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Is Finale Ligure The Best Place To Ride An E-Bike? | EMBN Show Ep. 57

Is Finale Ligure The Best Place To Ride An E-Bike? | EMBN Show Ep. 57

– Hello and welcome to
this week’s EMBN show from the mountain bike
Makar of Finale, Ligure. Ligure! – Ligure, that’s right. – And we are joined by Enrico Guala who has seen 25 years
of mountain bike develop in this location and more importantly in the last five years E-biking. Now, Enrico is also a key part
of the India World Series. So on today’s show, we’re gonna be asking
where is the ultimate place to ride your E-bike. (upbeat music) So Enrico, you’ve seen it all, you’ve seen Finale go
from a downhill location through enduro. You’ve, you know, you’ve
been there at the initiation you were in that restaurant
when the EWS Underworld Series was conceived drinking
a glass of wine, right. – Yeah. – And recently, you’ve
seen the development of E-bikes from like 2012. – Yeah. I mean, it’s a, you know especially in
a place like Finale. I mean the first time I came here, I wasn’t living here, I
was driving from Jenever. You know the very famous,
one of the very famous loop in Finale, is the Ligure the Chap Be. Super technical.
– Yeah. – Today, maybe, maybe on an E-bike, you can climb it all.
– Yeah. Let me go to the wider picture. I will be asking where’s
the ultimate place to ride an E-bike. Now, you’ve been all over the world. You’ve been all over the world
with the India World Series. You must have seen some
incredible occasions. Where do you in your eyes is the best mountain bike location? – Wow, that’s a tough question you know. – You must think of a few. – Every time I go around the world, you know, to discover something.
– Yeah. – It’s a new experience, but of course you know I
might sound, you know a bit, logical you know. Chennai is my hometown. Is a place where, you know, I’ve learned so many things about what it is today.
– Yeah. Look, this place is an amazing location. But what I’m going to say to you, is you’ve seen some great
mountain bike locations but what makes a great
E-mountain bike location and is it any different to
a mountain bike location because a lot of locations have got maybe chairlifts and uplift. I’ve come here to Finale and run some incredible trails. Which is just the right gradient, the gradient needs to
be right for an E-bike. (laughs quietly) – Absolutely. Something we can’t actually
ride with a normal bike. – Yeah
– Cause sometimes it’s too steep.
– Yeah. – I do it on an E-bike. – A lot of these trails
are based around an uplift is between 50 to 60 uplift
vehicles here in Finale. But you know I’m thinking a lot
of people say all the E-bike will kill off the uplift but I’m thinking well
10 euros will take you to the top of database and on an E-bike you just gonna explore
anybody, anywhere you want. So I don’t think it’s going to kill off. – No I don’t, I don’t think it’s gonna kill. I actually think E-bikes expand. – Yeah.
– The potential of the territory we can cover. – Yeah.
– But you know, one battery I mean, if you go EMTB or turbo 1000 meter. – Yeah.
– You’re almost done, right? 10 euros you climb on
1000 meter with a shuttle and then you start exploring.
– It’s crazy. So I’m thinking it’s Finale right, so the sphere of possibility
on a mountain bike has maybe been that much
in the last 10 years. With an E-bike, that area is gonna expand. – I need to move back
because it’s even more. (laughs quietly) – But is that right?
– Absolutely. – But there’s riding I think so, we’re talking about what makes
the ultimate location right? There’s things other
than the trails I think? There’s, you know, there’s the welcome that you get to other
hotels and restaurants. Are they welcome into mountain bikers or E-bikers, E-bikers in particular? – Yeah, trails are to me, are just one part of it. Super important, because
that’s what we know, we are buying at the end of the day. But the whole, you know, the whole sides are again important. Restaurants, hotels, shops and they feel it’s natural, you know, to welcome mountain bikers. I think that’s the key, you know, having such a strong community that is committed and welcoming. (upbeat sound) – Now it’s always good to
get tech on the channel. We’ve just had this paradox Hermes motor in all the way from Greece. This is retrofit double
two most mountain bikes on the bottom bracket. It’s 1500 watts nominal. Now a lot of these aftermarket motors they range from about 250 watts up to say two and a half thousand watts. This perfect motor is 130 meters. It weighs in just over two kilograms, so that’s super light, but it doesn’t come in cheap. 2890 euros for this kit, however, it’s got a 744 watt batteries. That’s a great range on that. And yeah, but let’s not forget
this throttle assist only is not a pedal assist bike. So we are going to all this detail in a future video coming very soon. And moving on to light now. It’s always good to have light on the show especially because a lot
of these, lot of companies now make an E bike
specific lighter chapter. These are from supernova,
they’re going fast range. They even got real lights for your E-bikes and as I said, it can make a really really clean cockpit on your E-bikes. So check out these supernova lights. (upbeat sound) Now we’ve had lots of
feedback from last week’s show where we featured 22 year old Ripper Joel and listen Mary was actually put in that specialized carnivore to limit. But I’ve had this picture in from Carl. And Carl says, attempt to 70 years old, Am I too old to ride aggressively? Well, looking pretty
good shape to me Carl. I think as long as you
keep learning new skills and keep those wheels spinning, why not? Why the hell not? Well, you might recall Andre Regina who’s involved in our
off grid charging video which we had recently. Now, Andre just been down to South Africa and he’s caught up with
mountain bike legend Willy Angle Bracket. Now Willy has come out with a new E-biker’s own adrenaline bikes. So we’re very fortunate that
Andre got some words with him and talked everything E-bikes. (gear sound) – So you had a great Pro Cycling career. Now Adrenaline bikes,
where does that come in? – I said, I’m gonna build 118 kilograms. – You’re gonna build an 18 kilo E-bike. – I chose a frame from the east again.
– Yeap. – That is similar geometries and with structures using.
– Yeah. – End up using two pieces together. And, yeah. – Tell me more about the bike. What have you done? How do you manage to
get it done to 18 Kilos? – I think compromise anyway. I mean, I know this expansion is Fox 36 160 more.
– Yep. So you’ve gone for standard
500 watt hour battery. – You know this is the standard. I mean, c’mon he was 500. What I find amazing
