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Is an $80 Chinese Motorcycle Intercom worth the money?

Is an $80 Chinese Motorcycle Intercom worth the money?

Hey YouTube, back with another review of a product I I’ve been interested in getting some sort of a radio communicator so I can speak with my wife Between our helmets and also so I can get my GPS information And I wanted to know what would happen if I bought an $80.00 ish Chinese multi interphone Thing off ebay, but it being good would have decent features would [it] sound okay? Would it be loud enough Would I be able to communicate well with the wife would I hear my GPS? Over the wind noise, and I want to go over some [of] the things I found with this First it goes into the helmet really nice integrates real well in my helmets case The pads are right here behind the…. Behind my ears really nice and my wife’s helmet. They fit into a pocket a little bit better So you know if you already have a helmet that has pockets… Inside you that’s really nice because these are recessed, in mine… They’re just kind of behind this you can see them right [there]. They Velcro in you got the a… …the mic right here If you’re looking for a helmet and and you haven’t bought one yet And you’re thinking about getting one [of] these look for that pocket It’ll definitely make it nice for when you get it these go in pretty easy. You know they just go behind here They they have a stick Pad I put these together before I shot this video And then they velcro in it’s not not that complicated. It’s actually pretty nice sound quality on this no-name Was it [V-Net] phone? [I] paid a eighty one dollars the sound quality is pretty good I will say that. They get loud enough. You can hear them on the road It’s good. That’s good. The sound quality is good. I can hear my phone over the wind noise is Between the intercom link between is very good sound [quality] is [very] good as my fact gets so loud [that] You know I really got to turn the volume down these… charged up through the microphone port And then they just clip on there plug in pretty simple the kit comes with two chargers and two sets of Velcro Pads So you can move them between helmets if you needed to Which is pretty nice so you could take these? Take these out of these helmet and put them in another one. They give you spares you got a Wrench for attaching this to The helmet because these clamp on here. It’s got an allen. That’s pretty nice. He’s hanging on pretty good, but Some of the issues. I have found are that locks on there? But even if I set the helmet down and press on it it pops off These don’t walk on very well They should you should have to press that button back? But the truth of the [matter] is if I just push it they pop off and that’s pretty weak The biggest absolute biggest issue. I have with these is the buttons the Sena which is the premiere? Product which I’ve never owned has a rotary dial, and I can totally see the value in that The volume knobs are, Plus is the down button Minus, turn the volume down is on top. So you’re constantly thinking up volume And that’s down and down volume and that’s up also you [cannot] find these buttons with gloves on Okay, you can connect supposedly six riders with this and but you can choose Four so you [want] to talk to this rider? I guess I haven’t done. This you press that button Yada-yada-Yada the other rider the other rider the other rider, but you cannot find these with gloves on that’s it’s utterly ridiculous That’s supposed to your phone button When you sink to the sinking I’ll say does very very well once you turn this on the sink immediately [so] if I unplug these Take them off you’ll see that these absolutely Sink up very well, I mean Quickly it’s not a problem. So you turn them on by holding these buttons powered on Powering up, and now they’re sick Now they’re connected to each other super easy. That’s great Turn your volume up and down with these, but the problem is like I said you cannot adjust the volume at all with your gloves. It’s just absolutely impossible the other problem I have found is that these you have the choice of either listening to your GPS or Talking to each other, but you cannot listen to the GPS and talk to each other So you’re connected to the phone or you’re connected to each other? But you’re not connected [to] the GPS and hearing the GPS while you’re talking to each other, so you’re in communication or you’re out on your own with out your GPS, and that sucks I really had hoped that this would allow me to hear my GPS and talk at the same time and not you know you can you can turn off the [communication] between them and then you got to listen to your GPS, I suppose. I haven’t done that and then talk to each other again But how do you know finding these buttons with gloves on while riding is just very difficult if not impossible? on top of that these are your up and down volume buttons this button right here on Each this button right here is the off button So you press that just one time? by accident and the damn things off, so you know They should have put in my opinion. They should have put Plus and minus volume top and bottom that would just just pinch it [up] volume down volume That would have made life totally easy [these] other buttons are kind of you know I said, I only use it with one other writer But you can see just by touching that button one [time] they power off and now you’re kind of screwed for using it as just Hook into your GPS and having it cordless 80 bucks Mmm. You know there’s other options the other option is This right here now these are typical Headset that you get with your cell phone, and this is a bluetooth receiver That you can buy off ebay these are like eight bucks connect [to] your phone put this in your ears and [ninety] miles an hour you can’t hear this very well with the GPS. Let’s say 65 70 miles an hour. It’s loud enough [and] That goes in your pocket. This goes in your helmet and [your] [connected] GPS to the phone if you just wanted to communicate with each other You can set the volume before you leave you can talk to each other it works well for that and I’m sure you know if you can connect six riders it works well for that, but Would I buy this again for 80 bucks, or what I spend the [$200] on the Sena I think of ease of use I would spend the $200 on the Sena for that that rotary Knob that allows you to control things again. I haven’t used it, but after using this you trying to find these buttons is utterly utterly Ridiculous man and the fact that when you set it down it pops off you know Sound quality I said it is okay. It’s good. I mean talking wise you can hear each other? It’s clear doesn’t cut out and you can get quite quite the distance away [we] just walked around with our helmets on to see how far away we get Supposedly, it’s quarter mile or something like that. We can never even came close to that, but For that that works great, but I don’t know if I’d spend 80 bucks on this again like I said if if you could If you could talk to each other and have GPS going at the same time that would be great But I have yet to find that Maybe it’s deeper and the chinese. I just got to read a little bit further and get my translator out or something but yeah I’d spend the money on the on the Sena and not even play with this crap. That’s my advice anyway ride safe

