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Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon: What Kit Do You Need To Complete An Extreme Triathlon?

Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon: What Kit Do You Need To Complete An Extreme Triathlon?

– Well as a lot of you
will know out there, I am off to compete in, or I
should probably rephrase that, I am off to try and complete
the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. And in fact by the time you
guys are watching this video I will be just moments away
from jumping on the back of a ferry into some
rather icy cold waters of a fjord in Norway, and about to start my rather
gruelling day out there. Now the Norseman Xtreme
Triathlon is an event that I have wanted to do for years, mainly because it’s just so different from any other triathlon
or event for that matter. So with that in mind, it
comes with some rather unusual and different kit. So I thought you’d find
it quite interesting today for me to run through
my Norseman kit list. (upbeat music) Well to give you a little
bit more background on the Norseman event, it is essentially over
an Ironman distance. So I’ve got a 3.8 kilometre
swim, 180 kilometre bike and finishing with a
42.2 kilometre run over a point-to-point course. Now a swimmer actually
starts in the Hardangerfjord in Eidfjord and the bike
takes in the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, and then the run actually
finishes at the top of Mount Gaustatoppen, taking in a total elevation
of over 5235 metres. Ouch. Yeah, now this extreme
triathlon also requires you to have a support team. So this support team
can join me for segments of the bike course, also sections of the run course. It’s actually mandatory for one, or at least one support team member to join an athlete for the
final five kilometres of the run as you go to the summit of
the mountain Gaustatoppen. And for me, that is
fortunately going to be Frazer so I’m in good hands. And conveniently by
having that support team actually means that I can take loads of different changes of kit for all weather conditions
and eventualities. So I’m gonna have loads of kit in the car, ready for me, including a lot of food. So let’s start by running
through my swim kit. So for this, I’m actually
going to be using the Maverick thermal wetsuit from ROKA. So this is a slightly beefed
up, slightly warmer wetsuit. It’s a little bit thicker
than your normal wetsuit. Maybe not quite as flexible but it’s still a very nice wetsuit which I’m gonna need given the water temperatures
in the fjord can get as low as around ten degrees. And given that we’ve had a
bit of a heatwave lately, I’ve heard that it is
melting some of the ice caps and we’ve got that cold ice
running into the waters. That’s not it though,
I’m not stopping there because I’m actually
going to potentially wear a thermal base layer. So this is one from Orca. They actually do a sleeved version but I’m opting for a non-sleeved option just ’cause I think having that base layer coming down on the
sleeves might just well, cause a bit of chafing
under the arms and what-not. But I have been training with this and it’s actually really comfortable and does make a big difference. Under all of that, I’m
actually gonna be opting for this Orca Speed Suit, or Tri Suit. This is the RS1 which you’ve probable seen someone like Sebastian Kienle wearing. I really like this suit. I was toying with another suit, but this is a super comfortable suit. It’s quite thin, but
I’m probably going to be putting some extra clothing
on over the top of this when I come out of the swim. But I’ll go through that
a little bit later on. I’ve also got the option
of wearing some booties. Again, I don’t know about
these until I get there and I see just how cold the water is but I do actually struggle
with the cold quite a bit so as you can tell I’m going prepared ’cause I really don’t want
my extremities to get cold or cold through to bone ’cause that is pretty
much race over for me once that happens. I’d rather just be comfortable
and get through this. This isn’t a competition for me, or at least that’s what
I’m trying to tell myself. And finally, I’m going for a skull cap. So this is something I just
wear under the swim hat, goggles on it over the top of it and it just stop that ice cream head. Not the greatest look, but
makes a big difference. Oh, and one last thing: my goggles. So, I’ve been using the
Roka F1 goggles for a while. Haven’t actually used these yet, but these are an orange
lens, so the idea of this is it enhances the light
and given that I’m gonna be starting quite early in the morning, it can be a little bit dark
and this is gonna enhance that light a little bit more. Failing that, I’m just gonna
have a really clear lens so that’s my option for the swim. I will take some mirrored
