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Is This The Scariest Mountain Bike Race Track? | Blake Rides Champéry

(lightning crack) – Oh my goodness, me. There’s a cliff up there. Welcome to Champery everyone. Is this the hardest
downhill World Cup track that the world has ever seen? I don’t know, and I’m here to find out. Oh man, oh wow. Ugh, oooh. (goats bleeting) Oh my frickin’ gnarly, dude. Nearly bends it. Looks gnarly. (goats bleating) Lay off the brakes, Blake. The whip! Oh, I’m so scared. Whoo-whee. I am no downhill rider. I’ve never ridden a World Cup
downhill track in my life. But I found myself in
the Swiss Alps, Champery. One of the world’s craziest,
hardest downhill tracks that the world’s ever seen. Like if Danny Hart and Sam Hill
can get down it in the wet, surely I can get down in the dry. It doesn’t look too steep from here. But I think it gets steeper further down. I’m scared, man. Let’s see how hard it is. Let’s see, ooh, I, just, anyway, let’s go. Alright, up. (high intensity rock music) Oh my goodness, me. Alright, I’m not hittin’
that, I’m not hittin’ that. I’m so scared (laughter). That’s the first bit. Judge me all you like, but it’s my life and I quite enjoy it and
I don’t want to jump that. I’m gonna carry on down, see
how steep it really gets. Oh-oh. Oh my (beep). (high intensity rock music) Oh my goodness me. Oh that’s a steep turn. These are alright, actually. A bit rocky. Oh, this could be slippery in the wet, I can tell you for sure. Oh man. Oh, this is nice. Oh yeah. Yep. Oh my gosh, that’s scary. Fast section. Oh man. Whoo. This is literally the side of a mountain and you’re comin’ down it so fast. Like, I’ve just ridden this section here. Look at that. You’re comin’ so fast through here. Duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh. And then you gotta kinda
slam on your anchors but still keep your speed, maintaining it. Into this little berm, then
you just gotta commit off that. Bunny hop this, land there,
you lily pad the next one, duh-duh, on the brakes quite hard, into another left hander,
right hander, left hander, and then I’m guessing it
just gets steeper and steeper the further we get down. But so far this section through the woods, yeah, pretty cool. (high intensity rock music) Oh wow. Just gets steeper and steeper. Oh no, look at this. Oh, oh, (laughs). Oh, that was slippery, that was slippery. Oh, finally. Oh. (high intensity rock music) A little history lesson on this track. There’s been so many
amazing track lap times, wins, everything, we’ve got Danny Hart in a crazy wet condition
and then you’ve got this one which is kinda forgotten, it’s the legendary
second place by Sam Hill. Well, Matti Lehikoinen, Finnish rider, knew that at two o’clock in the daytime it would dump with rain
so the track would get super slippery so what he
did, it was pretty clever, he put in a slow qualifying time, which made him set down the list, droppin’ in first, you know, kinda right at the
beginning on a dry track. He put in an insane run,
put him in the hot seat, he did take the win but when Sam Hill dropped in on an extremely,
extremely wet track he came into this exact corner, a big slab corner like this, wet, he slid out, he slipped,
he crashed down there. He got back on his bike,
he completed his run, and ended up in second place. That is probably the most
legendary second places ever in Downhill World Cup. I’ve got goosebumps thinkin’ about it ’cause he, man, it was insane, ’cause all of the media are
all on him and not Matti. He was like, come on, man, I won. But Sam, he was like, aaah, he crashed, he got up, he got second. Let’s hope I don’t slip
out, this is a dry day. I’m gonna take the highline
and go down it, scary. (high intensity rock music) Ho-ho, oh my goodness me,
that was frikkin’ gnarly dude. Wow, alright. Well this, I feel like, the track went a little different here. It went, oh, did I through there, or around through the trees that way? They kinda made it a
little bit easier now. This was a few years ago
so they made it easier. Still looks steep, that
bit there looks gnarly. You snake your way down through
there which looks gnarly. This stuff’s so steep you
can’t, you can’t even get up it. I’m gonna ride down this stuff. (high intensity rock music) Oh wow. (high intensity rock music) Ooooooh, lay off the brakes, Blake. Oh, nice. Okay, droppin’ in. This looks, oh my goodness
me, look at the state of that. (high intensity rock music) Oh-ho, wow. Oh this bit’s finally gotten (inaudible) Oh, what’s down here? Right, fact time on this course. And it’s this step down. Look how big it is, it goes
all the way down there. And the first person,
person, and it wasn’t a male, it was a female, and
it was Tahnee Seagrave. She was the first person
to jump this step down all the way down to there. She crashed, she got back
up, she pushed up to the top, she dropped in, she jumped
it, she cleared her. She was the first person and
she was only 15 years old. I’m 33, hopefully I don’t
crash but I’m gonna jump it. (high intensity rock music) Holy moly (inaudible). Tahnee, you freakin’ lunatic. (high intensity rock music) Ho, ho, ho, ho, wow! The top top, steep section done. Now to ride the next bit blind, all the way down to the lift. Alright, droppin’ in. Well this bit hardly gets ridden. Brakes overheatin’, overheatin’
brakes, brakes overheatin’, what’s down there? It goes down there, man. Oh my gosh, look at that. What you don’t know is I don’t have a backpack carrying a huge camera. Tom, on the other hand,
he hasn’t got it easy. I’m sorry Tom, it gets bad. (goats bleeting) (bike tires riding over rocky terrain) Oh my flippin’, I gotta go up there. The last straight of steep bit. It’s not straight, it’s
kind of, it zig-zags. It traverses across like
that, like that, like that. Man, you gotta be committed in the turn. You gotta believe in the grip you’ve got. (high intensity rock music) Oh this corner’s real hard
’cause you got these roots. (high intensity rock music) He nearly bends it, I swear he did it, this famous, Danny Hart
did, oh I felt like Danny. Oh (beep) what’s gonna on here? Oh my goodness me, that was close. Look at the whip. And Danny Hart comes
soarin’ out of the woods to take his win but he’s not
there ’cause it could go wrong. And to be honest, this was a landing. It’s a bit overgrown and
further on down here, if I can make it down
here, is another one. The other gap. The double, he has the take
off, there’s the landing, and we’re nearly there. I’ll see you at the bottom. So glad that’s over, that’s for sure. Ha-ha-ha, yeah! I’m alive, I’m alive, and
it’s good to be alive. That has changed since 2011. Seven years ago this
Champrey World Cup was here. Danny Hart took the win
in the absolute wet. Right, is Champrey the hardest track in the World Cup since then? Well, to be honest, I kinda think it is. It’s really steep in situations. Real tech, you’re goin’
down at race speed. You gotta be at the top of your game, you gotta be focused, can
make or break a rider. Oh man, I’m just so happy
to come out of that. Like, in some of those
sections I was so scared. It was scary. But you know what’s missin’
out of the World Cup is a track like this ’cause it brings a good racing, it just makes
good racing to be honest. You get the good riders comin’ up on top. It’s just insane, I get goosebumps ’cause of riding a World Cup, I’m
a bit over the moon, really. Conquering my fear on such
a big track like that. But if you want to see
Champrey back in the World Cup definitely give this
video a thumbs up like, and finally I can kinda sit down ’cause I haven’t got balls that big.

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