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Is Being Aerodynamic Uphill Important? | Ask GCN Anything Cycling

Is Being Aerodynamic Uphill Important? | Ask GCN Anything Cycling

(funky music) – We’re going to start this
week’s Ask GCN Anything with a couple of questions
that we asked you lot this time last week. Namely, define chipper and chopper. We had quite a few answers,
but we’re gonna go for one definition for each, and
let us know if you agree or disagree in the comment
section down below. First up, Gryffes defines chipper. It says, it refers to a race
where the standard is so low, the prize is a fish and chip dinner. Calling someone a chipper
implies that’s the level of rider that they are. And James Ashcroft defines chopper. He says in the youth category,
they define it as someone who can’t ride their bike
properly and who is liable to cause a crash. Very interesting indeed. Okay, onto the first question
that we are going to answer here today, from Nate Nelson. Are there any differences
between a male and a female bike, besides the colours? Well, yes there are other differences and it’s mainly down
to sizing and geometry. So, a few bike companies
have done some research and also looked into a database called The Global Body Dimension Database, which apparently shows that, in general, women have got a slightly
shorter torso and reach, in comparison to their
leg length, than men. And so a lot of women-specific
bikes have a shorter top tube and also a shorter
stem, to take that into account. However, as with everything
in life, not everybody is the same, so even if
you are a woman, you might not be best built for
a women-specific bike. So always try before you buy. And if you want a lot more detail on this, you should watch this next
video, in which Lucy Martin asks, do you need a women-specific bike? – So, back to the initial question. Do you really need a women-specific bike? Well, the honest answer
is, it actually depends. I raced almost every
season on a men’s bike, but I can see how some women would really benefit from
having a women’s specific bike. Let’s face it. Everybody’s different
shapes, different sizes, regardless of gender, so you need a bike that basically just fits. And that may be a women-specific bike. – Okay, next up is a question from Rajan Chitrao, apologies again for the pronunciation. What should I buy as my first bike? A road bike, a Cyclocross
bike, or a mountain bike? Well, that is a very
difficult question to answer without knowing exactly what type of riding you are hoping to be doing. And I’m guessing from the
fact that you haven’t written it down, you’d actually
know, yourself, exactly what you want to be doing. So I would suggest going
for that middle ground of the Cyclocross bike,
or indeed, a gravel bike, because they’re very versatile machines. They’re pretty fast on the
road, albeit not quite as fast as road bikes, but they’re
also more than capable of handling some off-road conditions. Maybe not the gnarliest
descents in the world, but certainly gravel, fire roads, and also some single track as well. And if you really start to get
the feeling that it’s slowing you down slightly on the
road, and you want some more performance, you can always
buy a second set of wheels, with some slick tyres, or
just purchase the slick tyres on their own and put them on
the bike when they’re needed. Now, we did a day’s filming
a couple of years ago in Wales, where we explored
the differences between a gravel bike and a road bike. It really was great fun
indeed and it’s coming up in this next video. – You can punch it in, Dan. – [Dan] Sod off. (mystical music) (rock music) (rock music)
(Matt, laughing) – We should start the quickfire
round off with a question from Andrew Lord, who says,
when using a maintenance stand on a carbon bike with a carbon
seatpost, where’s the best place to clamp it? Well that is a very good question, indeed. You should always avoid
clamping any of the tubes on a carbon frame set
because they’re not designed to withstand that force from
the side, only to be strong in the direction they need
to be when you’re riding. The seat post one is a
difficult one, though, because some people say it is designed to withstand that force. Because, after all, there’s
a seat collar and clamp to prevent it slipping down. Other people say that if it
is a very light-weight carbon, you do risk damaging it. So there are a couple of
solutions, the cheapest of which is to buy a very cheap
steel or alloy seat post, which you simply put in when
you want to put your bike on the maintenance stand, or
the slightly more expensive option is to get one of those
stands that the pro mechanics use, where the fork dropouts
are secured at front and the rest of the
bike’s weight is propped up at the bottom bracket
and you can spin it round. So I recommend one of those
if you have the money. Next up, Gingercoastie says why are tubs faster than clinchers? Tubs being tubular tyres,
of course, that are stuck onto the rim as opposed to
clinchers, which you mount on and have a separate inner tube. I’m not exactly sure, Ginger, that they are necessarily faster. They might be in some cases,
but during my time as a pro I did a lot of research, online,
into what were the fastest rolling resistance tyres
and actually, some very fast clinchers, combined with
latex inner tubes were faster than the fastest tubular tyres. Now, I know a lot of people
out there feel like tubeless are faster, but don’t
necessarily have any evidence to back that up. The reason a lot of pros
still run with tubular tyres, is because of safety. If you puncture on one of
them, you can actually roll for quite a long time, and
of course on a mountainous descent with multiple hairpins,
you want to still be able to ride quite safely without
coming off, and clinchers aren’t so good for that. Next up, from Jorge Eduardo,
an aerodynamic position is useful on a climb, question mark. I saw Jan Ulrich use it on the two, 2004 Tour de France in
