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Is Gravel Riding As Cool As It Thinks It Is? | GCN Show Ep. 334

– From the Serenity climb, Gran Canaria, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week is gravel really as cool as it thinks it is or is it just taking itself a bit seriously. – GCN as ever, at the forefront of the biggest topics
in the world of cycling. We’ve also got some pushes and punches over at the and some
really good news for you, a way for you to justify
spending more money on your bike. (upbeat music) This week in the world
of cycling we learned that Ecuador is now
officially on the cycling map. – Yes and winning the Giro
d’Italia, Rich Carapaz has become an overnight
hero in that country, so much so in fact the
Ecuadorian government bought the rights to show that final stage live on free to view TV. – I like that selective
rights acquisition, don’t waste your money on some of the less interesting stages that
came in the first half. – Oh that first week. – We also learned this
week that Giro d’Italia spectators really helped to make the race. – They do this is Primoz Roglic getting a helping hand for which he then received a ten second penalty and a financial fine and that was on the
penultimate stage of the race which seems a bit harsh if you ask me but rules are rules. – Well I think he just needs to make a slight gesture to say they didn’t really want to push
because it was as you said a very very long push and then later on in that very same stage Miguel Angel Lopez was taken out by a spectator, completely unintentional of course and well he reacted understandably by
punching him a couple of times. I mean it was unintentional
but that didn’t stop Angel Lopez form completely
decking this spectator. I mean understandable
reaction in many ways but had the UCI applied their rules to the letter he should’ve been
ejected from the whole race. – Yeah poor spectator,
he fell over in front of the wrong person and he’s not called Superman for nothing old Angel Lopez landed a couple of pretty
accurate punches you got to say. – He did, well that is faint
praise really isn’t it, you know great punch very accurate. – That’s a good point. Right, now finally this week now that gravel racing
has gone main stream is it no longer as cool
as it thought it was. – Yeah this is a discussion that Si and I have been having after
Saturday’s Dirty Kanza, now that was an event that started back in 2006 at which point just 34 people took part and the inaugural 200 mile event which takes place predominantly
should I say on gravel roads on the flint Hills of Kansas. – Yeah the ethos was pretty simple get a bunch of like minded people together for an epic ride on some of the most beautiful gravel roads in Kansas.
– In Kansas yeah. No rules, just absolute freedom. – Yeah.
– It was pure and it was cool. And about as far removed
from professional road racing as you could possibly get. – Probably mountain biking. – Well there is perhaps. – But anyway since then the rise of the Dirty Kanza has been almost meteoric hasn’t it, more and more people are wanting to take part. Word soon spread and now
here we are 13 years on and 3000 people took to the start line. – [Announcer] Among them
five current world tour pros, Reijnen, Stetina, Howes, Morton– – [Simon] And Taylor Phinney. – That’s right, and it’s safe to say that not everybody involved in the event was super happy to see those pros taking part because the event is now no longer niche, it’s
no longer underground it’s in fact no longer uncommercial. But does that all mean
it’s no longer cool? – Well it’s just one of those funny things in life where something starts out and it’s cool so people want to talk about it and they want to spread the word they want to blog about and vlog about it and Instagram it and just generally get it out there but then when all those other new people hear about it and then they too start to like it suddenly it’s not cool anymore and you’re supposed to stop liking it. – Yeah, do you know what Coldplay are a good example of that because they used to be pretty cool. – No used to be, they still are cool. I love Coldplay.
– You’ve just proven my point right there, anyway on the
lead up to Saturday’s event online amongst top competitors there was more beef than between Eminem and NGK. – Sorry Eminem and who, NBK? – No well you wouldn’t
know who’s a Coldplay fan. (upbeat music) Basically there was an online spat among some of the pro riders regarding the use of time trial bars. – Yeah it was farcical wasn’t it? So world tour professionals went to Kansas with the intention of trying to win but not make it too obvious, others like Canadian
mountain bike professional Geoff Kabush who went
there with the intention of trying to win but
not make it too obvious got irate about the extent to which those world tour pros were
obviously trying to win. – [Daniel] I mean is it
against any of the rules there to use time trial bars? – [Simon] No no it’s not
apparently, according to Ted King former winner of the event. It’s not against the rules because they try and keep the amount of rules to a minium in order to keep the ethos of the event pure. – [Daniel] So why couldn’t they use them? – Well exactly, I mean Ted King, ex world tour pro Ted king, former winner of the event
actually used them himself. – When he won?
