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Is Peter Sagan The Greatest Cyclist Of All Time? | The GCN Show Ep. 287

Is Peter Sagan The Greatest Cyclist Of All Time? | The GCN Show Ep. 287

From the start of the 2018 attempt to tour welcome to the gcn show Welcome to the gcn show brought to you by wiggle this week We are celebrating Peter Sagan one of the greatest writers of all time a true goat This week in the world of cycling We learned that the football World Cup is affecting cycling in more ways than one not only are the Tour de France stages starting Particularly early, but Mark Cavendish is sporting some soccer inspired cycling Suzman sponsors night Check out these bad boys. Do you like them? They’re interesting. Really. Hmm. Yeah, but you also learned that Lawson cranek is one tough He crashed in the feed zone in stage one of the talk But he’s continued writing despite having a fractious scapula and multiple stitches above the eye not an ideal start to – of the way, I think we’ll see how We get on the bike in the morning just to just give it a I’m gonna put too much work That really is heartbreaking stuff on the first day of the Tour de France, isn’t it? However, Lawson decided to turn a huge negative into a huge positive. He has decided to contribute $1 for every stage that he finishes to the our cake velodrome Which is where he started competing as a cyclist and which was damaged in Hurricane Harvey So have you’d like to get involved in those contributions as a GoFundMe link in the description below? And finally this week we learned that Peters again is a goat or should that be the Goat or at least one of the goats We should probably explain for people my age and older that goat. Apparently according to Google means greatest of all time Correct. Yep. I looked it up in Google Yes. Anyway this year in January We question whether Peters again was all style and no substance and now we have an answer for you Which is that he is both style and substance He is most definitely I think we should start here with a video sent into us by Killian Kelly who’s giving us a stat per day from the Tour De France for our tour highlights Peter Sagan is the first rider to win a stage of the Tour de France in three different years as world champion now There’s a small Club of riders who have been even able to try and do that over the years Alfredo Binda Rick van Steenburgen, Eddy Merckx and Oscar Freire all won the World Championships three times as did Peters again But none of them were able to win a tour stage in each of the following years even Eddy Merckx didn’t do it he won his first world title in 1967 and didn’t ride the Tour de France until 1969 So Peter Sagan is the first well when you start to surpass the records of the likes of Eddy Merckx You know that you will forever be known as the one of its cycling is great And actually the way you started this year’s tour really cements his place in history, doesn’t it? I think it does Yeah, so as we record this they have completed two road stages he was second in the first one and he won stage two which means it also got the green jersey already and the yellow jersey to boot which prompted me to take a look at Pro Cycling stats and his overall record over the years of Master road stage finishes in this race and those stats are just like predict a fad. Yes. Just sick So he’s done 99 master Road stages and out of those. He’s finished in the top 56 occasions and he’s finished in the top three on 36 occasions plus he’s won the green jersey every Tour de France in which he hasn’t been disqualified That’s insane I mean that consistency is matched by will like literally nobody in the modern era But the sack I really love is how many days or perhaps that should be how few he’s actually worn his trade team kit because he’s had so many days in the rainbow jersey Or the yellow jersey or the green jersey or the national champions Jersey that the last time he actually wore just his normal trade team Kit and anything except the national championships was back in June 2011 at the Tour de Suisse well, we’re talking of the Tour de Suisse He’s actually got the record there for stage wins having won 16 over the years and he’s won a stage of the Tour de Suisse every year since 2011 Wow, there’s a good stance, but do you know this in his last 100 one-day races? He’s finished in the top 10 59 times. Not bad. But what about this? He has been eligible for 41 points. Jersey’s a stage races throughout his career and he’s won 26 of them and I’m not even finished yet. Don’t start butting in Also this year he’s had 36 days of racing and he’s been in the top ten 25 times feed that right But I’ve got a graph actually Choking there’s my point of a hat Well, actually I’ve got three graphs because I thought it might be interesting to compare again and with some other similar kinds of riders so went for Cavendish Boonen and Cancellara and of course mercs and a toss it up how many wins? podiums and top tens they had and the best five years of their career and I went to Already here to ask him which were their best five years five consecutive years I should have and then I just compared them. So as you can see here just in terms of pure wins Got point to him right here there are actually years when Cavendish and Boonen were way up there with us again, but but when you go to podiums You can see that Segen is actually more consistent arguably. Hmm and then top ten that’s even more clear. Look at this This is me the bottom. Is it by the way? Yeah, that is. I thought we’d put you in his reference Look, you’re very close to Spartacus. That is 2008 You had a total blinder that was top tens. You had loads think about 18 or join speakers. Yeah It’s a good year in the noid household It is worth noting that mercs is well clear on every stat whether it’s top tens podiums or or wins But then again was a different era of racing wasn’t it? Yeah as much as I’m reluctant to admit it those graphs are actually quite good Thanks, but it does really show how much better mercs is than everybody? That’s come after him. Doesn’t it? I mean mercs did race more days of her year, but that’s staggering how far above me is. Yeah Right you finished if you graphs let’s get back to normal. So in conclusion again, there’s really bloody good The proof is in the graph, isn’t it? Anyway, I think what also makes him a goat is not just his remarkable results over the years, but also a couple of other factors Firstly he looks like a complete athlete, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t be surprised that if he wasn’t a pro cyclist, he could be almost equally good a multitude of other sports I mean how many pro cyclists can do this? And a second, I mean how many pro cyclists are featured in many films as John Travolta in grease or as Forrest Gump Yeah, but we not very many life was like box of chocolate. You never know what you are gonna get And then we come to his personality Which is sometimes quite frustrating to journalists trying to get a sound bite but ridges just genuinely endearing to cycling fans I mean why so serious Bing is his current slogan. I mean, he’s clearly just loves racing his bike Yeah, why so serious he says there’s quite a lot of times at the moment Oh, there’s also beyond his personality his bike handling skills, which really are second to none loves his stunts