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Japan Cup 2019 – EF Gone Racing

Japan Cup 2019 – EF Gone Racing

Okay, I’m gonna
hold on a second here. I’m just gonna cheer on my athlete. Come on, Taylor. Very good, Taylor. Yes, yes, yes. Go, go, go, go, go! Yeah, Taylor! I’ve raced in Japan
a couple of times before and it’s always, like,
a really great experience. A lot of it’s just down to the fans
because they’re hugely enthusiastic. I’ve been adorned with gifts, signing autographs. Yeah, it’s cool.
It’s cool being here. I have a big respect
for Japanese culture. It’s a race that every single year,
whenever you see the photographs that come out of it
and the riders’ reactions and the stories that come back, it seems like it’s a race
that has a great deal of passion. When I got up at 6:00am to catch
my flight yesterday morning, I’d never gotten up so easily. Like, I was pretty excited
to come here. The year has been exceptionally good
on a performance standpoint. The only thing that’s hamstrung us
a little bit is we’ve just had a lot
of really nasty crashes. But the vibe of the team,
the spirit of the team, the way they’re executing
on the fundamentals, is, across the board,
really, really high level. This year, we finally feel
stable and grounded. Obviously there have been a number
of years where the financial struggle has really weighed into
the spirit of the team, and since that pressure
has been alleviated, I think the team feels grounded,
the people in the team feel grounded, and you can focus
more on pure performance. Less than 24 hours since
you announced your retirement, how has the reaction been? It’s been overwhelmingly positive,
the reaction to my retirement. I wasn’t expecting so many of
my friends to reach out, so many people to extend
their gratitude to me, so that was super cool. It’s a privilege to be here
racing his last race, actually. I’m very excited to be
here for his last race which, yeah, I mean, he’s an incredible bike rider,
but an incredible person. I’m excited that he’s finally able to
move into the next part of his life. He seems very happy about it. Basically, since I was
seventeen years old, I have been a sponsored athlete, and next year I’m not
gonna get paid at all, so I have no obligations to anybody. I love that,
I’m so excited about that. It’s gonna be sad
to see Taylor leave the team. He brings a really nice
spirit to the team. He’s such a unique character,
brings a cool vibe to the team. He’s a cool dude. This weekend is about Woodsy. I think he has a really
good chance of winning the race. Woodsy’s very motivated,
Woodsy’s always motivated. He wants to make it
a hard race right from the start. I’m wildly underprepared,
but I don’t care. (laughter) Drop in. It’s gonna be pretty
intensive from the start. We have two neutral laps
and then we have fifteen laps of two
and a half kilometres. It’s gonna be pretty intensive. With every lap, there’s two U-turns, so that’s gonna hurt
for the guys with the jetlag and just riding a bit
in the last few days, and then it’s gonna be
good to open up. But our main focus is on tomorrow. I did this race three years ago and it was kind of like a circus,
kind of like, not a real race. And now everybody’s
taking it real seriously, which is totally
the trend in cycling, so it might be
harder this time around. But last time,
I remember it wasn’t too bad. I’ve found it very difficult
coming back into road races. It’s very much business as usual. Just all the reasons
I wanted to get involved in the other stuff, confirmed.
(laughter) I keep on telling Lachy, especially after he won
that stage in Utah, he’s the Tony Hawk of alternative. He’s making it cool,
he’s pulling the 900, you know,
giving the sport a bigger presence, and I love that he’s doing it. I wish I could do
some of the alternative races. Just by virtue of my calendar this
year, I wasn’t able to do them. You couldn’t be more proud of him,
in the way that he’s won alternative calendar races and he’s really struggled
in alternative calendar races, and he’s won on the road
in World Tour races. If you were to say ‘who is
the best all-around bike rider in the world this year?’,
not bike racer necessarily, but the best bike rider
in the world this year, it has to be Lachlan Morton. I just came to the end of
my first year as a pro. Almost, I’ve still got one race left,
140k left of my first year. It’s been a pretty full-on year. I feel like I’ve gone through
more stress in this year than I have in, like,
my 21 years beforehand, but it’s a good stress. I’ve gone through a lot of change, setting up departments
and moving across overseas and trying to learn how to race
a bike in a proper World Tour level. Jimmy is a lot like me
in a lot of ways. He came into
the World Tour even greener than I came into the World Tour. He wants it. You can just tell
he really wants to have success, he’s willing to learn. And for guys like that,
even if they’re really green, I’ve got all the time in
the world to share information and try and give advice too. Pro cycling gives you,
as a rider, as an athlete, it gives you this sense that
you’re never really good enough, that you’re always chasing something. And the dynamics of the peloton
and the dynamics of the race are that unless you’re the person on
the front, which is very rare, to be the one person on
the front out of 150 people, you are subject to
the pace of somebody else, and you’re constantly
battling yourself to fight to follow that wheel. That’s all we do
is we’re just following wheels. You can pepper some wins in there
and that brings the vibe up. I mean, winning a bike race is
one of the most amazing feelings in the world,
because you spend so much time just getting whipped,
getting your ass kicked. 100 metres to go,
I just gave it everything I had, and I was creeping up on him
and I knew I was going to get it because I was just coming up on him. Like I said, it’s a beautiful thing. There’s nothing better in the world
than winning a bike race, so this is
a really beautiful feeling. Mike is always very motivated. He knows he has the condition
to do this, to finish this off well. I want to try and win. It’s a cool race. I just, like, race my bike and I know,
when I get into race mode, I’m gonna get in that tunnel vision
mode where I want to win it, and so I’ll fucking try and win it. Mike is pretty incredible. He was racing to win
bike races in January and he can make it all
the way through until October. There’s not many guys
that can do that. Riders, take the start of the 2019
Japan Cup Cycle Road Race. Today we have
a distance of 144.2 kilometres. That’s 14 laps
of the 10.3-kilometre circuit. It’s gonna be
a really hard-fought race, probably more so than most
Japan Cups have been. I think it’s a battle
between Mike Woods, Bauke Mollema, and maybe one or two
other guys in there, but I gotta go with
that Mike is gonna learn how to win a race on Sunday. Okay guys, go to the front. Trek and Jumbo is jumping. Come on, we’ll be aggressive. It’s been a big year,
(laughter) so physically,
I’m definitely a little bit tired. Take it easy, catch up on some sleep,
plot for next year. I’m actually really gonna
try and learn how to ride a mountain bike properly. Tell me. Jimmy’s ****ing strong, you can tell. – Jimmy?