ones just in case, but I’m fairly sure I’m gonna need those. (upbeat music) We’re now on to the bike and I’ll start with the actual bike
before I go onto the kit. Now, I’m gonna be using my Canyon Speedmax which I’m sure a lot of
you have seen already on this channel, quite a few
times, ’cause I do really quite like this bike. In terms of its actual
setup and componentry, I have been toying with
the idea of switching from a 53 39 to maybe a 55 39. Now 55 39 is not what
they normally suggest but I have run it in the
past with a chain catcher and a lot of pros do that, just so you got that versatility of choice and, I may actually, I think I’m
just gonna leave it at 53 39, just because I just
wanna complete this race. I’m not that worried about
the performance so much, other than getting that black
T-shirt or going to the top. I’ve currently got an
11 28 cassette on there. Again, I may change that,
I might go for something even slightly easier because
there are some punchy climbs in this race. In terms of the wheels,
actually, at the moment, I’ve got these lovely
ENVE wheels on there, although I’m tempted to go
for something slightly deeper. Frazer actually use Zip 808, or 858s for his Countman race, so
I may be borrowing those off him for that race. I’m running clincher, 25 mill, just making sure I’ve got good traction. I won’t be pumping up to anything crazy. Hydration, fuel setup, I’m
just gonna have a bottle here. I’ll have my hydration setup here, full of energy drink, but, got something quite
interesting here at the front end because Martin from Race
Wear which is a UK company, does some fancy 3D printing
for bike components and computer mounts. He does a lot of stuff actually
for tour riders as well, pro tour riders. He’s actually made me a mount specifically for these aero bars which
is really quite special. It fits a Polar bike computer on the top, and because we want to
capture footage from the race, he’s actually managed to build
a GoPro mount underneath. But, this is all specific to
the angle of my aero bars, the thickness of my aero
bars, all for this bike, so absolutely amazing. So thanks ever so much Martin. Have currently got the Polar V650 which is quite a big computer. I’m probably gonna go
for the smaller computer, but this is what I had lying
around the office today. Now let’s move on actually
to the actual kit choices. So we’re round here now. So this is my helmet. I’m actually gonna be
using the Kask Mistral which is a helmet you guys would have seen on the channel before,
so, it’s got a little bit of a tail to it, similar
shape to the Bambino, but for me, this fits me really nicely. It sits into my, the top
of my back really well. I’ve got a clear lens
on here at the moment. I’m probably gonna start off with that, although, I do have the choice, which Kask have kindly sent through
to me for this race, if I can open this. I have got an orange lens. Now you heard me talking about
using an orange lens earlier for the swimming, now this
has the same properties for the bike; it enhances the light so if it is particularly dark on race day, I can very easily just pull that off, it’s got magnets, and
just click that one on. Or if I don’t need it at all,
if the rain’s particularly bad and I can’t see, I can
just click it up there so I will have probably
a spare one in the car, I even have a mirrored one in case it’s remarkably sunny, who knows. And I’ll just get Frazer to clean them and everything for me. Might as well, once he’s there. Now in terms of other kit on the bike, you heard me talk about
using the tri suit earlier but probably putting
some extra clothes on. It is actually mandatory that we have some form of high visibility, so I have got a basic high vis vest here which a lot of athletes will be using, although, other athletes have opted for, something slightly more
substantial and better fitting so I have got this through from Asos. This is just their wind cape. So it’s quite thin, but
it’s really well fitted and it’s still got that high vis property, so I’m ticking that box,
that’s fine with Norseman, but depending on the conditions, I’ll switch between the two. I’ve also got an Asos rain cape, which I haven’t got here today,
but that’s a really thick, heavy duty cape, so that’s
gonna keep me nice and warm if it is torrential and really cold. I’ve got some extra stuff
here, so I’m probably not gonna be doing quite as
quite a transition as usual, so I’m gonna be putting
on things like overshoes if I feel it’s particularly cold. I’m just gonna make sure that I’m warm. I’ve got gloves, I’ve got a little cap that I can put on underneath my helmet, if I really need to, but aero helmets tend to be a little bit warmer. I’ve got arm warmers, knee warmers, ah, here we go. Let’s go onto food actually because this is quite interesting. So on the bike, I will be using, I’ve been using Maurten quite a bit, but I’ve been mixing up. I’ve used SiS, I’ve used Enovit, so I do quite like the