– When he won, yeah funnily enough and weirdly there was a spat about exactly the same issue last year as well, mainly
fueled it would seem by Geoff Kabush, also a spat last year about the former or the women’s winner. Not the former winner, she did win, Katie Keough because she
had supposedly ridden some or part of the event with her husband which sounds nice.
– Pacing her. Was no one else allowed to
ride with their husband. – Well no they were having a nice time, but apparently that as
against the unofficial rules although within the spirit of the event and the official rules. – Well you keep saying
rules from what I’ve heard there’s only one proper rule and that is that you are not allowed to accept any outside assistance. – Oh yeah. – Break that one mic it as
a you’re going to regret it as the following harrowing
interview will show you. – Well it was last year
I did the Dirty Kanza and it was a massive deal for me, it was all going really well until about 150 miles in and well– – It’s alright take your time. – I’m sorry I just accepted
some outside assistance. – What was it? – It was pickle juice. – And did you drink it? – Yeah it was vile, I really didn’t want to drink it but I was pressured into it because I thought it was cool. – And so you had a DNF
against your name at the end. – Yeah, I got around the race to finish which was amazing but
after emerged in a video what I’d done, I got a DNF. – And that wasn’t the end of it was it, tell us what happened next. – Well I started getting
a load of (censored) in the comments and it was really actually quite horrible, yeah and it’s really annoying because I feel like I’m just going to be
known as a pickle cheat and it wasn’t even that nice
it was really disgusting and I didn’t like it and I didn’t even stop me getting a (censored) cramp. – Thank you to Katherine
Moore of 39 A Bridge Street in Bristol for opening
up to us about that one. I mean we gets about this
whole thing of course but I kind of feel that in trying not to take itself too seriously gravel riding risks taking
itself too seriously I mean if you don’t want riders to act in a certain way or you do or you don’t want them
to use certain equipment or you do you’re going to have
to implement some new rules. – Yeah like downhill mountain bikers actually they all got together didn’t they in order to ban the use of Lycra. Effectively trying to
preserve their coolness after some of them had
been trying to use it to actually go faster. – So they implemented a new rule to make sure it still stayed cool. Exactly although they have
subsequently had to implement other rules in order to stop some riders making their baggy clothing too tight after they were using it to go faster. – They obviously know the benefits of an aero skin suit.
– Oh yes. – It does feel though like worrying about issues that only effect
a very small minority that participants either ones that are actually competing for the win is kind of betraying the
original ethos of the event. Because the Dirty Kanza is just brilliant the way it is, I know
full well that Katherine would thoroughly recommend
anyone that likes gravel riding go and do it or in fact anyone that likes cycling full stop and I don’t feel like we need to worry about it becoming more popular or worry about pros doing it, or indeed what equipment they’re using. – Rant over? – No, not quite in fact I’m glad you asked because a pro didn’t even win the event. So congratulations to
Colin Strickland who beat– – Peter Stetina
– In the men’s event and indeed Amity Rockwell who managed to get the better of Alison
Tetrick in the women’s event. – Yeah were either of them using TT bars? – Well now you’re asking
because Amity didn’t but Colin did.
– Did he? Oh controversial.
