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Is Bike Park Riding Real Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Whistler Special! Ep 129

Is Bike Park Riding Real Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Whistler Special! Ep 129

– Welcome to the Dirt Shed show, where we have got another packed week. We’re still in Whistler, in
this incredible location. I’ve been soaking up the
atmosphere in the park, firmly at Crankworx, Doddy
what have you been doing? – Checking out the tech, hitting all the local trails, off-p stuff, and of course making loads of videos. – That’s right, it’s all coming
up on the Dirt Shed Show! Let’s do it! (techno music) – Now that place is so cool, isn’t it? – So good, I loved it, I love it in there. – It leads perfectly on
to topic of the week. – Yes. – Is a bike park real mountain biking? – Ouch, Doddy, how could
you ask that question, you’ve just spent the whole week at Whistler Crankworx, in a bike park! I mean you must think
it’s mountain biking. – I definitely think it’s mountain biking, it’s on a mountain, it’s amazing, it’s got variety of everything. But a lot of people come here
and love to ride the stuff outside the parks, made
me think, you know: is a bike park good enough, is it real? – Well, I mean there are
a lot of people out there who’ve probably never ever
touched a mountain bike park in any way, massive berms,
huge jumps aren’t part of their mountain biking life. I mean is that you? I mean why don’t we do a
poll about it this week and see what people think? But first off, before
we do, let’s take a look at what some of the people in
Whistler themselves thought. Excuse me, ‘scuse me sir, ‘scuse me, this isn’t going to be
as easy as I thought, but don’t worry I’m not going to give up. Excuse me dude, ‘scuse me dude. Is riding in mountain bike parks, actually mountain biking? – Yes it is. – It’s really mountain biking. You push yourself to the limits. That’s what you want with
mountain biking, right? – ‘Scuse me dude, ‘scuse
me, come in, come in, dude, is riding in mountain bike
parks, really mountain biking? – That’s a good question. Yeah it is, but it’s just going down. – Yes. – Yes. – No. – Hell yeah it is, probably
like one of the most technical aspects of mountain biking man,
it’s difficult, it’s scary, you could eat (bleep), I mean
it’s definitely the real deal. – That’s a great question! Is riding down a slope stock
horse doing circus tricks, is that really mountain biking? – Is it really? – I am not sure, but it’s
very, very entertaining. – Yeah, but you’ve gotta
earn those descents, you’ve gotta earn those
descents, pedal up, ride down. – Okay, I don’t think that solved it. I don’t think that solved it. But let’s find out what you
think in the poll this week. It’s above my head,
simple question this week, is bike park riding
actually mountain biking? First option, yes, and
the second option is no. Let us know what you think,
and if you’ve got any views on it, put it in the
comments section down below. Last week’s poll results, of
course, we were talking about how you got into mountain biking. Okay, and the first option
was my parents and 20% of you got into it through your parents. – [Doddy] I did, yeah. – [Marc] Yeah, location was
all about the second option, and close, 21%, it’s
cause of where you live. – [Doddy] Well, I quite like
the fact that 11% of the people just said I like snooker. – Yeah, but I thought that
was kind of a weird option. I don’t know who come up
with that, might’ve been me. It didn’t tell us what they
did with mountain biking, it just tells us they like snooker. – Yeah, but it does
leave 46% of the people. – [Marc] Yes! – [Doddy] You know how they
got into it, don’t you? – [Marc] Yes. – Through youtube and MTB media. – That’s us, we’re part of that. – Yeah. – All right, high five, that’s great, that is such good news. And we have some good
comments about that, as well. Telling us about how you got into riding. – Yeah, so Jayneflakes says,
I got into mountain biking at 18 because I lived
on the edge of Dartmoor and I needed to escape from
a difficult family life. – Yeah, it’s–
– Totally get that. – I used to have to get out,
do the same thing, really. – Yeah it’s cool to use mountain biking, yeah, for escapism. – Yeah. – That’s a really good point. And mountain biking madness
says none of the poll options apply to him, oh dear. I just learned to ride at the age of two, and I’ve been riding mountain
