close, unfortunately, we’ll see what we can do See, who’s home Good morning! How’s it going? You want to put the bike inside? That would be perfect mate Thanks What’s your name? Danilio. I’m Pedro, all good Pedro, be at ease This is where we fabricate the parts Everything Braz right? yes here we make top cases and more Started as Motorshopp and we noticed there was a demand for certain parts/items That the market wasn’t providing so we started to produce them We started small, then we moved in here and this already becoming too small Now that is a top case I like it I’ll remove the current base plate and then it’s easier to measure That one is smaller than the other one Take off the base We’ll see what we can do so If the new you’ll hear we’re testing different base plates that they already have Which you might be able to go on the top frame to attach the case to which is Lucky if it works that way Originally, I had the plan of you know, I’ll have someone go to engineer cut a steel plate fitted here on top and then on top we can add whatever or a Custom plate they already have so but we’re testing this. This is actually the biggest one now And you ride around the whole world? And who arrived now? Narcísio Could it be? There we go final And I’m trying to do all this mechanical work and I got new jeans And I don’t want to get him dirty it’s the hardest thing to do the the people who normally do the Like the manufacturing the engineering stuff and bending stuff and all that sort of custom goodness They’re on vacation till the 6th and they’re still open till two days now, it’s 26 today Yeah, and then they’re also closed until new year. So very lucky this man to come along to make some holes and whatnot To get at least get some customisation done. So Excellent, man Perfect hello, sexy, baby I like to design it’s like People going already Piedra, why is your top case a big mine? It’s like I love the top case man a good top case You put the all the important stuff that you want to keep away from the ground away from the water stick it in there man, like At this case use five years and it’s done an amazing job. What a beauty The pleasure was mine Thank you, if you need anything we will be here for you I want to have a real test of how the whole setup works for the future. I’m gonna provide you with some good information Thanks for coming over man to help out with this Was like looking at this to throw the the buckle Through here. I was like no no, no, we’re not gonna we’re not gonna scratch it You know, we’re just gonna go through here take real good care and then in a month for free, you know It’s just like BAM Slammys Throw it around to scratch the big who gives a shit, but right now it’s like little precious Beautiful beautiful little precious It’s like what you are when you get a new an element, right? Double-top cases, this is I’m gonna write for now. I’m just gonna stick everything in there You know, it’s a Christmas I hear Christmas go Honey I’m home Carry his finger on is like carrying an Atlas stone So I’m back here at moto shopping And today it’s all about Finding side panniers that can work with the backs because it’s not reckless and there’s one that will need Modification at an engineer shop. There’s another one Option that I can combine parts of two racks also cutting engineer shop and now we’re testing the more heavier rack for actual panniers That goes on a tiger but they were adjustable the pieces. Yeah a bit of puzzling and then the picking one and which I’ll Have to work with to make it fit on ALP. This is the drone I’ve gotten Secondhand for a very very very very sweet price of My Secret Santa. My phone doesn’t work with the drum So I’m using an instance here. This is the first time Like a fool In hell Here’s what as I decided to do I’m gonna bite this wreck for a tenner a Good thing is this connection here the distance from the exhaust seam here most of this piece Is very long we can cut this off Create a diagonal to another part of the top frame right and then I have to find a welder but it’s the holidays the Christmas period is over and now it’s a new year period So it’s gonna be hard finding on well, they’re engineers They might be gone until the 6th, you know not be available the guys here that normally work here at engineering part They could have done Wonders here, but unfortunately, you’re not here Thanks for everything man! Of course, at your service So, I think I’m gonna head out back to some bauble so we’ve been thinking on the second there’s Again, someone flying in with the last couple of things they’ve ordered from abroad I’m gonna be still here on the 3rd and the Whole crew here is gonna be back on the 6th all the Smarty handy dudes. You know that know the product Have all the means here to make the modification. So I’m just gonna come back. We’ll do the work after that It’s on Don’t you agree Danilio? Absolutely. That’s it Thanks. Just space it here then just so much of it can move things around What a great novelty. Here’s a banana for scale. It’s pretty big dog a linear operator is Why there’s no boom you are SEMA synovium store. I’m picking the poor male or Brigadier Hey sue – I see All right, so I guess it will be back, you know Like these people know what they’re doing That’s worth your time and money so That’s what we’re doing that today is that have back to some power get ready Leave it on put it to free our case back to where we came from Now they mi The goals that don’t follow but stop your person and have a look Got a few of That trucks going the wrong way down the roundabout guess that’s best way for him to exit A lot my man knife You up right phone is already almost empty. Just getting here from the hotel for 15 minutes so now I’m gonna put it to charge. So once we get to San Paulo You can navigate there, too It was very obvious a tomahawk a phase in which cancer Pretty much almost back in my Street. It’s not very busy at today. That’s nice Wasn’t expecting this easygoing traffic for a center Anyway, we’re back a nice big fat case

19 comments on “Installing new Aluminium Top Case (OMG It’s so BIG!) – ep87

  1. Great music and shots, just got a bit bored with the top case installation. Travelling has a lot of neccessary and tiring stuff attached to it, that is why I sometimes watch instead of travel myself. So I look for the most relaxing, pleasant, entertaining videos. But prefer those who still keep it real and educational if possible. Please make those, thank you so much!

  2. that much height/weight over the rear tire has gotta be like riding with a passenger, [except the case leans with you, something it takes humans a while to figure out]. while necessary, and great looking/functioning rig, as with everything, there's always a trade off…
    stay safe, my friend…

  3. This one has SUBTITLES for the Portuguese bits!

    Check out the playlist with all the South America episodes so far

  4. I would strongly recommend using the rubber corner straps on your RAM mount phone holder. I love mine. While in Italy last November I was riding from Como to Milan. I put my phone in a plastic bag because it was raining pretty hard. Didn't fool with the corner straps because I was in a hurry. I suspect the rain, the plastic bag, plus the phone not being secured properly caused it to come out of the holder, bounce on my knee and was gone at 80 mph. Bad enough to lose the phone, but it was my primary navigation unit. I have a usb cable direct to battery so the phone is charged at all times. Bluetooth into the helmet with directions and music. Heading to Brasil next October for a 30 day solo tour. Thanks for posting.

  5. Over first few seconds I discerned case's outer finish as an old flaking paint haha, but there's huge chunk of art to it!

  6. I have a similar sized 58 litre aluminium top box it also comes in handy as a seat. I just remove it, place it down on its side and take a seat.

    Mine was second hand so one side was already scuffed and scratched so I put that side on the floor when I use it as a seat.

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