– Although I couldn’t help but notice that he probably undid all the aerodynamic
advantage of having time trial bars by the fact that he wore, had a rucksack on throughout which was gaping open, a bit like a big parachute holding him back. – You know Colin Strickland is like the alternative Mathieu van der Poel ’cause I thought I recognized his name and sure enough it’s ’cause he’s also won three rounds of the
Red Hook Crit Fixed Gear scene. So he’s a gravel racer,
he’s a Fixie racer, what a trendy dude. – Yeah a talented hipster
is what you could say. – That’s right, yeah. – Right well as ever we would like to know your thoughts
on this very subject, a subject you probably knew nothing about ten minutes beforehand,
are you worried about pros doing gravel racing and indeed what equipment they’re using, let us know down below. – I never knew that rhyme before. – No I don’t know why we
never said that before. Next up it is GCN
inspiration, where each week we pick out three favorite
photos that you’ve submitted, I’m using
Instagram and the hashtag GCN Inspiration or using the uploader, a link to which is in
the description below. Those three will get three prizes, 50 pounds of vouchers for Wiggle in third place, 75 for
second and 100 pounds if you win to spend on anything you want on their online shop. – Yeah alright so the
person that’s getting 50 pounds of Wiggle
vouchers in third place is Martin with this shot
taken on the Acherlipass which I’m guessing is
Switzerland judging by the cows. – I chose this one but Simon
said it’s not inspiring to him because–
– well there’s no way on Earth I’d have stopped there, I probably wouldn’t even by riding down that rode ’cause I’ve got a mild phobia of cows if I’m completely honest and that just looks like my idea
of a worst nightmare, genuinely – You avoid them at all costs. – But fair play, Martin
for stopping and taking that great photo and the rest of it looks fantastic. – Yes, nice photo.
– I would not have stopped. – Nice photo, in second place is Robbie and we promised we haven’t picked these down to ease of pronunciation this week. From County Sligo in Ireland, beautiful scenery at Mullaghmore Beach on my mid week ride apologies as that’s completely mispronounced. – [Simon] Whoa, that is amazing isn’t it? – [Daniel] When you get
a day as clear as that it really is just spectacular. – It’s always this time of year when I want to go to Ireland having spent what six years there every May. – Was that because the Ross was on every May?
– For the Ross. – And you won it.
– That’s right well not that I won it once although I did, more just the fact that
it’s such an amazing country to ride a post bike in and it was actually quite a privilege to spend
eight days every year riding around there. – Well, I did it once, the Ross. – I know, mate. – On a team that won
and beat you, didn’t he? And there was only half a day of rain for the whole eight days, I promised myself I’d never go back ’cause it would never get any better. – I’ll never forgive you for that tip, penultimate racing time. – Right 75 pounds on
its way to you, Robbie. Our winner this week you
may recognize though, because it’s Andrew from last week. – Yay.
– It was so nice and we weren’t sure if this
was photoshopped or not but plenty of you got in touch including Knicker saying the picture
is made with a lens ball, it turns the pictures upside down, is often used by photographers and others noted how well timed
that photo must’ve been to get it right so it was, well it’s inspiring but it’s
also an incredible photo. – Absolutely, yeah so hats
off Andrew, well deserved, he also got in touch in the
comment section last week so there we go probably no surprise you’re getting first place. – Well he was saying
I didn’t Photoshop it? – Yeah basically, I think he told us exactly what he had done but anyway there we go.
– Well done Andrew and the rest of you don’t
forget to get involved. – Yeah queue a thousand crystal
ball pictures for next week. – Make sure your name’s
easy to pronounce though and the place that he took it. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now,
and we’re going to start with some excellent news,
news that we probably already new but we didn’t necessarily know that we knew, anyway. Cycling to work can save you money. Up to 1,700 pounds or
2,000 dollars compared to public transport and
2,600 pounds per year or 3,000 dollars compared to driving. – Impressive.