biking and road ever since. Some people, I guess, are just born to it. – Oh, good. There’s so many people here riding at like five, six years old,
they’re jumping a-line. – Tiny little kids, hey, we
saw a guy riding the other day. He jumped the biggest jump in the park. – Crabapple his, 10 years old. – 10. – What’s that all about, that’s insane. – Some people are just born. – Oh ho, so cool. Something special for you guys, now. Guess who’s back? – That’s right, it’s time for
the kneel with News Donahue back in the shed! – Right, I’m back in the shed. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been away for a little while, had a bit of an accident. I crrashed my road bike into a car. A few injuries, I broke my ankle, broke my jaw, I got some messed up teeth. Can’t talk very well,
but I’m back in the shed. And what has been going
on with mountain biking? Well, Martin, Blake, the boys
have all been over in Whistler and off to the biggest event now, it’s Joyride, free ride competition. The big news is Brian Semenuk
taking his 5th win at Joyride, to make up for
disappointment of last year. In second place, young
rider, Emil Johansson, also took the overall for the year. Third place, Ryan Nyquist,
so, one of the oldest riders. Also, an amazing BMX veteran. Got to take a look at his
bike last year at Crankworx. So take a look at that if
you haven’t seen it already. Other news, Manon Carpenter,
the former downhill world champion and world
cup overall winner, has actually announced her retirement. So Manon, is quite a young racer, still. But she’s just said that she doesn’t like the pressure anymore. And fair play to her, she’s
going off to study at uni. So, good on her. Also veteran Austrian ryder, Markus Pekoll from downhill, is retiring. And also, Justin Leov,
at the end of the season. In other news, Canyon Bikes
have now launched in America. So you can take advantage of
that direct consumer pricing. That’s some of the bikes we
love riding here at GMBM. Also, Shimano have launched a
brand new XT break calliper. It’s a four part break calliper, something we’ve not seen from
XT since the early 2000s. It’s great power for
aggressive trail riding, but also, for E-bikes. So, I’ve been injured, so I’ve
missed out on a few trips, obviously, the boys have been in Whistler. But also, I was due to go to
the northern cape of Norway and race something called
the Offroad Finmark. I didn’t get to go, but my
race partner, Nick Craig, the legendary cross country
racer, went himself. So let’s catch up with
Nick, see how he got on. – I’ve never ridden so
far, so long, so hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Neil, really good that
you couldn’t make it. – [Neil] So the race is
300 km long, super tough. It starts in the evening and you keep going until you finish. Obviously, that time of
day, in northern Norway, it doesn’t get dark in summer. So, you literally ride through the night. It’s a mixture of terrain,
single track, fire road, even some river crossings. It’s a super tough race, it took Nick over 27 hours to complete. So well done to Nick. Now it’s back to you guys,
atop a mountain, Whistler, with some of the top
comments from last week. – Time to hear what you’ve been saying on the channel this week. We’ve had some great comments. – All right, all sorts of
good ones, yeah, so yeah. Dude Perfectus says, can
you guys spin the rear wheel in pro bike checks so
we can hear dem hubs? – Oh, that is a sick idea! Yeah, so every time you’re
just like, ‘kay, hub test. – Yeah, whzzzz. – You’ve got to do that. – Definitely, we will be doing that. – That is a great idea. Serule Jerusalem says, the
first canyon last week, in the bike vault, was a
neuron, not a spectral. Oh, no. – Sorry, I wasn’t here to correct him. – Doddy wasn’t there to tell
us, you know, it was ’cause it was me and Blake. – It’s only countries that I
get confused with, not bikes. – We get too excited, we get
too excited, it’s a nightmare. – Emmanuel Robello says, dirt
shed show got me into riding, I’m now competing in
downhill Canada, amazing. – That’s so cool. The dirt shed show is
getting people riding. – That’s what I’m talking about. – And I guess what else has
been happening this week, well, I’ve been riding my bike. – Oh yeah. – Um, aw man, I mean, ace. We give them a little sneak peak? Just a little bit, check this
out, have a look at this. (upbeat techno music) Yes, that’s me riding. But not only riding, racing. Me, Doddy, and Blake in the Fox Air DH. We came 16th, out of 16. – Oh yeah, sub six minute
