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Is Chris Froome Genetically Better Than Everybody Else? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Welcome along to a special
edition of Ask GCN Anything joined by two current pros
here in the Dubai Tour. To my left Adam Blythe who you will know is the current British Road Race Champion. 28 years of age already in his 8th year as a professional rider and
this year riding for the Aqua Blue Sport team and to my right Ian Boswell who’s been a pro since 2013 with Team Sky since then
and coming from Oregon. Loads of you has been sending questions in and we’ll start off one from
Davide Ferreira for Ian; “All pros train really hard
today so what is the difference for Chris Froome is it
genetic or does he in fact work harder than every one else?” – I think a lot of it is genetical like I just I don’t think I
could ride to level he rides up and I also think it’s
his genetics put together with his work. I mean his like work ethic and
just his commitment to train like everyday is really impressive. – ‘Cause you’ve been to train
with him in South Africa haven’t you before? – Yeah last year I did a three-week camp in South Africa just him and I and I thought I mean we trained
together but I followed him for three weeks I wasn’t
really I don’t know pushing him at any point
during the training. – Okay, question in for
Adam from Bjorn Simons; “How do you get your body to ride in such an extreme position I really
envy that slammed setup?” We put a picture of Adam’s
body yesterday on Facebook if you want to have a look at it – saddle slammed right back
stem slammed right down I think it’s a 14 centimetre stem as well. – Yeah, I don’t know really
I’ve always rode like that I’ve always rode super low on
the front but yeah it’s just don’t really train my body to do it just get on with it and
yes, it’s comfortable. – Have you had that
position for a long time? – Long time yeah I’ve slowly gone lower in
the last like two years but yeah, it’s good I like
it I’m comfortable on it. – I think it helps when
you started cycling at a very young age but
if you do want to get into more aero and slammed position you might just need to get more flexible. And coming up next is our
video on yoga for cyclists. – Come to a sitting cross-legged position. Let’s begin with our
peniyama of Ujjayi Breathing. This is known as the victorious
breath to really help warm up the inside of the body. Place your hands on to your rib cage. When you inhale you
want to expand your ribs as wide as possible. When you exhale you
knit the ribs together. Take in a big breath through the mouth (inhaling sound) expand the ribs as you exhale
breathe through the mouth. (exhaling sound) – The next question
comes in from Doug Mck; What’s the best upgrade? You’re seeing things like
wheels, electronic gears or a powermeter example? – Hmm I say gears since I started electronic gears I think that’s
the most impressive upgrade. I think disc is probably
the next big thing but yeah electric. – And what would you say? – I’d say wheels have
been the biggest upgrade and when I started off
it was like you know slow wheels and yeah now we have carbon wheels all the time and I think that makes
a biggest difference. – And you got the new Shimano
ones this year haven’t you? – I rode them at team camp I’m still on the wheels from last year
here but we’ll have those before the spring. – Yeah, they look super cool actually the new Dura-Ace wheels. Adam, can I have the
details for the genius that makes your shoes? And that comes in from Dominic Brown. It’s shared the other day
but I’m sure you won’t mind sharing that again. – Yeah, I’m not gonna tell
you it is a secret but there’s just a guy that
makes a football shoes for Nike basically so
all the football players who have personal shoes just yeah it’s just that guy that makes
with a carbon sole on it. – How many did yu get in a year? – About four a year. – Have you got a special way
of setting up the cleats? ‘Cause it can be sometimes hard to get them in the same position. – No, it’s always the same soles but it’s just literally like carbon copy straight on to the shoe. – Cool. We’ll be seeing more of
Adam’s shoes this year as he of course is Head
of Fashion now at GCN. From Adam Sims question for you both; “Do you ever ride
without a bike computer?” – Yes, but I don’t really
train without a bike computer sometimes I ride without it but I mean being at Team Sky they’re kind of a dependent on our powermeters so. – Never put it in your
pocket and not look at it? – If I put it in my pocket I might as well put it in the stem so I can look at it. – Adam? – Yeah, I turn mine upside-down. So I just flip it on
training I hate looking at it it’s awful I just into, I don’t, I’m not like I don’t do all that Sky stuff (everybody snickers) but no I flip mine upside
down so I can’t see it and you’re gonna feel more than anything. And then sometimes turn
it over just to see how terrible I’m going. – Yeah a bit depressing in
the middle of the ride and switch it back over the old way. Next in we have from Javi Raigon; “What would you like to do after you’ve been a pro cyclist?” – Something relaxing like being a farmer something like that. – Very different. – Not relaxing that Mate
that’s gonna be hard work. Me, I’d like to like taste food you know like those Michelin Star people that goes and tastes the food I think that’ll be a great
job just go around restaurants tell ’em how good it is
how bad it is and yeah. – You can do some vlogs? – I don’t think I could Mate I think I’d be terrible
at vlogging, terrible. – For the farmers out there Ian doesn’t think your job is easy at all he was just couldn’t think of
anything else in the moment. Next up we have got a
question in from markimint; “Could they tell if they
got any pre-race ritual?” – Nope. Not one single ritual,
just got on riding my bike. I think it’s too different every time you get on the bike isn’t it? It’s not always different time
always different situation so no. – Just make sure the
shoes and kit are clean? – Exactly. Shoes are clean
glasses are clean that’s all. – Anything from you Ian? – The only thing I notice that I do but I can’t do here in
Dubai because you know the team buses I strap