Maurten stuff, so I’m probably gonna start with that,
but because I’ve realised I really like just comfort food, I’m gonna be taking out
just stuff that I’m used to so loads of chocolate-y
bars, lots of Mars bars, Boost bars, don’t know if
you get that where you are but I do love them. Lots of cans of Coke,
so I’m gonna have that stocked up in the car. But yeah, um, that’s pretty
much it for the bike stuff. Now let’s move onto the run stuff. (upbeat music) Now depending on the weather conditions, I may actually change
completely out of my tri suit into some normal running gear, just so that I’m comfortable,
I’m dry, and I’m warm. But one thing I do need to make sure is that I’ve got all my kit checked, so I’ve got to have a bag that
is checked before the race, not just for myself, but also from Frazer, he’s gonna have a bag
himself for that final 5K and we each have some mandatory gear that we need to carry within that. Now, I’ve chucked a load
of extra stuff in this bag just so I can run through with you. So I am gonna be running
with that bag here. It’s just a small running
pack, which I’ll be honest, I haven’t used that
often, maybe once or twice but it is comfortable enough, it’s fine. So I chucked a few things in here. I’ve got a hat, that
I’ll probably be taking just in case it gets
cold, so running gloves, a head torch in case things
get a bit emotional out there and I’m there too long up the mountain. I’ve chucked this in, I’ll
probably give this to Frazer, it’s just a first aid pack,
hopefully I won’t need that. Um, socks, this will
probably stay in transition, change of socks just to
make sure that my feet are nice and dry. I’ve gotta take some trousers with me so I’ve got some sort of
thin waterproof trousers here that I could chuck on over the top. I may actually have some tights as well, just normal running tights. I’ve got a long sleeve top
here that I can chuck on. I’ve also got sort of a wind
proof, slight rain proof top, not really sure what it
is, but it’ll keep me warm. I’ve also, just so happens,
I have a compass in here. That’s not mandatory, but I’m
probably just gonna take it just in case, and a hydration
pack, so I have water on the go just sticking out of here. In terms of my footwear,
I’ve actually been running in the new On CloudStratus
quite a lot in my training. Personally my favourite running shoe, it’s a good mileage shoe. I’m really happen with them. I am gonna be heading off road, but, I’m hardly gonna be running by that point, I’m pretty much gonna be walking, so um, yeah, I think this shoe will
probably just work for all. I did toy with the idea of using their off road pair of shoes, I’m so comfortable with
these, I think are gonna do for all, so. Of course we are currently
in the middle of a heat wave, so I’ve talked about all
this cold weather gear, which is still necessary
given that I am going up to the top of mountains,
some quite higher altitude. It may be quite hot out there. In the moment, I believe
it’s 32 degrees in Voss, so I am also going to
be packing vest shorts and some warm weather gear,
but A, it’s still important, given that I’m going
to the top of mountain that I have this cold weather gear too. Well there we go, that
is my Norseman kit list. As you can probably tell, this is fairly new territory to me. I am figuring it out as I go. I don’t know if I’ve got
too much or too little. Hopefully it all comes
together on race day. So do stay tuned for
my video from Norseman which is coming in a few weeks time, but if you would like
to see Frazer’s attempt of an extreme triathlon when he did Count, when he did extremely
well, you can see that by clicking down here and if
you did enjoy today’s video, don’t forget to like this video, and if you’d like to see
more from GTN, you can click on the globe and subscribe to the channel.

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    The scenery on that course looks incredible, we all look forward to the video.
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    when i participated in 2014 at norseman i took a Casco Speedairo helmet with mirrored lens and this was a big mistake because 50 kms from the end of the cycling segment the weather changed and it got very dark so i had to lift the lens, But then it started to rain heavily and on the last descent I couldn't stab because the raindrops felt like needles sticking in my face, so I had to slow down and lost some time.

    When I returned to Norseman in 2016, I took the same helmet but with orange lens, which helped me a lot.

    Not all events are the same, but my suggestion is that you should go for the orange lens, because in Norseman the weather is very unstable and you can catch all 4 seasons in one day.

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