time, that was amazing. – Yes, it was chaos and terrifying, but we’ve been having an
amazing week here in Whistler. God, what an event. – We’re out at Crankworx in Whistler, and we’ve just found some
really cool new tech. And we are the first people
to see this, super cool. So, we’ve been running the
Crank brothers’ standard pedals, which come in two sizes, on our own bikes for quite a while now. But there’s some brand new models come in. And this is really cool. So I’ve just reach into this bag, here. Firstly, you got the stamp two. This is die-cast, and it’s painted. So it’s a better price point and it comes in three different
colour ways, super cool. And also, to go on top of
that, reach in here again, there’s the three, which is
forged, and this is anodized. All the cool features you
see in the stamp pedals. Thing that makes this one really cool, Danny Macaskill special edition. And that is like, it’s gonna
be a highly sought after pedal. But I’m not done there,
there’s another one. The top of the range stamp 11,
which has got a tight nitride axle and gold pins, ho, ho, ho, ha! Look at that bad boy. – Just jumped inside the
Poc tent and I’ve got some brand new stuff to show
you here from those guys. Brand new coron helmet. Amazing colorway on this one. It’s got the new Poc spin technology, which means the pads inside,
injected with silicon. Helps rotational impacts,
this one’s lighter. It’s more affordable, bigger
air vents front and back. Looks awesome. The black colorway is in this gloss and matte that looks really nice. And then they got the tectal race. Look at that and that’s got
that Poc spin inside it, too. Literally just been up
to Crank brothers and I’m the first person in the
world to see these new pedals. Who are those guys in the background? What’s going on? (humming) ♫ Hacks and bodges and bodges and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges, bodges – Oh, come on, no,
they’re not into it, okay. Hacks and bodges this week,
we’re gonna start with this first one from Jack Beems. He’s a bit late on this. Lego bike, Doddy, I just
want to put it out there. – [Doddy] That’s not a hack or a bodge. – [Marc] It shouldn’t count, sorry, Jack. – [Doddy] It’s a cool Lego bike. – [Marc] It’s a cool one, but he’s just taken it out of the box of a Lego game. It’s not, it’s not, you didn’t do that. – No, come on, come on,
get to a proper one. – It’s not good enough, I think
you’re gonna like this one. It’s from Liam Thomas. Now, when you’re out on the
trail, and your crank falls off, what do you do and how’d you get home? – [Doddy] Oh, yes, look at that. – [Marc] That is clever, isn’t it? – [Doddy] That’s a brilliant bodge. – [Marc] Look at that. – [Doddy] Is that a sort of a
bike rack strap or something? – [Marc] Yeah. – [Doddy] From his car
and he’s put that through the axle and back again
and pulled it tight. – [Marc] When in need. – Yeah, I do like that one. – Okay good hacks and bodges this week. If you want to get your hack
or bodge on the dirt shed show, then why don’t you send it
to us: [email protected] Just down there and we’ll take a look. Time for the caption contest. Last week’s photo was this. And these are the ones
that are in the chance for the winning. – Okay, first that we’ve got, Max Marolt, this is really good. When you see a cute girl in the bike park and that seat post starts rising. I do like that. – Ethan Pay, oh dropper post,
why do you always let me down? I kinda like that one, too. – That’s not bad, scrambled games. When you see a nice bike from far away but then you realise, it’s a 29er. – Oh, come on, no hate. – [Doddy] I like 29ers, so. – Yeah, no hate, that one’s. I don’t think that’s,
scrambled, you’re pushing it. Right, who are you going to give it to? Doddy, it’s your choice. – Let’s go for the cute girl in the park. It’s gonna go to Max Marolt. – You are the winner. Send us your details,
and we will send you. What we gonna send this
week, pot pack or a hat? – I think a hat.
– A hat. – Send a hat, yeah.
It’s on it’s way, Max. – You’ll get one of these. – No, not this one, I’m freezing. How are you in that
T-shirt, I don’t get it? It’s so cold. – Okay, so it’s time for viewer
edits, what we got, Marc? First up. – First one is from Floyd
cooper, look at this. Really nice looking video,
spend a bit of time on it. He’d love to get it on the show. Well here it is. It’s a nice little raw edit, look at that. Like it, like it, yes.