about this bike is that, it’s large enough that you can ride it unassisted.
– Yep. – So, I bet your life has never really been a real problem.
– Yep – I’ve managed to get down to 60 kilometers
out of the battery. – That’s pretty good going. (upbeat sound) – And moving on to the Bosch video which we did how to refresh
your Bosch performance CX motor. Now, a lot people commented on that video. It’s really good, you
guys have got involved. A lot of people were concerned that it was not a complete sort of rebuild and upgrade. I mean, what we showed was basically a drive site bare and refresh. And, but it’s not a DIY fix. And this is the official word from Bosch, is that the repair can only be carried out by a qualified specialized personnel and hence the repair kit must
not be supplied to end users. But yeah, and I must say, you know, great thanks to Steve Kitchen
at the Bicycle Kitchen for helping us do that video. And, he actually send this great video where he actually can collect bikes from people in his local district. And yeah, checks out, seems pretty cool. Okay, sounds the comments and we’ve had some real
belters in this week. This from Nick. Nick says anyone else feel
on edge watching this video. Stressed me out for some reason. I think it’s Steve’s
touching stuff all through it while the mechanic trying
to tell him not to. Also he wasn’t really listening, needed a wee or was late for something. You know what. Sometimes is difficult, you know. I had never done a
video with Steve before. Didn’t know how much to input into or kick you out of the picture. But you know what? It actually made me feel energy as well. So, Johnny Harris Fast Lane diaries, (giggles) Right okay, I’ve just
done this very service on my Haibike Nduro performance line CX. The bearings were worn and noisy. It’s transformed the bike immensely. A very worthwhile service point and this is the best guide. Thanks Johnny Harris. For how to do these on these engines. I would also recommend the dust cover part as an addition to reduce water and muck Ingress on the other side. Well, they got some
positives and negatives from the Bosch video. Let’s we’ll make sure
we’ll do better next time. (upbeat sound) This week’s, Where in the world? Is from Christine in Pemberton, on a trail called Canookie Stan. This from Christine saying, we were E-static to be able to climb up one of our
favorite local trails through foothills of fresh
powder on Christmas day. The dam was electrifying, yeah. I mean that looks beautiful isn’t it? Nice from Christine from British Columbia. Keep sending more punches in when the season changes out of the, is quite a hotbed of mountain biking in that part of the world. (upbeat sound) So coming up on the channel this week. You might remember that
a couple of months ago, we took a particularly
horrendous E-mountain bike. 350 pounds cash up Snowden. And it really was a struggle but a lot of you asked
how good is it going down? Well come up on the channel on Sunday, is a chance to see just
how good is a budget E-bike against a particularly good E-bike and I can tell you something,
it wasn’t very pleasant. Case by full time and unfortunately, I’ve got no one to share my thoughts with on the bike field for this week. Apart from that, is
Brandon behind the camera. So Brandon, could you help
me on this one this week. Good stuff. (gearing sound) Okay, start off with Stephen
from the Forest Dean. I mean how can I not give
a super nice to someone right in my local trails. (alarm sound) There you go Steve. Fly out, next. This is John, who’s in Hamsterley Forest. Now, John has got a Treck Powerfly on demo and he basically needed to make sure it was the right one, which it is. And now he’s gonna go
find the cash to buy it. Brandon, some thoughts on that. – That’s nice.
– Nice isn’t it! I mean, but it’s and it’s, I think it’s super nice that he’s been checking his
bike up before he goes and buys. Oh my God! Oh, my God! Jerry, really even 60,
the big craters in river. Where is that then? Says in Guinness Birthday
road with New Zealand riders. Oh come on! Do you know what I’m saying?
– Oh yeah. That is super nice. – That is isn’t it! That’s gonna be super nice there.
(alarm sound) What a location! That is mental. Now Martin wouldn’t really like this, this is John Stance cut gate from Lee. Hi, my name is Lee Alice. After not riding proper trails for years. It is funny the operations
finally get back at finding Russia Trailblazer instance. if I’m honest is that true? Climbing for fashion left. My mind doesn’t like people in shorts. It’s nice right? Nice really. (laughs quietly) Tacky focus bold squared, Lady Bar Reservoir Peak District. That’s a nice currency on the bike right? – It’s nice. – It’s nice, yeah. Cracker fuck Meg in Bosco
Sam Piatra and Sicily. I went to Sicily for a holiday last week where I rented a sock maker. I was lucky enough to
witness something unusual if you exclude that. Now the snow at 300 meters
sea level, fantastic. That’s happening from Masimo. So you wanna weigh on that Brandon? – Look at that? (alarm sound)
– Super nice. Agreed?
– Super nice! – Alan. Higher technique cartel. He’s in Ibiza. – That’s nice. Nice blue sky.
– Nice blue sky. I’d like to be in Ibiza now. There’s a brace. A brace of a giant bikes and he stands and he trance run
village mountain bike trails South Bend, Indiana USA. And the description here
is that my longtime friend and I fellow E bike cop E Bill Benton. My longtime friend and fellow bike cop, E Benton and I went out
on my 51st birthday, thrash our E-bikes at run village mountain bike trail, South Bend. Wow! That’s nice. – That’s nice. – It’s quite autumnal
there Bend, isn’t it? For a minute. Oh there you go Simon Mandrake. I even did hotel
temperature South Wales UK. I mean I’m biased from West Wales. He’s got EMBN top on! Come on, it’s darby. (alarm sound) A super nice from West Wales. And finally, Derek joined
chancy prologue giant this week with go mountains overlook in Dublin City. That for me, is an easy one as well. – That is super nice. Look at that! – There you go, nice one Derek.
(alarm sound) Super nice. And that’s it, we’re
out of the Bike Vault. (gearing sound) That’s it for the EMBN show this week. Don’t forget the other
videos on the channel. Chris has had a particularly
busy few months. He recently did a trials
challenge with hands raised on the streets of Bath. Don’t forget to have a look at that. Christian did a video
call electric mountain which is more of an epic in
the hills of North Wales. Chris should be back with us next week. He’s currently on paternity
leave and everyone here at HQ, wishes the Smith, all the best. So that’s it see you next week. Don’t forget, you can like,
share and subscribe to EMBN. Thank you.