– Yeah. – These stats based on a
seven a half mile commute in London on a mid range
bike or in a cheap ish car. – Yeah sounds like just the excuse for buying a more expensive bike. – [Daniel] High five. Right that’s not all about
just saving money though, on Monday HSBC and British Cycling launched their Cycle Nation Project. And this is an ambitious
four year partnership in which they’re hoping to get up to two million people on their bikes. Along with the launch HSBC announced they’re going to cut 90%
of their employee parking. – Yeah fair play. Now they’ve already
started in one of their offices, regional office
and they quoted one chap actually in the article I read who is now cycling the four
and half miles to work instead of driving and in doing so he slashed his commute time in half. Which is great but it does make me wonder why being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes for a four and a half mile journey wasn’t enough of an incentive to get on his bike in the first place. Anyway, clearly just
nicking his parking space has done the trick but I– – It’s been quite a light bold moment when you arrive to work half
an hour early mustn’t it? Some good news now from
Rapha because they last week launched the Rapha Foundation. The mission of this new foundation is and I shall read it as follows, to build a better future
for the sport of cycling by inspiring, empowering, and supporting the next generation of racers, provide direct funding to grassroots
and not for profit organizations that introduce under served audiences to the sport, which will support grass roots cycling. – Fair play Rapha, apparently
one and half million dollars had been allocated
for 2019 and they are taking applications now from
not for profit organizations. Not individuals looking
for sponsorships I think. – Anyway in other news
the Saturday just gone saw the eighth edition of Bike Storms. – [Simon] Oh yes, with zed or Z. – Yes, this is a mass participation riot that takes place each
year in Central London although it’s nothing like
your average sport team. – No a lot more wheelies
on there than your average sport team, basically it’s an attempt to bring together young people from all over the country in an
effort to combat knife crime. Which sounds like a bit of a stretch but apparently it’s been super effective. The police 100% behind it and basically the idea is that young people will get into cycling as opposed to getting involved in gangs, there’s just enough hooliganism
involved in this to appeal to the youth and so there we go. We had someone on the
ground for us at the event so we got a full video coming soon. – [Daniel] Some down to 30. – [Simon] It was indeed yes,
yeah we weren’t allowed to go. – And in another video that’s coming soon is from Chris who recently went to Sweden to visit Volvo with POC. Those two companies have
actually collaborated quite a lot over the last few years but last week they announced a new project whereby they’re doing the first ever testing of directly, impacts
between helmets and cars. – Yeah so previously their most publicized collaborations have revolved around trying to avoid collisions between bikes and cars in the first place but now they’re focusing
their efforts as well on actually trying to minimize the effects of that worst case scenario. – An issue which I’m sure will get a lot of people fired up but I for one think it’s a good thing because Volvo appeared to be doing everything they can within their remit to help ensure cyclists stay safe. – Yeah so that video is
coming up on Saturday but do let us know what
you think in the comments section below this one as well. – We’re going to have a bit
of tech news for you now and we’re going to start with
some news about packaging. – Yes, cardboard boxes,
what is tech about that I hear you cry.
– Well basically wanted to give a shout
out to Paul’s Components who have for donkey’s years been manufacturing and
machining beautiful parts and components for road
bikes and for mountain bikes, from their base in California, including that legendary rear drain. – Oh how I lusted after
that when I was a kid. I was a weird kid. Anyway they said, I noticed on Instagram, that they’re now a big step closer to their goal of completely
plastic free packaging which I think is absolutely
brilliant so a bunch of their products are
now shipping in these super cool looking
cardboard boxes instead. – Which is great news. We also noticed that Chris King is doing essentially the same thing, they’re also known for their beautifully machined components
although based in Oregon. – Yeah so they’ve said as
well that environmental impact or reducing it is
high on their priority list so it doesn’t just
extend to packaging, apparently they’ve also started to use canola oil as their cutting fluid and also walnut shells as their polishing compound. – Oh man that sounds nuts. – Yeah, hey that’s like a marketing slogan waiting to happen, Dan. – Sorry.
– You heard it here first. Right now we’ve got a bit
of a correction to make so from our video– – Your video I think it was Si, wasn’t it? – What?
– Your video, I don’t want to be included
in any of these mistakes. – Okay, in the video from the weekend Lycra versus baggies we said that– – [Daniel] You said. – It was said that
Shimano sent us a snapshot of their S-Phyre range
but they didn’t actually what Shimano sent us was the snapshot of the Shimano range
and S-Phyre is actually reserved for their top top of the range premium clothing line which
we weren’t actually wearing. – [Daniel] Yes that includes the super aero jersey and shorts that very clever looking winter kit, or cold weather kit and
also these rather snazzy looking pair of shoes. – Yeah again apologies for the confusion, probably best head over
to the Shimano website and then you can see for
yourself the, well our mistake. – Your mistake, Si, your mistake. All right before we finish with tech, well it’s not strictly tech but we wanted to give a shout out to the GCN shop. Despite the fact that the Giro is finished we’ve still got a few quantities of specific T shirts so if
you want to celebrate the Italian race make sure you head over to the Also the jersey and
undershirt that we showed you last week now if you buy two of them you get ten percent off. – Oh that’s pretty cool isn’t it? And then lastly the GCN Club of which Dan is the honorary president, not sure how you managed
to swing that, mate, but anyway just a quick
reminder that that is what going from strength to strength but the benefits are numerous not least, my favorite bit is the pair of socks that you get each and
every month delivered to your door, different
pair of socks every month it’s ten pounds a month to subscribe to it you can either get three
six nine or 12 month packages and it can also be given as a gift, hint hint. (drill noise) – You ready? It’s time for hack forward
slash bodge of the week starting with this one
that came in on Twitter from Captain Mexico. – That looks good, Dan I like that. – Well it’s kind of a
cross between a side car and a trailer, looks
remarkably comfortable, not much leg room I would
have to say going on there. – No.