and wheelies But beyond that he rarely crashes does he? All right? So I think back when Peters again has hit the deck in races There was stage 1 of the 2013 tour there was an instance of the Tour of Flanders last year where he’s running a bit Too close to the barriers and his handlebars snagged on a raincoat There was a stage of the Tour Down Under in 2010 and there was a state of world it where he got knocked off by a motorbike which wasn’t really his fault so effectively three Crashes in 9 years. That’s not too bad. That’s amazing In fact, he basically he’s lost less skin in his entire pro career than most cyclists lose in just one race. Yeah or X pros All right. All right. You can talk limping around the office with your dodgy hip after your mountain bike Oh, oh, oh that hurt that dude. Okay. I’m nope. It’s again I’ve lit that probably the proof is in the pudding way before my mountain bike crash But I’ll say that nevertheless right then This is the point which we would like you to get involved Can Pete’s again really be classified as a goat remind the greatest of all time, even though he’s likely never to win the overall? Grand Tour or you could actually did us know if there’s anything you don’t like about Peterson that could be quite interesting given that he does seem to be a real favourite with the fans Yeah, and um, so I’ve ever heard of anyone who doesn’t like peaches again. Yes It’s now time for cycling shorts, we’re gonna begin with some good news you Could ride in the pro peloton Yeah I mean in theory at least but a study that was carried out Eindhoven University put 121 mannequins on bikes in a wind tunnel and then tested find out how much wind resistance each one was experiencing. Yep And at the sweet spot in the peloton, it was found that a rider would only face 5% of the resistance that they would otherwise encounter if they were riding on the front or alone Yeah, although that doesn’t actually translate is just 5% of the power because it doesn’t take into consideration The other factor is like rolling resistors that would contribute to the overall resistance But nevertheless it does make me think that were we to actually get on the start line of the Tour de France We might be able to keep up on the flat for a bit and then maybe set some carbs Absolutely, but this wasn’t the only secret of the Tour de France that was potentially revealed this week. The English newspaper The Telegraph reported on the new Wonder sports drink containing ketone esters, but apparently 7 Tour de France teams are using now keto fyr produced naturally in the body in the liver in fact when your body doesn’t get enough energy from food and what they do is they Encourage your body to actually conserve is precious stores of glycogen by burning fat as fuel instead now They can be reproduced outside the body, but it’s a pretty expensive process and one actually is owned The pattern is owned by Oxford University. So they’re getting cheeky little facts for you But all in all a bottle of the stuff cost 30 euros as in like an energy drink Yeah, that’s right. And interestingly the technology has been around a while But team Sky’s nutritionist told The Telegraph that he wasn’t convinced and that Team Sky are not using it So 7 Tour de France teams apparently using this stuff. It’s got one of them. No, and that is interesting, isn’t it? because there were a few kind of suggestions that maybe Ketones have been part of fringe nutrition strategy on his epic Giro D’Italia stage win that stage 19 but clearly not clearly. They are unfounded rumors In other news has a really cool story of Edmonton in Canada Now this has been reported in the Edmonton Journal a publication that left me entire avid subscribers off Now this story talks about how a group of cyclists in Edmonton 600 volunteers Have all banded together to combat bike theft now this is all built around a Facebook group called the stolen bikes Edmonton group and They’re basically reporting any and looking out for any stolen bikes that have been reported Yeah Now apparently bike theft is often carried out by quite a small group of criminals who then caused widespread Carnage and so actually a group like Edmonton’s could genuinely have a really positive effect on cycling community. That’s right So there you go people. Let’s mobilize. Let’s get organized. Let’s fight these Baron’s yeah Scumbags now we’re a week late on this, but we want to talk about anyway Because it’s kind of cool so around the summer solstice. That’s the longest of the year that were very cool events You mean Donny’s jam be on road three Corvettes I mean that was really good a definitely well worth that watch but no these ones were called it race to the Sun So the idea being that it’s a ride from coast to coast from east to west Starting at dawn and then riding across to the finish before dusk And as I said, there were two one was across Italy and ones across the UK. They total 700 people took part yeah, I really like that concept because it kind of adds another dimension to a really epic ride and Apparently they’re looking to expand it, but it just means finding some new venues So yeah, you know don’t be quite hard to find the right venue for education. Yeah Well you reckon like New Zealand in December, maybe yeah, I tell you what We kind of cool race across Iceland because then you’d have like two weeks to do it before sunset Yeah, happy awesome cheating It’s not all about epics though we told you about the Red Bull million mile commute a few weeks ago and we thought we’d drop back in to give you an Update yeah, it is now the 10th of July as this show goes up. And apparently the Red Bull million mile commute is currently on 300,000 miles so an amazing achievement but fractionally behind schedule So do make sure that you get involved and also remember that if you buy a special kind of red This has the million mile commute logo on there. You get a month of free strong premium. Nice right back to the studio Where Lloyd he’s gonna try and win a beer good like Dan. We just get buy one now come away. Yeah, right what it Next up its the gcn a wiggle of fortune your chance to win one of four wiggled voucher amounts Starting with price for as 25 pounds price 3 is 50 price 275 pounds of vouchers and then the big one prize one a Hundred and fifty pounds to spend as you wish on anything that you find at Wiggles online shop, and of course the opportunity It is thirsty work Let’s hope dan has his thirst quenched this week Yes, and we don’t forget that if you would like to be part of this competition You can follow the link in the description below to put your name forward for the wiggle of fortune let’s get on to this week’s lucky contestant who is Service an eval. That’s the one yeah coming in from Cyprus. The best of Luck’s use service. Let’s hope it’s the big one 150 pounds this week. Are you ready in three in two in one and we are? That’s someone I keep my eye on every week it’s cause and it’s gone past it’s not gonna get back there again So which probably gonna get prize one? It’s gonna go past that price for it’s like the price three Just on two price three server. So that is 50 pounds of vouchers I will get them over to you as soon as we possibly can Let us know what you spend them on over the wingull online shop Tech of the week now and despite being at Eurobike and surrounded by 