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Intimidator | Wheel Talk | Anthem Off-Road

Intimidator | Wheel Talk | Anthem Off-Road

– What’s going on guys, Dave
here, Anthem Off-Road Wheels. Late 2019 Anthem released
two brand new wheels. This one is the Anthem Intimidator. Check this out, we did
something a little bit different with the Intimidator than
all of our other wheels. Completely smooth face, that
way when you mount it up and you see this up
against a tire, you don’t have the rivets that
you do traditionally on some of our other Anthem wheels. A completely different standout look. So for those of you that
don’t want the rivets or the Anthem branding
on the top, or the bottom of the wheel we have that
option available for you. One of our main focuses
with this wheel was to provide an option that’s
extremely easy to clean. So that when you take this wheel off-road and you’re full of dirt
and mud and just grime and snow and salt and whatever else. You take this to the
carwash, you spray it down and it’s extremely easy to clean. The ridges are all modest,
you just get in there with a microfiber cloth
and everything cleans down. So as we move in from the
lip of the wheel, you can see that each one of these
spokes is completely clean. They’re flat, there’s no
concavity to them whatsoever. It’s a complete flat
face, goes straight down. This particular version, in
the gloss and milled accents, so it gives it a really nice clean look. So if you’re looking for maybe, you wanna tie-in your chrome bumpers or some other chrome
accents for your vehicle. These milled accents, when they’re clean, and they’re shiny like
this, they look amazing. It really ties the wheel in together with the rest of the vehicle. On this particular spoke,
we did the Anthem branding versus the top or the bottom. Right, we’re proud of this wheel. And we’re proud of what
our brand stands for. So to just simply put,
that very basic Anthem. This center cap, like all of our other center caps,
completely covers the lugs. And that’s by design, we
are building off-road wheels because we want you to get outside. We want you to use them, we know that you’re going through
dirt and grime and mud. And this center cap helps
protect all of that, just nastiness, from getting
in there, in the lugs. It makes it a little bit easier to clean. You hit it with the pressure
washer, everything comes down. This center piece, the chrome, you can take it off,
you can color match it. Whether you’re looking
to paint or vinyl overlay or maybe you wanna do something else. But you can make this your own. You can personalize it to your vehicle. And because you don’t have
to take the entire wheel off to make that customization. You can pull the center cap,
you can do the customization and the rest of the
wheel can stay mounted. So this my friends, is a 17 by nine, zero offset, Anthem Intimidator. When you go down in size, it’s almost like completely different looking wheel. The spokes are much shorter, the Anthem is still on the side. You still have the smooth
lip, you still have the fully customizable center
cap, just with a satin look. If you’re not looking
for that flashy gloss and milled accent, you just
want a clean, black wheel, this is the right choice. Right, so you don’t see any milling. And the only chrome accent that you see on this wheel, is the center cap. So the 17 by nine, we
also offer the 18 by nine and then the 20 by nine and 20 by 10. So really no matter what size you are looking for, we have got it. So go check it out,, wheels, tires, suspension. Pair this one with a tire,
let us do the mounting, the balancing and ship it to you for free. And you get the Anthem Intimidator at your driveway, ready
to be put on your vehicle. So make sure you go check
out, wheels, tires, suspension and plenty more. (high-energy rock music)

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