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Interbike 2013 – ErgVideo Cycling Training System

Interbike 2013 – ErgVideo Cycling Training System

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong we’re at 2013
Interbike we’re having a great time here we’ve found a product that we wanted to bring to
you I think you’ll be kinda excited about this it’s doing dealing with training it’s
called ErgVideo and we’ve got Paul I’m assuming the founder CEO president
c3p CTO CEO the whole nine yards with us he’s gonna
give us a little tutorial on how this works and how its was gonna benefit you and me
during our cycling season all during the winter so take it away
Paul okay start talking about this so ErgVideo is a unique products it’s been on the market for about seven
years K it runs exclusively with CompuTrainer and Velotron Racer made products and what we
bring our power based live video real video workouts yep so it’s not only based on where you
are but they also based on the training session that you’re engaged in right so we have videos from triathlon
courses we have videos from bike races a lot of bike races training
sessions is one of our very strong points and will get to the
whole idea of training with ErgVideo eventually and what we’re
developing for 2013 Hunter Allen n the peaks
coaching group that’s a that’s a big deal to everybody
I’ll run through that quickly but we also have video from a lot of the
famous mountains in Europe right nice so yep so the way we run through this this this is your what you’re presented with us you
know your first user interface this particular machine has a number of the Hunter Alan power
training videos loaded we all love Hunter Alan
Hunter Alan, he’s the man here I’ve picked a work out I like
this one in particular because you see that it’s obviously an intervals work
out and you can also see that they’ve done something special at the
end of each interval by by ramping up the power that’s one
of Hunters kinda very special work outs that he prescribes even to his
pro athletes and in the video as well there are some lower-level intervals those are fast
peddling yep intervals run along with this it’ll actually make you you watch the riders to the
consistency of their pedal stroke they’re riding the exact same course you’re riding yeah and your power will fluctuate
exactly with their power exactly and that’s what we rely on the CompuTrainer
in its Ergoniminal mode right that you know the CompuTrainer is like the
best thing to precise but it also makes sure your on target it will actually
compensate if you’re off target right it’ll force
you back on target so really you get to watch the video see the body language of the riders you know
when they get up in sprint you have to get up and sprint because the CompuTrainer is gonna hit you hard
with a high power requirement make that happen yeah now so the other
question I have at the exact same time is that you kinda go through here is obviously lets say my watt to kilo ratio is X and your watt to kilo ratio is something else
and we’re riding say X minus 10 no no no no so and you know that kinda stuff
so I’m sure this takes into account that and it makes a ride even for us to be
able to compete against each other exactly and and that’s one of the
try not to say compete against each other ride together okay so the idea is
you both want to do the same workout yeah with respect to your own threshold
power we key everything to that threshold for
sure so if I say today we are working on your functional threshold power as a
as workout right we’re both going to get the same benefit
even though we will be riding at different watts and the way we achieve it is in the
options and in the rider data you program in that each
rider’s functional threshold powers we got Hunter
there we’ve gotTroy McClure at 210 and that’s just is a great example I like
to use and we can accommodate up
to 24 riders in a studio and they can all have different threshold levels and we
assign them to the bikes we click let’s ride and you’re
presented with this there’s a lot of text and
graphicson this screen which I’m just gonna move some things
around so that it easier to see I’ll start video and I’ll isolate the power. what is this?
I’m assuming this is all PC based it is pc-based yeah Windows PC based
okay you haven’t ready for the Mac? i cant I never discuss future plans because I never know when
they’re really gonna happen gotcha I would like to say yeah yes and on this day but there’s there’s I’d be lying okay no guarantee
so what we’re looking at here is everybody should be looking at the
power profile and understanding that we’re riding at 21 percent of FTP right down here you’ll see that hunters FTP
is 280 Troy’s is 210 and a different load is
applied to each guy absolutely but we’re riding together
right and we think that we are the hero we’re the guy following these
guys with a camera yeah ok and as they change their power as they
go up that hill you might see them sit up a bit or stand up a bit yeah they’re increasing their power going up
that everyone will feel that in the studio scale to their own ability so