1,400 brands all showcasing their latest and greatest We’re actually going to tell you about two that aren’t here and for good reason firstly they both look amazing and secondly we’ve been filming loads of awesome tech for GCN and GCN tech and we don’t want to double up but the first bike is the trek Madone and the second one or bay were the first brands to take advantage of the UCR dropping its Three-to-one ratio with regards to tube shapes and this helped them make the bike more aerodynamic so features such as the wide bow shaped fork the cam tail profile of the downtube and other Features as well such as the oval seat post clamp and a ton of other little details that help make the obey our Orca really Aero and slippery without Feeling like a wet fish and what about the trek? We’re doing then well, just like the obey this two comes in a rim and disc brake version actually This is the first disparate version of the venerable platform and interestingly I think Trek didn’t set out to actually improve the aerodynamic performance of this in by all accounts It was kind of class leading anyway, but what they wanted was actually improved the all-round Usability of the Viking that’s right So the bike features an updated version of treks ISO speed decoupler at the rear which is tricks kind of proven method of improving The compliance of a bike in a similar to that found on the trek domani however this new version actually is tunable via a bolt that’s on the top tube and They’ve also looked to improve compliance in the front of the bike as well so they’ve actually changed the cockpit and now it’s a two-piece system rather than the One-piece integrated bar and stem that was found on the old version Yeah, not adds a nice bow to nobility you think yeah I think we should also mention the new paint jobs look absolutely stunning denne incredible yet They definitely could make quite the statement much like Mark Cavendish is new cycling shoes, which which they’re quite a lot like football boots I think it’s coming home Well, hopefully for cab as well perhaps I mean I’m not biased but still would be nice to see him nudge a little closer to works when it maybe use football boots will help Racing news now Don’t forget if you like detailed analysis of the biggest races the Tour de France and the Giro Rossa. They’re over on our Facebook page Alternatively, I went through a lot of them on our dedicated breaking news show here on YouTube yesterday here the on the GSN show We’re firstly going to focus on a couple of rumors. Yes indeed First off Gregor Brown has reported that Richie Porte has signed a two-year deal with Trek Saiga Pharaoh now of course Porte currently at BMC Future is a little bit uncertain one would imagine that he would slot straight into Grand Tour team leadership duties Which might put Balcom monomers nosed slighly addict? Yes could well do couldn’t it interesting to see whoever that room is true And also how many domestics he might take along with him and the other rumor came from the Ducks newspaper de telegraaf They have speculated that world cycling champion Van arts might have penned a new deal with lotto NL yumbo which could start as soon as next year 2019 Yeah, apparently a four year deal on the card and there’s no doubt that he would massively boost their classics team Anyway back to Tour de France news and Fernando Gaviria won the opening road stage in his first-ever Tour de France to know who the last rider was to do that No, no. Well, here’s Keenan Kelly to tell you today’s Tour de France stage one GCN stat of the day Is that Fernando Gaviria? the Colombian sprinter is the first rider to win the opening stage of his Tour de France career and Take the yellow jersey for the first time since war it sells the Belgian rider Did it in 1964 beating Michael Wright in the Sprint Cup riders have done it in prologue time trials? Including Fabian Cancellara and Chris Boardman, but not since 1964. Has anybody done on their opening road stage of the Tour de France? And that brings us on to hack /watch and I’m really excited. This is my first one. Yeah, you ready? Oh, I was born ready. Okay Mmm, first up we’ve got this one sent in by a try John 85 productive morning with my little human $20.00 sawhorse old front bike hub some pipe saddle brackets 30 minutes my time And we have ourselves a brand new work stand You know what? I think that’s pretty cool And also love the site kind of dichotomy here of like a you know Probably an eight thousand dollar bike and a homemade work stand genius priorities. Absolutely You know, I like that face brake line answer straight off the back. Yeah hack cool right next I woke up We have got just well a headset protector from junu 180 Here’s a little hack for you to protect your headset with an inner tube You know what that is a proper vintage hack that I used to do that on the mountain bikes back in the early 90s But I can’t quite see how you’ve done it but basically if you get a small knife in a tube you cut it and Then you take your Forks out you put the inner tube over the forks Then when you put it back you then kind of like pop it over the frame as well to create that seal So yeah, if you live in England or if there is anywhere else in the world with weather quite as bad as us then you might want to consider doing that as Well, so your own hack Yep, hack done right then Mike Quigley trying to tilt the elbow pads on my TT bike I like this he’s taking this is another retro one if anyone’s got V brakes out there Remember the little kind of tilt awhirl washers. He stuck those honestly, dude I painted them black when she’s just taking it to the next level and there you go voila Adjustable angle on your TT bus. What do you think? I I think I think it’s it’s a good idea But until make my people worried about hitting a bump of speed during a TT with that sort of thing on there So yeah, there’s a relatively important consideration and then you see our legal tilted bars. Yeah Well, yeah, I believe they are the ice go get him, right? Kind of a hat if you survive so good luck right next up. We’ve got a trial blitz. This is super cool an office chair Strapped to your bike instead of a saddle and I mean I’m looking at it It’s comfy. I think there might be some duct tape going on. Actually. I was hoping it would be welded But no, I think it’s just silver duct tape. I mean that’s hack. It is for bajjis then straight up. That’s a bunch yeah, the theory is hack worthy the Execution. Yeah, it’s definite but right okay now for this next one, which is quite confusing pioneering on bike Tupperware from Jack F Cooper I mean, he’s got a bottle and he’s put some food in it. Well, why is that inside his bowl? I’m not sure what’s in there. No, I don’t know either but he’s a place to store dry food But I also quite like the bottle ride DMC. So for better if he said Run DMC buzz don’t All right, this next one would it be so as a hacker watch? That’s a massive Dodge Yeah, I think it is Malik see right Arthur. Asorio. My wife’s hybrid had no way to its actual water bottle cage He says presumably because women don’t drink water not for a strictly true No, but Fuji probably do have some question answers questions to answer as I was going for anyway So he attached one to a rack mount point instead Mother courage, isn’t it’s a bunch from Fuji because you’ve married a bike without