– Looks like a hat though basically until you get
to the joint between said side car and the frame. – That’s an inner tube. Yeah that’s a massive bodge, also actually on second glance you could easily get your hand stuck
in one of those wheels couldn’t you so they need
som kind of guard rail ’cause otherwise you
know you might be having a conversation, you
gesticulate enthusiastically and whoa in your hand goes so there we go. Right next up this one
also comes in on Twitter from six foot two, I
think this is a hack mate look at that his mocker part won’t stand on his hob and so an old chain ring will fit the bill nicely
like a diffuser plate. – [Daniel] You’re saying that’s a hack? – For sure.
– Okay, just out of interest both of those on Twitter used the hashtag Hack or Bodge which is
wrong it’s hashtag GCN hack. I just happened to be alerted to that fact so please get it right.
– Certain irony to bodge the hashtag for hack
or bodge but there we go. – This came in from the Cellar Workshop over on Instagram with the correct hashtag as a homemade truing stand using an indoor train and some calipers. – [Simon] To be fair I
think that’s pretty good, I like that.
– Yeah, hack. – Yeah I give that a hack. This one Charlotte sent
it in on the uploader, we couldn’t book our bikes onto the train, this is a problem that a lot of British cyclists will relate to
so we turned them into cable tied Bromptons, folding bikes. High five, Charlotte. – [Daniel] Well it’s a
hack if it worked isn’t it? – Anything to get your bike onto a train without a guard being able
to terf you off again. That’s my vote.
– This one, sorry this one will make you laugh though it’s from Dominick, this guy was on a biking tour of Italy his team tried to make
his bike match jersey they found some sky blue bar tape and cut some custom electrical
tape in a different color to enhance the logos. Yeah this is Giulio Cicconi and actually over on our Facebook analysis each day on one of the stages we did take the mick slightly about his custom frame. – Three successive stages I think we might’ve had a little go. – But in the end Trek did provide him with a fully blue sprayed bike. – Yeah but then they took it away again. – I know he stopped riding it. – Yeah he did so anyway he
preferred the bodged one. Anyway, Trek that was a
bodge oh my word come on. Anyway next up we got this one from Tim, he said he found this while riding through Amish country, wowzers. Look at that.
– it’s like a deluxe Tak Tak isn’t it?
– I think it’s been there for a while judging by the look of that back wheel if nothing
else but yeah there we go, they’ve also taken the seat belts out. – [Daniel] I know I was just about to say exactly the same thing. – [Simon] Why would you do that? – Like the single steering though but yes, I can say that’s probably a bodge. Might’ve been comfortable
in its day, you never now. This one from Michael in Rotterdam, who the other day was on his way back from work and a guy overtook me with this double handlebar, he caught up with him and asked
him to explain a bit more and there’s a lot of explaining that needs to be done with this particular bike. We can’t go through everything but we will say is about
the double handlebars breaks your wrist if you have an accident while on the lower bars, so only use it when you’re very very safe and he’s got a Terraro hat shaped satellite dish made from a mud guard
because it’s more comfortable or more aero, one of the two. – Well fair play that guy is properly thinking about his bike mods there so I can applaud him even if I think he might’ve bodged it just a shade. But anyway there we go, if
you want to get involved as Dan said you can use
the correct hashtag GCN– – Hack.