this allows allows you to have a studio full of people
and they don’t need to all be the same right level level of rider so and then
they all start and finish at the same time yup you
never have to wait for someone to finish in the same place they will cover
different distances but they’ll be in the same place I get it yes very clever yup we’ll
all be in the same place but you know when you’re racing or you’re
doing a course you might have one guy cover the 40 kilometer course in an
hour and someone else will take an hour and ten
minutes and that messes up your studio yep timing yeah and what you have to accommodate so with ErgVideo that problem is essentially solved
start and finish and in the end everyone satisfied that that
they’re not really competing they generally you know that yeah
if I’m riding against you yeah and you said what was the
FTPX and we said FTPY if I know that I might not
necessarily be expecting to beat you or be able to have a
higher power at the end yeah how do I get it do I downloaded it you send
CDs? I send DVD’s again one of those things we want to move to
downloads in the future yeah but this particular Hunter Alan training plan projects kinda kind off moved our sale season
around a little bit my development season got moved around a little bit something and put it on your hard drive
when you get home yeah and then you have a defacto backup and then running from your hard drive
its just you know you don’t wanna wear out the DVD yeah right so can i just show you the
Hunter Alan angle to this yeah sure so we filmed this some of his favorite workouts that he
prescribed to his riders said that already but the next step that
they they’ve contributed to the whole sweet I’ll stop though stop the ride we’ll go back to the
beginning he’s supplied we can integrate your full
training plan into video they’re free on the web site we
have we have a number of plans but the Hunter one is extra special and I’ve loaded it here so basically
click on the training plan you have the daily workouts already selected
Does that mean I’m I’ve been doing a subscription rate or I mean how do mean it free you’re gonna buy the
videos your gonna buy the licenses for the videos that’s going to be a one computer
license for the videos you got them for for the life of computer and then the actual plan free truly free and it just integrates in and then daily you just pick your plan it picks
the workout of the day that Hunter is designed for you and you click let’s ride cool and
off you go so really once you have the plan once you
have the videos you don’t have to create workout
you can lots of we have lots of options to allow you to
create workouts from the videos that you have right but
a lot of people they really wanna say I don’t wanna spend that
time I wanna go click click click ride my bike yeah and that’s that’s
really what we’ve achieved and we’ve got Hunter sort of directing
you to say you’re going to get fitter if you follow this program with these
videos and my favorite workouts what’s the cost? cost so HD
videos fifty nine dollars SD videos with are older um we’re not
producing SD’s anymore but forty-five dollars so you know
a little bit of a break there and then if you buy 3,6 or 9 the discount
rate is $11.16 and 22 percent so to do our winter workout
for instance how many of these videos do you really need? only one I mean to do a winter workout
well you know I’m saying to get through the winter get you through the winter I do recommend
yeah I do recommend 10 you’ll get like sort of 9 plus the
threshold test because you do wanna accurately set
your threshold power by doing a test so 10 videos is what I do try to steer
people toward if they’re doing 4 or 5 workouts a week you kinda want that just for your so you’re talking 700-800
dollars to get you through the winter in videos right? in videos yeah I i
think with the discounts that the nine or 10 pack you’re pretty close yeah
then but there Hunter Alan pack you can get by with seven if you’re
doing the three the three workouts a week program you can pick 3,4, or 5 and when you go
to the 4 & 5 we add a few videos there for more
variety because variety is the good thing right? yeah absolutely alright so what I want you to do is I want you to
check out their website take a look at it I you have any feedback for me I’d love
to hear it if you’ve tried their videos I’d like to hear that too make a comment below we’re gonna send
them a link to this video so they can respond to that and make sure that you’re taken care of
as a customer and a client and I hope this will help you this fall
give you some variety and maybe something to switch things up and make a difference for you big important
thing though is keep cycling strong and have an amazing day

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  1. Is there an application that will allow users to take their own video which they have recorded, along with a corresponding GPS track and other data (such as cadence, speed, heartrate, etc) and create new training videos?

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