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  2. A list of places renting out e bikes (or just batteries)near these prime locations would be helpful ( if there are any) as we obviously cannot fly with batteries.

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  4. Hey EMBN! It's good to know that Bosch is trying to stop end users from accessing parts! I now know that the other motor manufacturers are a better choice for me! I have rebuilt both gas and electric motors so once the warrantee is expired I will want to do my own maintenance. I was 3 decade a Rocky Mountain bicycles customer who bought 4 high end bikes from them. I tried to get info about a mystery rear hub that I needed parts for. Rocky refused to tell me anything other than I must return to a rocky mountain dealer. They would not even tell me who originally made the hub! I ended up buying a hope hub and transfered the rim to it! I will never ever buy a rocky mountain bike again! If Bosch is the same type of company they are not for me! Ride ride ride!

  5. poor steve, always getting mean comments hahahah people forget presenters are human too and can sometimes get nervous or notice bad vibes and react to it. Yes, Steve has messed up a couple of times, so what? what is the big deal? like everybody here is perfect…smh

  6. I don’t know what people are watching but I thought the Bosch video was good and very interesting. It’s not as if you can rehearse it 5 times before you put the cameras on , it may not have been the most fluid but I thought it was better because of this ! People need to manage their expectations, it’s not tomorrow’s world !! 🤣

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