– What is the correct hashtag? Yeahs absolutely for a
moment I forgot about it. GCN Hack on Twitter or
Instagram or using our uploader. – It’s the caption competition, your weekly chance to win a GCN
Camelback water bottle. We normally do send out
those that fit in your bottle case but that’s what we got to show you today, last week’s photo was this one from the Giro Italia of
Rich Carapaz gently nudging Hugh Carthy out of the way. And we’ve got a winner. – We do indeed, this is
a pearler of a winner. This is from Aaron Spivak who says, your jersey might be pink,
but it’s not the right Hugh. – See what he did there, Aaron? – Yes.
– Thoroughly deserving winner. Nice moment to caption.
– Brilliant, brilliant. – Let us know your address
by sending a message over on Facebook and we’ll get
the bottle out to you ASAP. – That’s right, come on then Dan let’s see what you got in
store for us this week. This is the photo for you all to get your captions stuck into or just to caption probably more accurately. – My caption’s hopefully
going to be better than your dialogue for a few seconds. This is from the tour of Norway, it’s Trek Segafrodo’s Mads Pedersen. You ready?
– Yup. – Oh I see, you want to have your cape and eat it, do you? – Mate, oh damn.
– I was so happy. Oh come on please tell me that was good. – Yes.
– I was so happy with that. – That’s one of the all time greats, yes. – Right give us your best
captions in the comment section just down below
and we’ll awarded a bottle to the favorite one next week. – Have your cape and eat it, seriously man that is inspired. GCN Inspiration right there. – Before we tell you what’s coming up over the next seven days on GCN we’re going to read out
as ever a few of our favorite comments from the previous seven starting with this underneath how to train with your heart rate came in from Jason McGrody who said Chris unzipped his jersey and if was like, Wahoo. – Hey I see what you did there, took me awhile to work it out actually when I first read that comment. I was thinking that, you
know it’s a nice chest but it’s not that great
and then I realized. Anyway underneath,
– there’s a very good reason why no one’s ever made that comment underneath a video when
we’ve unzipped our– – That is true, that is true. Underneath the retro bike
versus Dolomite video where Ollie, well he labored his way up didn’t he at Dolomite on a vintage bike. Anyway Tom Long said Si is
letting the south of England down proving yet again that northerners are harder than us, thanks a lot Si. Well I tell you Ollie
was being totally serious for saying I was allergic to rain but I mean I am allergic to
rain if I’m completely honest. – We also, there’s
underneath last week’s show from Ed Markey who put
ripe old ages of 35 and 39 is that what you said last week 39? I missed that, I’m only 38, I’m 39 in about a month or two. Anyway sheesh, I’ve got
socks older than that. – God imagine having a
39 year old pair of socks that’s terrifying, Ed
can you send us a picture of your socks?
– Oh no don’t. – They’re probably walking
around by themselves by this point, they’ve
evolved didn’t they. Anyway what’s coming up on the channel? – Well on Wednesday we
have got how to deal with bad roads which is particularly apt for any of you who live over here in the UK and most other
parts of the world in fact. – Yeah are right around Kanza. – Oh yeah, the Flint Hills. We’ve also got on Thursday
the top ten weirdest moments should I say of the Giro
d’Italia, there were a few this year actually to choose from. Had to whittle it down to today. – Particularly Lopez decking a spectator makes it interesting. – Yeah I reckon it must to but I don’t want to give too much away. – No. – And then on Friday as
ever it’s ask GCN anything. – Yeah then Saturday as
we’ve already mentioned actually in this show Chris headed over to Sweden to go and check out those new experiments at Volvo which should be pretty fascinating I think and then Sunday this isn’t déjà vu but it will actually be
Can One Bike Do it All? Yes. – Oh, and then Monday’s
the race, a new show and choose it as GCN Show. – Well we are unfortunately getting towards the end of the show now but there is still time for extreme corner and this week well hold
on to your hats everyone, it’s pretty extreme. (sultry music) (whistles) – Had to look away that
was too extreme for me. – Travolta, it’s like a fine line isn’t he just gets better with age. – Don’t know if I’m stopping
looking at the moment. Alright well that’s all
for this week’s GCN Show if you’ve enjoyed it
please give it a thumbs up by clicking on the icon
which is just below this video and if you’d
like some more content yesterday Marty MacDonald
brought you the racing news show all the action
from the Giro d’Italia. You can find that down here.

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