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Is It Safe To Use Carbon Bikes On Indoor Trainers? Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

Is It Safe To Use Carbon Bikes On Indoor Trainers? Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Welcome to another Ask GCN-ything. – That’s right, you ask us anything, and we will do our best to answer it. First up, Tom, we got a question that’s
borderline awkward. This is from Jeremy Emilio, who has asked how to I get my sister,
girlfriend into cycling. Now the awkwardness is
there for all to see. Smale Rider points it out for us, “Wait, is she both?” To which Luciano Namo says, “You need to figure out
some things first, Jeremy. Why are you dating your sister?” And I don’t think that’s a
question we can answer, Tom. – It’s okay, it’s okay. Because Jeremy did get back to all of you concerned commenters, and say “Nope, separate.” – That’s a relief. Alright, well, in terms
of how to get your sister into cycling, Tom, you’ve probably got more experience because you have a sister and I don’t. And yours is an exceedingly talented and accomplished cyclist. And she’s also younger. So you must have done something right. – Younger and faster than me. And has been for a number of years. – I didn’t want to point
that out, but yeah. – It’s sort of a fact, isn’t it? – Yeah. – How did Annie get into cycling? I think Annie just got into cycling because we got in cycling
when we were quite young, probably ten or twelve. And it was just a family thing to do. So if your sister is young enough that you’re still riding with your parents or something like that, just having fun on your bike
is a pretty good way to start. If they’re a bit older and you think that they just
need to get into cycling, I don’t really know. Cafe ride? A cafe ride is a good way to
introduce cycling to people. – Yeah, I think, probably, it’s all about making
it fun, like you said. And then trying not to demoralise them, don’t take them up any stupid hills and drop them and leave them
on the side of the road. Quiet roads, that’s really important. No one likes traffic when
they’re getting into cycling. I don’t like traffic now, actually. But yeah, so there we go. Hopefully those will help you out, Jeremy. Alright then, next up,
we’ve got this question. Oh, I like it. From Jukka Pakkanen. Do you guys save your old beloved bikes? What do you do with the old ones when you decide to get a new one? What do you do? – If I own the old one,
I’d probably sell it. – Yes, you don’t like
saving stuff, do you? – No, I’ve got one bike that I’ve kept. I’ve got a couple of bikes I’ve kept over the years that I like riding now and again. We’re in such a fortunate position with GCN, with the bike partners, that I haven’t felt the need to replace my own bike so regularly. – Yeah. Well I’ve kept one frame from my mountain bike days, because the complete bike
took up too much room. And it’s now technically
out of date anyway. But the frame is special. And then I kept two bikes
from my racing days, just in case. Basically, if I didn’t get
amazing bikes from GCN, I’ve still got two of my own. They’re not beloved, as such. Well, I do love them quite a lot. – I wonder how Matt’s getting on? Because he found his
2000 Giro D’Italia bike. Or, his 2000 Giro D’Italia bike was found in a bike shop in Italy. So he’s after that. That is truly a beloved bike because of a lot of
great memories attached. – Probably not that many
great memories from that race. He had a pretty tough time with it. – True. – Yeah with the crash and the injury. Alright then, next up. Should I be worried about using my carbon road bike on a turbo trainer? Will the frame crack under a heavy load? Basically, this is a common
myth about carbon fibre frames. That you shouldn’t use
them on turbo trainers. The fact is, from what we can tell, we’ve talked to manufacturers, is that none of them seem to say that your warranty is void if you use it on a turbo trainer. So that, to my mind,
tells me that it’s safe. And then, if you try to actually look for anyone who has experience
of a carbon frame cracking as a result of a turbo trainer, you can’t really find
them either, can you? – No, you can’t. I guess the concern probably comes from having the bike fixed, and then the sideways motion. But I’ve never heard of it. – There are many very old bikes that have been on server
trainer for long time, and they are not showing
any signs of stress. Going back to myths about
carbon fibre though, we’ve got a video about
that, haven’t we mate? – We have. – It’s there. It’s the seven things you didn’t know about carbon fibre. A lot of misconceptions are
laid to rest in that video. Check it out. (rock music) (buzzer) – The suitability of a component, in general, doesn’t depend on the material. Every part should be engineered with a specific load case in mind. Admittedly, there is a risk with carbon, as with any frame material, that you can push the limits of it in order to hit a super