29 comments on “Is an $80 Chinese Motorcycle Intercom worth the money?

  1. i like them for communication with another rider/ passenger thats all i wanted they sound great ive had more expensive ones and they were every bit the hassle to use !! lets face it folks we are goin for a ride to enjoy ourselves and leave the tech world and real world problems behind .

  2. You pretty much get what you pay for, nothing more nothing less. Me Personally, I use Sena for all of my Communication and Video. Thanks for Sharing.

  3. I used Scala Rider for years, for me Scala is the best. Yes you get with you pay for. Packtalk is the ultimate motorcycle communication. Spend $500.00 and get the Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk Duo Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Intercom.

  4. I have used similar kit for year+ now, and the ~40,000mi and while had a couple issues (plastic hold kit breaking, one unit quitting in heavy rain in on Alcan) they were rock solid and cheap to replace.

    Great battery life, quality mic/headphones, the lack of ground chat their biggest impediment.

  5. Do these units talk to other brands such as Sena? Also when linked to phone can you listen to GPS, Phone calls as well as music on the phone, I have a iPhone 7 Plus?

  6. Great review, THANKS alot man!
    The buttons are absolutely ridiculous. Especialy the OFF button killed it for me. Also the unclipping. Definitely not worth it, at least as long one wears gloves …

  7. If they cost the same as the Cardo Packtalk I'd give them 1/10 but for $80 they do what they need to do, badly, but they work so I give them 4/10.
    To talk to a pillion, or a friend who has no BT unit in his helmet, they are great to lend out on rides.

  8. I worked in the bike trade for over a decade starting in 2000 and I can say that bike to bike comms have come on leaps and bounds for the general public. Back in the UK the only option really was "Autocom" and you had to have a bloody radio connected and every part over the basic units where add on. Just the handle bar push to talk would cost more than these devices and that was back in 2005. Whilst the latch might not seem very strong there are countries where helmet mounted items be it intercoms or cameras have to release easily in the event of a crash, not saying it is the case and more than likely it is just to save some pennies but it is noteworthy. Back in the day there was even concern regarding the "Troy lee fin" that Anthony Gobert made popular, the idea was the fin could catch in a crash and do head and neck damage. All in 80 bucks or £50 odd is almost chuck away money, I have one of these units that I have just fitted into my own lid that will be used "only" for GPS navigation commands and speed camera warnings so the button function is not something I will worry about. I guess the future progression for this product is a handlebar mounted button arrangement.. Until the last few weeks when I started to look into headset units I was astounded with what you can get now for not very much money, honestly a unit like this would have been a pipe dream when I was riding thousands of miles each year. Thanks anyway for the review very informative and hopefully I do not run into any issues..

  9. as the unit has cheap jack plugs : make an extension cord and a kind of strap and wrap the unit on your arm or something. then you always can see the buttons. problem solved. heck this beats the wau to expensive sena and cardo systems.

  10. OMG, finally someone who answered one of the most important questions: can you talk to each other and listen to your phone GPS at same time? Thanks for the great review! 🙂 I was about to start thinking that all the reviewers have no brain as nobody covered this topic at all!

  11. I bought these V6-1200 on Ali… for 56 eur. Works GREAT! Super sound for com and phone. Max distance I talk with other helmet was 1.8 km, line of sight.

  12. Got the same system and totally agree. Sound OK but controlling it on the side of your helmet is impossible! Would not recommend or buy again, poor design, not bike friendly at all

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