water bottle bosses and it’s kind of a budge from you But you I suppose got around a problem. Yeah, I don’t get in the way of your leg Yeah, I would have thought your leg would catch that bird Yeah, right bounnam Okay, great. Oh Really gives me the creeps I think all right Okay I’m gonna say I’m gonna be an asterisk on this one if that toilet brush is brand new and has only ever exclusively been used on bottles then it’s a hack if It’s if it’s a previous it’s a recycled toilet brush then that is definitely a bunch. I Wouldn’t even trust a toilet brush back tree to produce sterile toilet brushes I mean perhaps it is producing the exact same standards as a genuine bottle brush but I just just want to look at that next just sink just Are today is it hacker podge? I’m sticking with my yeah, it’s a it’s a hat with an asterisk on it Yeah, frankly terrifying. Anyway that was set in by Alex pond Alex You’ve you’ve got horrific food poisoning then please let us know and if you’re okay then similarly We’d like to know just make sure that you’re okay right then lastly I think we’re gonna end on a high because this is pretty bonkers given that we’ve actually seen something that Y who are producing for real and Someone’s that hacked version which presumably take some serious? Engineering skills. Yes, if David Whelan has said that this is Bluetooth controlled variable speed fan 39 miles per hour it can go with Macklowe and it has a found speed range of 40 percent to 100 percent and the fan Speed can vary according to his heart rate cycling speed or power and he’s controlling it Using an iPhone app and it works with drift and trainerroad So David you made your own iPhone app? I don’t even understand how we’ve done it but it just seems amazing. Yeah, but he’s amazing That is I mean us if I don’t if that’s hack of the week. I’m yeah, it’s amazing hack at a year Yeah, anyway, yeah, so that’s a definite hack and if you want to see the way who wants the wire headwind which is kind of like a super polished version of that and that you and I can actually go out and buy it then that is on a GCN video that went up on Sunday night. Yeah. Anyway, okay that is it for hack or bodge this week Remember if you want to submit anything to us Then it’s pretty simple just buy the gcn hack hashtag on Twitter and Instagram or send us something on Facebook There we go. Hey, David Caption: the Froome wagon in action Well, it’s like the caption comes it’s now your chance to win hu si an come on back bottle and a brand new one – Not even a dirty one. I found a dirty one in here everyday Yes, last week’s captain photo was this one from the Italian national championships and we have a winner that winner be Brandon Tucker who put caption comment Viviani national cramp Ian Well done to you Brandon get in contact with us on Facebook with your address and we’ll get this sent out to you ASAP This week’s photo is from the Tour de France in this Chris Froome recovering from his stage 1 crash Emma is going to get it started Yes, well, it looks a little bit like he’s doing some side of course They are I reckon but anyways, let’s have a go with her. How about ready for this? Yeah There’s not enough room on the road That is not bad. That is not bad annoyingly if you can do better though leave your Captions in the comment section down below and we will award another bottle at this time next week Before we get on to telling you what’s coming up on the channel over the next 7 days as if we’re going to go through A few of our favourite comments underneath the videos from the previous 7 days Indeed starting out with Neil’s heldens who was commenting on psy and alia Euro bike There was a moment where I got a bit excited and as Niels put out a sign momentarily turning into Gollum That was embarrassing when they both Versailles and for all of us yeah why frankly yeah, I agree I think maybe we should edit that out Yeah Next up Dave Pratt wrote in under the giro Rossa preview show and said Dan Emma’s time might have run out but unlike another presenter. She had a time I take your point Dave very good point then darling never edit or defrost me But yeah, okay top ten Yankee but he would have been right at the back had you done one moving on Yes, so last of all we’ve got fur girl. Okay? Okay. Sorry. I forgot your name That’s brilliant because everyone’s always commented about how good your pronunciation is Yeah Device looks pretty small. I think I need my meeting specs, right? What the heck Tom last not even getting the charts to make a prediction this year How’s the brick disappeared release the Tom free the last e rise up and smite your oppresses my son or at least topple sigh? He’s passionate Fergus me Yeah
I know and I have to say that we were lepton know back in the cupboard where he’s locked up that you support him He had a lot of support actually underneath that Tour de France preview show wondering where he was with this prediction That was actually our fault because we did film his prediction for the 2018 tour and then forgot to put it in She was just rubbish. So we didn’t put it in. I don’t mean what it was but here it is for you right now Vincenzo Nibali will win this year’s Tour de France right then coming up on the channel this week starting with tomorrow Wednesday if you’re not watching this on a Tuesday, we have got how to sprint This is a must watch tightly because for the first time everyone GCN this how to sprint episode comes from somebody who can actually sprint That being mr. IP so forget all our advice before and make sure you listen to that one NOP is back again on Thursday showing you seven ways that you are slowing yourself down then on Friday as ever We have asked GC anything leading into Saturday, which is get fit quick series with again Chris Opie and Sunday retro climbing hacks with you guessed it Chris Opie Although I do have a minor writing Rideout role what Chris Opie week it is isn’t it as ever on Monday? we’ll have the jisun racing new show wrap ups from the Tour de France and the Giro sir a Tuesday back in the set for the gcn show and of course make sure you check out our daily content on facebook with a tour and Dorota highlight Yes
Make sure you do that and also stay tuned for extra content right here on our YouTube channel Coming from the Tour de France and also from Europe I that will be spread across GCN and GC and tech Almost the end of the show and that means extreme corner bit late with your Xterra this week It comes from the big white slopestyle contest Those kids that just redic Sneak fat. Yes. That’s the end of this week’s show polities for being slightly old most of the way through it I hope you enjoyed it though If you have give us the thumbs up by clicking on the thumbs up button just down below a quick shout outside Oh, sorry before we finish to the G Center shop shop the global cycling Network Comm where you will be able to find our July themed T-shirt such as that supposed by Emma and this one sports by me plus the yellow on black and a whole host of other Sweatshirts and hoodies too. There is indeed. Also a new DC n fan kit Jersey, which you should check out Yeah that’s on its way very soon So make sure you keep your eye on the shop for that in the meantime before next week’s show Why don’t you check out our Euro bike tech extravaganza? Where psy does his gun on routine just down here?

