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Benefits of cycling
It’s the drag-Why cyclists wear those aerodynamic outfits | UNC-TV Science

It’s the drag-Why cyclists wear those aerodynamic outfits | UNC-TV Science

Studies show wearing a bicycle helmet
prevents sixty percent head injury deaths it also
reduces the overall risk it head injuries by eighty-five percent but ever wonder white cycling helmets are shaped the way
they are or why serious cyclists don’t look like
this writer wearing a loose fitting tee shirt and
long pants instead many cyclists wear tight-fitting racing
tape here is it a fashion statement or is science
specifically motion dynamics now the reality is it’s probably both writers might want to look
good but the was in physics require recyclers
to overcome multiple forces simply put a bike in
motion and aerodynamic clothing helps to do
that so you’re always trying to balance out that you know the
the best aero position and you know the most efficient position for
putting up power and catch on a match the 22 to see what the best combination that
you can get immense okay just had a permanent one often calibrate
David Salazar helps cyclists like Mike Byrd ride like the
win by writing the win in the a2 win title in Mooresville the most common
misconception that went on all those that area is blown over whatever object or person is being
tested the reality is air is drawn through the wind tunnel because that way
the airflow is more uniform is the back in the wind tunnel there are
three giant fans just like this an air can be pulled through the wind
tunnel up to 85 miles an hour okay and they’re coming on Ste he wanted to it is normally do what you
know when you’re 18 doing special and now we’re gonna get from a biomechanics measurement down as
well as their dynamic data 82 win title is the only wind tunnel in
the world that combines motion capture technology with
high-speed cameras and aerodynamic sensors that means that
by a mechanic and aerodynamic data can be captured in
real time while the test is happening so cyclist
changes positions or headgear or alters anything during a
test the effects can be study immediately it
gives me a chance to find out what I can be better how can I get faster does it
make a difference if I have a narrow on the first to the road a quantified
everything it makes your real you know you can read magazines all day
long and read about this and that resistance proceeded on their anti the
numbers change in it’s really become very real and here’s
why all those numbers matter cycling is good
exercise because the writer has to overcome a lot
of forces trying to keep the bike removing that’s why peddling it work
gravity is pulling the bike in the writer down drag from air resistance is pushing from
the front there’s vertical ground reaction caused by
friction between the tire in the ground and proposes in rolling resistance
caused by breaking and inertia simply getting the fight
make it turn while riding there’s even more force working against
the writer increase the friction on the wheel plus torque and centripetal force and
here’s the trouble the was in physics dictate that most to
those forces can’t be changed ready is brevity can’t
do anything about that different players and bike designs can
reduce the friction with the road but only little fortunately for cyclists aerodynamic drag is the largest force a
writer has to overcome to get moving and its the one force a writer can do
something about anywhere from 80 to 90 percent a power
they’re putting out a just overcome that a resistance so we can help them out you
know 3 45 percent it’s huge for them especially for longer
distances because they’re there already and perhaps so much power anytime you can help them
it either help them get done with the race quicker or just helps them you know takes less
energy linked it to get to the race the first thing david notices is that
Mike doesn’t pedal evenly so what we’re looking at here is
than any trace now since my kids had surgery on his
right knee we can see it does not track the same as his left knee you can look at these patterns and see
this is more curved on the outside where this is more up and down but now look at Mike from this side view
in separate tests he wore a road helmet and
sat in a more upright position then eat right and
aerodynamic helmet in it cut position that lowered his
torso by three degrees you know if you’re
looking at his ankles again but we can compare this to his baseline position so this outline I took initially when we
ran him and I can overlaid on this photo so you
can see just how much we brought down you know not only his head but his back
shape back is changed and we brought him down quite a bit and it definitely helped economically a
lot my grand 12 positions in one hour of testing so
looking at the the baseline to the best we’re able
to save in 13 point three percent a drag savings now at that equates to twenty miles an hour it would take him
382 what’s to maintain that speed in the baseline
position whereas the new position with the arrow helmet now it’s only takes 337
wants to maintain that position a what is a measure of power reducing drag means more efficient
pedaling which means Mike uses fewer want to power to go just as fast that saves in energy which I could use
in other parts the race so crunch the numbers that 44 what’s up
our saved over a 10-mile race would shave 57
seconds of Mike’s race time those same aerodynamic principles are used to
design everything from bikes and helmets as we saw at the beginning at the story
to the cars that cyclists ride by the planes that fly about all in an
effort to save energy that date on essays a lot energy
for you if you’re traveling especially you know you can be a little rhyme a lot
faster a lot for save that for you live burglary

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