– Aw, nice. – [Marc] That is a great edit,
that’s what we want to see. – Yes, so second up,
we’ve got Jacob Lousiak. He says 17 years old and
he’s from Lubin in Poland. There’s his edit. Good to watch all the way to the end. All right, let’s have it. – Yeah.
Tidy. – Nice, I think that I–
Aww, that’s cheeky. – [Marc] It’s hard to pick
between these two, they’re good. – [Doddy] Well, I dunno, I
think Jacob’s got this one. – This, well there you go,
great viewer edits this week. I really like those, we wanna
keep getting those here, it is coming in. So make sure you send
them in to the dirt shed. There it is in the corner there. And then, what probably happens is we send all of our millions and
millions of viewers over to you. And you’re a flippin’ movie star. – Oh yeah. – It’s that easy. – Next week on the channel,
I’m doing an unboxing of loads of brand new 2018 Fizik products and giving it away to you lucky viewers. So it’s top secret for now,
but keep your eyes peeled on the channel next week to find out exactly what these products are. – Fails and bails. Oh man, I have been so excited
to see this video again. Doddy, you are not going to believe it. It’s got to be the most incredible crash we’ve ever had on this show. Right, ready? – It better be good. – Prepare yourself.
I’m ready. – [Marc] Next level
stuff, here. Look at this. – [Cyclist] (bleep) In
the water, in the water! – [Cameraman] Wow, my! – [Cyclist] I’m okay. – [Doddy] He’s shouldn’t
still be here dude, how did you get away with that? – [Marc] Valley Russ,
from Quebec, in Canada. That is amazing, thank
god you got away with it. – [Doddy] This is wheely
practise gone wrong. That’s definitely pretty damn wrong. – Yeah, it really was, it was really bad. Well done, Jack. Next level stuff like I said. So this is going to be
hard to keep up with it, but we’re gonna try,
what do you think, Doddy? – Definitely is, one
thing to do, isn’t it? – Yes, let’s do it. – Run VT. – [Cyclist] Look where you want to go. (bleep) (bleep) – Who’s sending it to, Doddy? – Well, it’s going to
go to Keith Valentine from Phunkt photography. He’s such a dude, right,
so he spotted us from it, well, he spotted you when we
was doing that A-line DH race. He took some banger shots, he sent them straight over for you to use.
– Oh, I was so excited. [Doddy] Hey, check them
out now, they’re amazing. And check his Instagram account, he’s always doing well
cut photography and that. – Yeah, brilliant, brilliant
guy, really generous. That shot, of us going around that berm, all three of us in the
Fox Air DH race, that, honestly, that’s one of my
favourite pictures in my life. ’cause we’re laughing our heads off. Um, okay, now I’m gonna send you over to something slightly serious here. Unfortunately, Guga Ortiz
has had a really bad crash at Whistler, getting ready
practising for Crankworx. He’s got a spinal cord
injury, he’s really hurt. But, we’ve all got our
fingers crossed for him for a good recovery. So I’m sending you over
to his Gofundme page. He’s the Chilean national
downhill champion. Great rider, great guy,
go and support him, I did. Yeah, let’s help him out, man in need. – Yeah, we’re thinkin’ you dude. All right, it’s time for
our Bike Vault party, so let’s get it cracking. – Yeah, let’s get in there. First bike from Ben Lim in Australia. – Oh man, evil.
– That is really nice. – Aw man, that’s super
nice, oh what have we got? – Ha, ha, I’ve got my
win that is super nice. – Okay, Cameron Lee, red track. – Nice. – That’s nice. – Very nice. – Cool. – Carlisle Stewart. – So a Santa Cruz talisman, is that? – Oh, it’s a lovely shot, a
very lovely shot, nice, nice. – Wait, that’s a super nice, I think. – My horn’s weird okay, next one. – Crystal Voojen in South
Africa, that’s cool. I’ve never seen that
bike before, what’s that? – It’s a Volcon, Volcon? – Don’t be tempted to go super nice again. – I’m only scared what my
horn’s gonna sound like. – Go for one again. – Oh my god, it’s terrible. – Oh, Simone Draker. – Oh, that is beautiful. – Do me a favour brother,
aw, loved in the horn? – The horn’s going crazy. – Aw, look at that. We’ve got one right here
from David McDonalds. That’s lovely, that is. – It’s a great shot and it is. – That’s a super nice going on. – That’s a super nice. The next one is from
Gary Meads, all right. – That’s up in Morrisey. – Yeah, if the pedal was
around the other way, I’d have given that a super nice. – I agree, that’s just nice as it is. – I am having a very good
time in Whistler, though. – But this isn’t against him for riding left foot forward though. – This is super nice. – Okay, I can’t see that
one with sunglasses on. – That is (talking over each other) – That’s nice.