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  23. Lawson is a cycling Hero but he should really tend to those injuries before something goes permanently wrong. GOAT Sagan, indisputable, the man is incredible, very close to super natural and not very humble i might add, which could be on the negative side if the head gets too large….anywho, nice graph Emma, Dan simmah down.

  24. #NotAFanOfSagan This is a long one boys so bare with me.
    I have never held Sagan in high esteem for what I will admit is a pretty petty reason, never the less, he (Sagan) may be a very consistent rider and therefore worthy of mention when talking about good riders but his lack of execution regarding winning is pretty low in comparison to his consistency of finishing highly in the ranks. I have the reasons to my argument listed below so if you're interested read on. However, I'm no keyboard warrior (unlike some) so if those punch drunk, keyboard bashing, Sagan apostles think I'm talking a load of s**t then don't bother belting me with all kinds of comments about your opinion, I don't care all that much, you're not going to bother me as I'm never going to read what you type. Just move on and accept that someone else has a differing opinion.
    1. Sagan's world championship titles prove nothing.
    I once won a silver medal in the 2010 National track championships for the men's kilometre TT. My time of 1 min 7 sec ish was not worthy of a medal in any other national champs that I paid attention to in the years following or preceding. I never once claimed that I was the second best at anything during my year of being national kilo TT silver medallist, as I understood perfectly that because of that year's itinerary, the kilo TT event was poorly stationed causing other riders (of much higher calibre than mine) to prioritise other events. Namely the Individual sprint qualification which took place early the next morning. 
    Sagan's world titles were all won on stages that favoured a rider such as Sagan.
    1. Not perfectly flat, or else, other sprinters would have stood a much better chance at being competitive and probably would have beat him. 
    2. Not at all mountainous, if they were Sagan mightn't have even entered.
    3. Just enough of a goldilocks stage for Sagan 3 times on the bounce.
    Unlike other one day events, the world champs change location every year so it's nearly impossible to train specifically for the event. You can't be a world champ specialist unlike other events, so Sagan lucked out, big time. I say the same every year about every winner of the world champs. This isn't taking anything away from the on-the-day performance of any world champion it is a stab at the competition itself. The next world championships that are heavily mountainous, won't see Sagan at the finish wearing a rainbow jersey. His titles in this case do not prove he is a G.O.A.T
    2. To add to the previous point. The same can be said about his national champs titles. Just how competitive are his national champs? Who is there to challenge him? There is no doubt he is good but G.O.A.T is quite a strong statement. 