light goal, for example. But problems only arise if it hasn’t been engineered correctly. – That is an absolute cracking video. Next question comes in
from Sam Running who says, Does chain length affect
the speed of your bike? What do you reckon, Si? – Well, we’re talking tiny, tiny, adjustments of speed aren’t we. Like, one or two watts really. But it could, if you get it vastly wrong, it definitely could. If it’s too tight, that it could potentially put more resistance on the chain. And then if it’s too long, there’s more chain to increase drag. We are talking tiny, tiny. But basically, you need to get it right for
your shifting, principally. And then, also, to stop your chain from flapping around and being all baggy. So yeah, get it right for those reasons, rather than for making your bike quicker. Alright, Tom. Can you answer this one? When you all travel abroad to film, this is from Ryan Donnelly, by the way, do you bring a translator with you, or do you just wing it
and hope for the best? What could possibly give
you that impression? – Well, Ryan, we don’t
travel with a translator, we don’t have an awful lot
of fluency in languages apart from English. Some of you may debate whether we’re fluent in English or not. We know a few key words, but many of the places
that we do go to shoot receive a lot of English
or foreign cyclists. So the locals often speak English as well. But, it’s definitely worth learning a few key words if you’re
travelling somewhere. And I think with that, we’ll learn in this next video, which is, “Five Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When You Go Cycling Abroad.” (funky music) – If you’re heading somewhere
a little bit exotic to ride, a little bit off the beaten track, it’s definitely worth doing your research. Consider the local cuisine, what are the roads like, is there a hospital nearby, is there a bike shop close to hand? – Yes. Doing this will
give you peace of mind. It might relieve a bit of stress as well, and it could definitely get you out of a difficult situation. Actually, this is not a
bad rule to adhere to, even when you’re close to home. – Right then, straight
into another question. This one comes from Tommy L3. “Hey I’m finding riding
a little bit boring now, how do I get back that same motivation and hunger for riding that I used to have when I started? Tom, what do you think of that one, mate? – That’s a difficult one, isn’t it? ‘Cause we don’t know whether, Tommy, you’re getting kind of
bored and demotivated off the bat of riding every single day, on the same roads, or something like that. I’d suggest, if you are finding something a bit boring, a bit demotivating, take a break if you can. If you have another means
of transport to get to work or something like that. Take a couple of days off, freshen up, and then see if you can find
some different roads to ride. I always found when I
was a bit demotivated, my favourite thing to do was to throw in a gravel section or an off road section just to keep things fresh and make things a bit different. How about you? – Well I find that sometimes, if I don’t really want to go for a ride, for whatever reason, if I force myself to go for a ride, I tend to enjoy it when I’m out there. So actually, as well as the whole, listen to your body and your head, and do what you want. Sometimes, a little bit of self-motivation can actually work wonders as well. But, not long term, I
have one off day in 30. Where I kind of think, well
I don’t want to go out, and then I do it and have a good time. That might work! We also, surprise surprise, have a whole video on the subject. This is basically like
relationship counselling. Dan and I talk you through how to spice up your
relationship with your bike. And, yes. It includes dirty weekends. (funky music) – Riding solo can be great. But it can also get quite boring. After all, you’ve only got your own thoughts for
company for hours on end. So why not try riding with others? Now a lot of people choose to just ride with one other partner, sometimes you can go out as a three, that can leave somebody
awkwardly left out, or you can choose to go
out on a big group ride. It’s an obvious tip,
but it really does work. The time is going to pass a lot quicker. – And also, it’s not just about getting to the end faster it’s also about enjoying the process of getting there. And so, you can share top bands, and generally just enjoying yourself. – Top bands? – Well this question had
a tonne of thumbs up. So I think we should
probably offer up an answer. And it is from Free Wheeler. Who’s got 182 thumbs up. “I think you guys should do a smaller GCN presents challenge each month where the loser then has to use a bike for under 150 pounds
for all of their riding, GCN videos and riding on your own time, until the next month’s challenge when they can hope to redeem themselves. Thumbs up if you want