my backpack into my seats so one sits on my seat while I’m gone. – That’s an interesting one. I’ve never heard of that before. Actually we did ask a load of pros almost four years ago the Vuelta in 2013 if they had any pre-race superstitions. You can find that video right now. – [Announcer] Do you have
a pre-race superstition?” – No, not at all. – You heard it here folks plain and simple that’s the way he rolls. – Exactly. I think
everyday is so different. There’s so many small details
that can change your whole day so there’s no point sticking with one. – Well actually it’s a
story from long time ago and when I came back from school suddenly my front wheel rolled out. So now I always feel just before the start if it’s really closed really good. – Next up from karlo; “Who’s got the best riding
style in the pro peloton?” – I’ve always liked Pataki he’s not riding anymore
but I thought he was like ultimate dead smooth
that level on the front high saddle. – Yeah even when he was sprinting. – Yeah even when he was sprinting. Him or I’d say Brad probably like my era, probably Brad, yeah. – What about you Ian? – Yeah Brad or maybe there’s an Italian I think he’s on Quick-Step
now: Eros Cappechi he also looks really good on the bike and he has a cool name. – Next up from Seth Williams; “What’s been the hardest
race of your career so far?” Probably ones to forget it already but maybe you can remember something. – Yeah De Panne when I was a neo-pro I got in a break and I was with Gilbert
a teammate at the time and as I got in the break I was suffering so I was just trying to miss turns and we went to the feed and he went full gas through the feed I had my feed bag on so I
spent 3K chasing the break. And yeah, just a horrible day minus 2c Had to put hot tea into my gloves to get my hand in my
gloves is yeah dreadful. – You Ian? – Probably my first year
as a pro in Paris-Nice. And really the whole race
like everyday I was just on my hands and knees and
Richie was in the leader’ jersey so I was trying to do what I could but yeah that’s by far the
worst race I’ve ever done. – Yeah I did Paris-Nice
once I think but yeah I tried to erase that from my memories ’cause I really suffered. “What’s the one thing that you
always travel from home with when you’re at races?” from douggie12r. – Last year before the Giro I bought a little electronic
Bialetti coffee maker and I’ve been travelling with that so. Like I wake up plug it in make a coffee before I go to breakfast or anything read the news check my emails and then it’s like I’m at home pretty much. – Massive coffee coach of course inside. How about you Adam? – Just the usual stuff
really, nothing special just the same old stuff; shoes, helmet, that kind of jazz. But yeah, nothing special. We actually had a delve-through Ian’s suitcase at the
Vuelta a coupe of years ago so you can see everything that he takes on a Grand Tour in this next video. – So Ian, this is your
first ever Grand Tour. I’m intrigued and so the fans said; “Take a look inside.” But what would a Grand Tour rider get? – Some are gloves. – So this is like track
mitts and full-length gloves. Full length gloves
– Okay Time-trial gloves. All that kind of stuff and you can tell all of them are quite new. – Yeah it’s all boxed up ain’t it? – And like my mom even drew a picture – Look at the artwork there
just have a look at that. – Yeah. – The attention to detail with planning is Whoa and she spelt of since speaking today be isn’t she about it? – Yeah my mom’s been on the day bib – Real fun to Dave. – We talked about making
this for the whole team. – Almost coming to a close now. Unfortunately we got to
let this guys get to dinner they got a particularly
tough stage in Dubai. Jordan Anderson says: “Does anyone hot or warm
drinks in their bottles on cold winter rides?” – No. Generally not. No. Just always normal cold water protein maybe and that’s it. – Ian? – Yeah. We of course being at Sky we have like a thermal bottle and especially at races like in cold races we have a thermal bottle
and they put hot tea in it with some sort of sugar like agave or what not and lemon tea. – You can always stop for
coffee to warm up can you? That’s the best, best bit of the ride. – I once had a teammate
who should remain nameless who was so cold at the top of a mountain that when he got handed up hot tea he poured it over his
head to warm himself up. The descent ensued and he was very cold very quickly after that. Finally yassengreg; “What actually got you guys into cycling and when was the moment you realised it was a passion you’d like to pursue?” – I was five I met Swifty when I was five so I met Ben Swift in
like a little park thing. I just started messing around with him then the first time
that I met him was there he took me on a BMX track set me down this big hill no idea what was at the bottom of it and there was just a gravel pit so I went over this big jump and just ended up in gravel crashed so yeah. It’s just really that really just riding my bike and – Didn’t put you off? – Didn’t put me off and I’m
still mates with him now. – What about you Ian? – Yeah I also started
racing BMX when I was seven And I did like a race
with a local racetrack and every Saturday there was a race and I started winning all these trophies and then I was like the
cool kid on the street ’cause I had all these trophies and I’d start racing
the kids on the street and I’d put in my trophies as trophies for the race on out street. So I was intrigued by winning prices. – Was there a particular
moment when you kinds knew you could turn pro? – Nah, it would’ve come
later when I was maybe I don’t know 18 or 19
years old when I started like making the National
Team selection and doing races in Europe. – Well all that leaves me
to say is thanks very much to both the guys for giving
out some of their time here at Dubai Tour. If you haven’t yet subscribed
to the Global Cycling Network it’s free to do so and you
can click on the globe there and a couple more videos
that you can watch now. The other day we asked the pros here what the best and worst
parts of being a pro cyclist. And the other corner down
here if you’d like to see a very intriguing suitcase at a Grand Tour there is Adam Hansen’s one which has got all sorts of shenanigans in it.

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