    3. The "Sprinter's" jersey at any GT is NOT designed for a "sprinter" to win.
    Sagan is no thoroughbred sprinter. He is a strong rider and has a good turn of speed but he ain't no Chris Hoy. However the intermediate sprint points that are available for no other reason than to entertain the public during a long and (without the Intermediate sprints) boring day, are perfect pecking ground for Sagan to rack up his "Sprint Jersey" points. he is often strong enough to stay with a breakaway in order to swoop up any points available (with relative ease compared to the other breakaway artists who normally aren't interested in the points anyway). This means that so long as he remains consistent at the finish line his total points will give him the "Sprinter's" jersey. This is very good tactics to which I admire him for but proves not that he is a G.O.A.T but a clever rider jumping through loopholes to get to the top.
    4. He's a sprinter? He's punchy? He's super strong? Then where's the proof?
    If you look at his stats his actual WINS per race is pretty average at best. Nobody gives a flying f**k who finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th or last. In a race there is a winner and EVERYONE ELSE IS A LOOSER! That being said. Why has Cav got move tour stage wins than Sagan? Sagan is the consistent one yeah? Sagan is a top sprinter yeah? No!
    How many times has Sagan wore the Red numbers at the tour? Not that many? but hang on one minute. He's super punchy isn't he? Ready and able to attack, no? Huh?
    See he's not actually that good. Very lucky, yes. Very skilful, Absolutely., Strong, Entertaining, Funny, Competitive, Fecking Handsome! Yes, Yes, Yes.

    But a G.O.A.T, No.