– It’s nice. – Oh, another one. – Aw, no, It’s kind of
leaning against the fence. It felt, it feels rushed. – Yeah, I agree with you
there, it’s just nice. – It’s hard, ’cause when
there’s a lot of good ones, you start feeling like you’re
just getting hyped on it. – Yeah, you feel like
you’re being a bit generous, but actually, there was some
really crackers in there. – Now, you know you’ve
got a really great bike. Send it in to us. Try, and you might get in the bike vault. You might get a super nice,
and you’re gonna feel amazing. Down there, [email protected]
Bike Vault time. Coming up on the channel this week, we’ve got lots of cool stuff, but make sure you check out the link in the description below to enter our prediction contest
for this week’s world cup. – Oh yeah. – It’s gonna be amazing,
it’s the final round. Hello, dude and it’s gonna be incredible. Right, on Saturday, we
are gonna start this week with amazing pro boat from Matt Jones. – Oh yeah, that’s a good one. – Then, on Sunday, we have
got the Sram Eagle unboxing, plus a really bang in
feature from Whistler. – Yeah, and on Monday,
the mechanical Monday, we’ve got bike parts safety
check to do on your bike. Really important, one that. And on Tuesday, we got top five things not to do in a bike park. All right, so put your funny video. – Yeah that is really cool, that one. On Wednesday, we’ve got an unboxing again. Fizik unboxing this time,
really, really cool. Thursday it’s gonna be ask GMB, and of course, from Whistler. And Friday, we’ll be
back in the real shed. – Yeah. – Back in the real shed. – Kind of like this one. – Yes, yes, right, thanks for watching it. It’s been a wicked show, cold. – Oh yeah. – I don’t know how you’ve done it. – You see? – Yeah, if you’ve enjoyed
watching our video, why don’t you try some more. You can click here to see
Gee Atherton’s pro bike. – And if you want to see Blake’s whip off, check this out right here. – Make sure you hit the globe
in the middle to subscribe. And last off, give us a thumbs up, like, just for Whistler ’cause it’s so great. – Oh yeah. – See you next time.
– Ta-ta.

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  30. Hi GMBN I really enjoy your mtb videos and find them really useful! 😀 Soon I am getting a new mtb but I'm finding it hard to choose between a mountain bike that will fit me perfectly or a slightly more expensive mtb that has got better components, but is one size larger as it doesn't come in a 16 inch frame! Thanks!!! 😉

  31. Martyn really want to watch you riding again. Think your bike set-up is a cool bit of engineering and a smart bike. So don't want to miss it, when will it be shown?

  32. Awesome! Quick question for you GMBN and Neil & Crew – I'm moving from Whistler to Cambridge for a year to study, and of course bringing my mountainbike. Where can I get some true downhill biking in the UK? I'm used to riding the north shore and whistler, and really want to turn my knuckles white and get my heart pumping!! My life depends on it!!! 😀 Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!

  33. @gmbn Yay, my 'well worthy' bike finally made it in the Bike Vault (15:39) 😀 but Doddy & Martyn forgot to say where I am from: Copenhagen, Denmark. Yes, there is mountainbiking in Denmark and it's growing all the time. When I can afford a GoPro, I will send in some footage of riding in the Copenhagen area.
    Until then, I have an opinion poll for you: Is mountainbiking still mountainbiking when there are no mountains? Yes. You won't get the epic all mountain ride, but you will get a good challenge, and very important, a bloody good laugh 😀

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