to see this or similar. 182 people thumbed up. And then, Free Wheeler offered a slightly less punitive alternative, Which was, “you could also have a loser’s
jersey or loser’s t-shirt.” Which still sounds pretty bad. Personally, I would like to avoid having, I think the
challenge was a great idea But I’d like to avoid riding that bike, or wearing a loser’s t-shirt for a month. – Well, basically, losing a
GCN challenge is bad enough, let alone punishing us
for a month afterwards, it’s like wearing a dunce’s hat. I, for one, would not be up for that. Also, Tom, as we found
out in that video we did, about how much faster can you ride to work on an expensive bike. I’d have to get out of
bed five minutes earlier every morning if I wasn’t able to use my Canyon Aeroad to ride to work. – True. – Yeah. Alright. Last question. This one comes from Big Dog. Hey Big Dog. “Hey GCN, my parents say I shouldn’t, but should I buy and do I need electrolyte tablets and recovery powders, I’m only 16.” This is a really, really, common question. I’m going to split this into two parts, if I may, Tom. Firstly, I think you need
to explain to your parents, or get them to watch this video, that actually many nutrition products for endurance sport are simply just normal
nutrients that we eat, so carbohydrates, either in the the form of starch or sugar, electrolytes which are just salts, that we consume in our diets. The reason that we put
them in our bottles, in our back pockets, in our bikes, is because the demands
that we place on ourselves mean that we need to replace them more. So when I was little, I used to get splitting headaches after I rode by bike in the winter because I was dehydrated, and I didn’t know what dehydration was. Actually, at the time, I would seriously have benefited from electrolyte tabs. All it is, is a bit of salt in a bottle, but it would have stopped me basically getting hangovers from bike rides. The one thing there’s a
little bit of caution on is perhaps, recovery products. Now, again, it’s just normal nutrition, it’s just protein. But, you may find that
you just don’t need it. So rather than it doing you any harm, all you do is excrete it. And therefore you’re just wasting money. So, we have a video on
the subject of recovery, and there’s a lot of really straightforward and practical advice. Hopefully, that will help you out with that particular question. Oh my goodness, me! Barry is not safe for 16 year olds. I didn’t need to see that. – Oh God. (funky music) – Your body needs fuel for riding. And primarily, it’s in
the form of carbohydrates, when you’re above 65% of
your maximum heart rate, and of course fat too. Now, aside from very short rides, pretty much every training ride, you will deplete your
energy stores in some way when out on a ride. – Right, well I’m afraid
that last video snippet brings us to the end of
another Ask GC Anything. If you have any burning questions you want to ask about cycling, let’s steer away from that
difficult relationship question in the beginning, then let us know either in the
comment section down below, very simply, or indeed using the hashtag #TorqueBack, see what we did there? on Twitter, and various other forms of social media. – And if you’d like to
see some more content, if you’re stuck inside this
weekend and still want to train, why not train with Si on the fearsome passage out in the dotlets? That video is right there. – Be warned. That is a
really tough session. – It’s a brute. And, this is actually an increasingly common mechanical issue for people. If you would like to know how to remove and replace
a press fit bottom bracket, not the easiest of tasks, we’ve got a video for that too. That’s right there. – And make sure you
subscribe to GCN as well before you go, if you haven’t already. To do that, just click on the globe, it’s entirely free.

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  45. Hi GCN

    Not sure that Specialized Bikes agrees with you if it is "Safe To Use Carbon Bikes On Indoor Trainers". The following is directly from the SPECIALIZED BICYCLE OWNER’S MANUAL ADDENDUM – TRAINER USE:

    "WARNING! Do not ride a composite or carbon fiber bicycle on a trainer which is rigidly attached to your bicycle. Our bicycles are not designed or tested for this type of use. Riding in such a trainer potentially applies unusual forces on your bicycle frame which could result in damage and cause a complete failure, with the risk of serious injury or death.
    If you have previously ridden your composite or carbon fiber bicycle in such a trainer, do not ride until you have had your Authorized Specialized Retailer conduct a careful safety inspection."

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    .. according to MANY bike manufacturers, they do infact, not recommend the use of carbon fiber bicycles on stationary trainers.


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