    Make a list:
    Best Climber in the world?
    Best Time Trial-er?
    Best Sprinter?
    Best GC rider?

    No-one can honestly put Sagan's name for their answer. So how can he be a G.O.A.T?

    Sagan is an exceptional talent as are so many professional riders. I really enjoy watching him do his thing when he's on form. What I don't like is how highly rated his performances are when everyone seems to overlook the obvious lucky nature that lead to them in the first place. Taking nothing away from his genuine performances where he won by right and nothing else matters. But come on guys if you're telling me that for one second the winner of Paris-Roubaux isn't lucky to even get to the finish line without so much as a puncture? Or that the last three world champs were not Sagan's goldilocks? Then it is not I that is deluded. As a foot note.
    I started on the wrong foot with Sagan back in 2013 when I saw his mug on the front page of a cycling magazine with the question: Cav 2.0?
    I'm a fan of Cav and instantly said in my own head: "In your F**king dreams sunshine." Ever since I've held a reserve over Sagan. Remaining sceptical of his status until proven otherwise. I have come to like Sagan off the bike since then, yet I remain unconvinced of his status and can wholeheartedly say he is not "the", nor is he "a" G.O.A.T.
    I know this is a pretty petty grudge to have over the man as he seems a top bloke who obviously works hard for what he does and in many other ways I admire him.

    But still… Sagan a G.O.A.T? No.

  25. Sagan is what cycling needs.
    He is bigger than the sport, as someone else said.
    In my opinion he is the GOAT of our time, his bike handling skills, his race reading, positioning, power, speed, charisma, all that comes together and makes him GOAT.
    Added to you stats, he has top 10 in 60%+ of race days EVERY year since 2012, stat which will never be beaten in our lifetime.
    Since your video and till stage 9 he got top 10 in 100% of stages, 2nd.1st.2nd.1st.3rd.8th.2nd.5th, absolutely crazy.

    You can never compare to cyclist of other eras for 2 reasons
    1. cycling progressed so much over the year and nobody can compete in all types of terrain due to specialization
    2. most cyclist from the past were involved in doping, including the big E Merckx (which I admire) but he has been caught so many times he would be banned for life in 21st century.

    So yea, he might not be GT contender but imo he is the GOAT of OUR time.

  26. Would like to do the cross Britain ride – sounds great.
    Have done coast-coast south Island of NZ by bike. 253km with 2600m up & down. Kicked off at dawn and finished well before nightfall. Fantastic ride.
    Reason for doing it in one day = we couldn't be arsed trying to jack up accomodation to make it a 2-dayer.

  27. His record, and future records will easily speak for themselves. The #1 thing that I've always seen with Peter is, he always out rides his own teammates! And the big key is his World Championship wins. He rides for… Slovakia!! Enough said.

  28. there was a stat for the amount of top 10 finished Sagan has had. How about the % of time he has spent in the green jersey in TDF he is going to over 100 by end of this tour

  29. Yeah SAGAN is in the line of The GREATEST OF ALL TIME… if there’s any questions JUST GOOGLE him and search and Compare to other Cyclist you know he is the one…

  30. No. Period. A great is someone who's image is = cycling. For example, tennis = federer. For me Sagan is popular. So might conjure up that image for a fans. But otherwise no.

  31. Please note that WE watch GCN to get Cycling News NOT to listen to music… Please cut the background music… It's annoying…

  32. Yea I bloody hate Sagan, he can climb pretty well, he can sprint pretty well, he has outstanding bike control, he's cool and not bad looking. What a knob.

  33. Merckx would get dropped by sagan, sports advance. Duh🤐 modern top tier athletes smoke athletes of the past across all sports.

  34. Race to the sun in New Zealand in December would be amazing!

    How about this for a route

    Using this trail for much of it

  35. I was a huge Sagan fan until I learned he gropes podium girls. I'm not sure why everyone thinks assault is funny when he does it…

  36. That Iceland dawn to dusk idea is actually really good. My kind of thinking. Maybe not staying awake in the saddle for 2 weeks, but never having a sunlight cue to sleep for a tour, or even just a day race in northern Canada with 20 hours of daylight. I love incorporating astrophysics in my rides.

  37. today, where all riders are checked for doping after every race.
    Sagan still get so many second places….or thirds….
    I am sure ,that previous record holder riders will be no match, to face Sagan in fair race.
    he is the!
    ..sorry for my English…

  38. Forgive/idolize one doper and black list others. I think the G.O.A.T will end up being whoever rubbed the right elbows and didn't fall into the wrong hole when it comes to publicity. It will be fun yo see who still fills those shoes in 40 years. As for now, I guess it's eddy. But if we're holding everybody to an equal standard we don't have one yet.

