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IT’S A DOWNHILL PUMP TRACK! | Riding Sram Park near Nagoya, Japan!

IT’S A DOWNHILL PUMP TRACK! | Riding Sram Park near Nagoya, Japan!

Today on BCpov I ride in the back of a truck Then I ride back down! So in the previous episode of the Japan Series We were riding at wood park From there, we headed down to Iwakuni To check out some trails we found on Trailforks But they were a little overgrown After that we headed to SRAM park outside of Nagano So we’re at the Sram MTB Park outside of Nagoya and as you can see, it’s more of a moto park Basically there is only one mountain bike trail But a bunch of moto tracks, so.. It’s going to be a bit noisy So we paid, like a $30 membership each and then it’s either 100 yen per lap, which is a dollar or a thousand yen for the day Which is like $10 Hello Hello Hello, good morning Good morning This way? Start! Okay Thank you First time? Yes You came, here, first time? Yep Yes So it’s still wet Yup Ya, so So first time, right? Just go slow, ya? Ya, ya, sure But anyways, here’s my first lap down the trail Actually I was super impressed by the build on this trail Just, really flowy and smooth Some nice optional jumps on the trail But I guess most importantly is the dirt! The dirt is basically really, non-organic Sandy dirt I guess that’s also why there’s a moto course here because Ya, even when it’s wet, it’s still pretty grippy When it’s dry, it’s good too And also this kind of dirt doesn’t brake pump that easily as well And that’s why places like coast gravity in BC are so good Because basically it’s mostly sand and the trails tend to be super smooth But anyways, let’s head up for my best run of the day! Oh, you’re not going to get your own bike? No, it’s heavy! Oh It’s okay? Okay! Alright, well here’s the Lap of the Sram track It’s fairly well built But this bike feels a little big on it It’s fun, a little jump here, a little jump here, A little jump here Ya, there’s a double there I really wanna get Two options here I like the lower one That corner is really satisfying There pop off there A little too slow through there! Ya, keep your speed here So even though there was only one trail there I thought it was still worth it to make a small video on this place The trail was really quite well built actually and I really enjoyed it This place also has a pump track And they also had this alternate more tech line off the top But anyways, we only rode here until about noon And then we headed over to Rookies bike park which is very near by and we spent the rest of the afternoon there and that’ll be the next video

26 comments on “IT’S A DOWNHILL PUMP TRACK! | Riding Sram Park near Nagoya, Japan!

  1. Yes! Another Japan episode. Japan is a literal paradise. Awesome riding Eric. Thanks for the video. I’m looking forward to going to Japan. Thanks again for all the great content.

  2. Grate Park there Eric my friend she just Gone to Japan for while holiday, been to the Philippines that was nice place Manila my wife filipna cant wait see next video ;0)

  3. Glad you took the advice and went slow at first! Neat video, I like seeing the bike culture from other countries, thanks Eric!

  4. That's cool man… i didn't know Japan have bike trails like that, actually didn't know it has mtb trails. Well done man

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