the Individual Time Trial on Alpe d’Huez, where he
had some clip-on bars. Well that depends on how fast
you’re riding up the climb. Jan Ulrich was probably
climbing incredibly fast up Alpe d’Huez, and once
you get over about 18 or 20 kilometres per hour, aerodynamics still has
quite a major part to play, as well as gravity and rolling resistance. So it just depends on how fast
you’re going up the climbs. Pier Juhng Hish, can super glue be used to fix tyre punctures? I tried it once and worked, but I’m not sure how long it can hold. At least it allowed me to ride back home. Amazing that you had super glue with you, but not a spare inner
tube to go in your tyre. I guess it does work, as
you’ve proven yourself. It’s not something that
I’ve ever tried, personally, although I think I might give it a go, just to try it out at some point. I know I have seen pro
mechanics that use super glue for the little nicks that
you sometimes get in tyres, to stop extra bits of
thorn, etc., getting in and puncturing the inner
tube, but now I will try that myself at some point. And finally, Douglass McCuiston
says, hello, do I need to change my front
derailleur if I’m changing my chainrings, using the same
size but different brand? And the answer to that is no. As long as the chainrings are
the same size, and they’re also round as opposed to some of the oval chainrings that you get these days, then you shouldn’t need
to do anything until it’s your front derailleur or,
indeed, the rest of your gears. Here’s a question which has been nagging Stephen Tovell for some time. What do soigneurs wrap
food in for the riders? Foil, parchment, or what? Well, actually, you’re pretty
close to the mark there. I did look it up a little bit earlier and we have featured
this stuff in some of our truck tours in GCN over
the past few years. They don’t use normal aluminium tin foil that you would use in cooking. I’ve tried that myself in the past when I’ve had nothing else at home. It does tend to get stuck
to home-made energy bars and to rice cakes, etc.,
and it’s quite difficult to unwrap, as well, in one
piece, which is not what you want when you’re in
the middle of the race. So, they get these packets
of eight-by-eight-inch parchment-lined aluminium foil boxes. You would’ve seen them, as I said, on GCN videos in the past. It’s just much easier to
unwrap, which is exactly what you want in a race. Now a soigneurs’ job is very interesting. They’ve got lots of tips and
tricks along these lines, which you might not normally think about. And many years ago, all
the way back in 2013, we followed Sophie from
Garmin Sharp, as the team was known at the time, to
see what goes into the life of a soigneur on a daily basis. – So we put two bottles, one of an energy drink, one of water. We have two bars in there, Clif bars, and then, one Blok. And then two gels, of our sponsor, Clif, and we add, a baby Coke. It’s kinda good today, good weather. And a fresh panini, we made this morning. The best part is right now at the feed zone (laughs) and massage, it’s good part, and the job in general,
is pretty good too. But the suitcases, I’m
gonna say is the worst one. – Our last question for
this week is from Rex 11. How do I find out if I’m
a climber or a sprinter? Somebody already answered it
for us, if you don’t know, then you’re a domestique, which is quite funny because
domestiques are generally people that are quite good
at everything, but don’t have one very specific strength. And it is quite easy to find
out what you are good at and not so good at, simply
by riding with groups or even doing races. You’ll quickly going to find
where your strengths lie. But you can also do some
testing in a laboratory or out on the open road with
the use of a powermeter. Four quick tests, which
include a maximum sprint test, a one-minute flat-out test,
five minutes, and indeed, 20-minutes, are going
to enable you to create a power profile. So when you compare those
test results to your weight, you’ll get a power-to-weight
ratio for each one, and then you can go onto a
site such as TrainingPeaks and you’ll be able to compare yourself to the very best at those
particular durations and find out where your strengths lie. But it’s not all about numbers. Take Mark Cavendish as an example. He never performed particularly
well in a laboratory, and there are loads of
people who’ve got way better sprint power than
he has, but he’s the best sprinter of a generation,
an arguably, the best sprinter of all time. Anyway, if you do want to find
out where your strengths lie and you have the use of a
powermeter, this next video is for you, because it goes
through exactly how to do all of those four tests. (funky music) – I feel I can safely say that I got everything out for myself and you only get that
one right the first time. That’s not something you want to repeat twice in the same ride. Okay now we’re ready to
start the five minute test. Now like the one-minute
one, if you’ve got a climb of five minutes in
duration on a steady grade then that would be absolutely perfect, but if you haven’t, do it
on a straight, flat road without any junctions,
and not too much traffic. – That’s it for this
week’s Ask GCN Anything. Don’t forget if you’ve got any questions which you would like us to
answer, you can leave them in the comment section below this video or on social media using
the hashtag #TorqueBack. Make sure you subscribe to
the Global Cycling Network if you haven’t done so already. You can click on the globe, which is somewhere on the screen right now. And then, you might want to watch one of the following two videos. In the left corner, my left, your right, just
down here, you can find a tour of the Katusha Team Truck from the 2016 Tour de France, where
you can see what the soigneurs and the mechanics have on board, and in the other corner
you can see Si and Matt trying to determine what the
best bike to use over cobbles: Cyclocross, road, or mountain bike.

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