  39. Indurain was the best grand tour rider of all time, Sean Kelly best classics rider, with a grand tour (should have been 2) to boot. Both ahead of Sagan.

  40. Eddy Merckx:

    Kampioenschappen en rittenkoersen

    5× eindoverwinning Ronde van Frankrijk (1969-72, 1974), en 96 dagen de gele trui

    5× eindoverwinning Ronde van Italië (1968, 1970, 1972-74)

    1× eindoverwinning Ronde van Spanje (1973)

    3× Wereldkampioenschap wielrennen (1967, 1971, 1974)

    1× Wereldkampioenschap op de weg (1964 bij de liefhebbers)

    1× eindoverwinning Ronde van Zwitserland (1974)

    2× eindoverwinning Ronde van België (1970-71)

    1× Belgisch kampioenschap op de weg (1970)

    1× Belgisch kampioenschap op de weg bij de nieuwelingen (1962)

    1× Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen (1966)

    34× ritoverwinning Ronde van Frankrijk

    (6× in 1969, 8× in 1970, 4× in 1971, 6× in 1972, 8× in 1974, 2× in 1975)

    3× puntenklassement Ronde van Frankrijk (1969, 1971-72)

    2× bergklassement Ronde van Frankrijk (1969-70)

    24× ritoverwinning Ronde van Italië

    2× puntenklassement Ronde van Italië (1968, 1973)

    1× bergklassement Ronde van Italië (1968)

    7× ritoverwinning Ronde van Spanje

    1× puntenklassement Ronde van Spanje (1973)

    3× Parijs-Nice (1969-71)

    1× Dauphiné Libéré (1971)

    4× Ronde van Sardinië (1968, 1971, 1973, 1975)

    1× Ronde van Romandië (1968)

    1× Midi Libre (1971)

    1× Ronde van Catalonië (1968)

    2× Catalaanse Week (1975, 1976)

    1× Ronde van de Middellandse Zee (1977)

    1× Ronde van Levante (Ronde van Valencia) (1969)

    1× Parijs-Luxemburg (1969)


    12 jaar houder van het werelduurrecord (49,431 km van 1972 tot 1984 en nog heel even in 2000 na de ongeldigverklaring van de records met aerodynamische fietsen; in dat jaar werd opnieuw een werelduurrecord gereden door Chris Boardman van 49,441 km, nadat hij al vier jaar houder was met 56,375 km met een door de UCI erkende aerodynamische fiets)

    32 zeges in internationale klassiekers, waaronder:

    7× Milaan-San Remo (1966-67, 1969, 1971-72, 1975-76)

    2× Ronde van Vlaanderen (1969, 1975)

    3× Parijs-Roubaix (1968, 1970, 1973)

    5× Luik-Bastenaken-Luik (1969, 1971-73, 1975)

    2× Ronde van Lombardije (1971-72)

    2× Omloop Het Volk (1971, 1973)

    3× Gent-Wevelgem (1967, 1970, 1973)

    3× Waalse Pijl (1967, 1970, 1972)

    2× Amstel Gold Race (1973, 1975)

    1× Rund um den Henninger-Turm of de Grand Prix Frankfurt (1971)

    1× Grand Prix des Nations (1973)

    1× Parijs-Brussel (1973)

    (Bordeaux-Parijs, E3 Harelbeke en Parijs-Tours zijn de enige belangrijke wielerkoersen die hij niet gewonnen heeft.)

    7 keer eindwinnaar van de Super Prestige (1969-75)

    Andere belangrijke wedstrijden

    3× De Beklimming in Montjuich (Spanje) (1970, 1971, 1972)

    3× Trofeo Baracchi (koppeltijdrit) (1966, 1967 met Ferdinand Bracke) (1972 met Roger Swerts)

    1× Brabantse Pijl (1972)

    1× Grote Landenprijs (1973)

    1× Ronde van Piëmont (1972)

    3× Dwars door Lausanne (1970, 1972, 1973)

    1× Ronde van Emilia (1972)

    1× Ronde van de Drie Valleien (1968)

    2× Trofeo Laigueglia (1973, 1974)

    Op de baan

    17 overwinningen in zesdaagse tussen 1966 en 1977,
    15× daarvan met de Belgische wielrenner Patrick Sercu

    4× Nationaal kampioen ploegkoers (1967, 1974, 1975, 1976)

    2× Europees kampioen ploegkoers (1969, 1977)

    3× Nationaal kampioen omnium (1974, 1975, 1976)

    1× Europees kampioen omnium (1975)

    Super Prestige Pernod International

    I dont think I need to translate that…I like Sagan, but Please!

  41. Was painting an adjacent room,had your show on the computer,as a matter of fact I had listened too 4 or 5 consecutive episodes.If I may make a suggestion ? call it the Ramblin bumbling morons…….

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