– Yeah. He’s ***ing good,
but he’s gonna get ****ing… – Too much in his head?
– Too much in his head. He’ll start trying to go pull forward but when he does it,
they’ll ****ing eat him alive. I’m gonna go to the front. He should rotate through easy, and then he’s got to watch
Ciccone and Caruso. I’m gonna go to the front and talk
to him, I’m gonna come directly back. I encourage people within
the sport and within the environment just to tap out every once
in a while, to disconnect, to throw your power meter away
and just ride your bike. Like, put some flat pedals on your
bike and just ride it around, get some fat tyres and just see how
that feels, because it feels nice. Just ride your bicycle,
because we live in this golden era
of professional sports where you can make
a living from being an athlete which is like, that’s only been
a thing for the last twenty years, to be able to make
a living as a professional athlete where you don’t have to have
a side job or whatever. So just take it
a little less seriously and just be grateful that
you can do that, and see what you can
do with your extra time instead of killing that
time and obsessing about what you have to do next. Take a step back, bro.
(laughter) I need to talk to him
and then I go back. Jimmy, you need to take it easy. You are very strong and you
have to believe in yourself. I believe in you,
the guys behind you also. All the big teams are here so
it’s not sure who’s gonna ride. What? The roads are real slippy,
I don’t wanna… Don’t think about that,
we’re not gonna do that. Yeah, good. This team has always been
a very likeable team. When people ask me what’s
the goal of the team and where do you wanna go,
do you wanna win 60-70 races? We’re more about winning with people
that are compelling personalities and winning races that are meaningful
for the broader cycling community, and that’s sort of
the magic of the team. As opposed to just
methodically and numbly just pounding out race victories, we’re trying to make the cycling
community as a whole happy. Road cycling just needs to make fun
of itself a little bit more. The real world is huge, and the professional road cycling
bubble seems like it’s very large, but it’s super small. Lachlan, you can start riding
when we start the climb, so that’s about 500 metres
before the finish. You can start riding
and you can go really hard to make the gap smaller fast, because then other people
will come too, okay? It’s Jimmy, ****,
he cannot eat. – He didn’t eat?
– He can’t. – Why?
– His stomach, he could not eat. The only thing he could
do is drink mix. Ah. Come on, man. Mollema is gonna follow you, man.
Come on, come on Mike! He’s going, he’s going. Stop sign ahead. It’s more than 40 seconds. Can I pass or not? Can I go to my rider? Start sprinting just before
the last corner. The corner is at 160 metres
before the finish. You just take the inside
and you’re gonna win. Come on, Mike. Okay, they’ve finished by now.
Who won? The Mitchelton-Scott’s up
in third position. – Did he win?
– No, second. Oh, ****. How is that possible? No, come on. How is that possible? Mollema takes the 2019… What ****… Mollema told him it was 10k to go, but that’s also
a little bit Mike’s fault. Argh. Well, er… I mean, Mike lost the sprint,
but I don’t know if he-, I mean, well, he lost it, but he
didn’t know it was the last lap. He thought there was one lap to go
so he didn’t really sprint. Yeah, so… – That’s why he’s a bit-,
– Pissed, yeah. That’s why he’s a bit upset. I mean, I don’t know
why he’d ask Mollema, but when he asked Mollema
how far to go, Mollema said,
‘Yeah, it’s one more lap.’ It’s a good lesson
for him that, you know, your rivals aren’t always going
to be honest with you. You know, for many, many, many years, I’ve been saying one of the biggest
things that cycling struggles with is that there is not a connection
between recreational riders and professional riders, that that bridge has not been built. And it was one of those things
that always sort of vexed me, but I didn’t have the solution
any better than anyone else did. But, you know, this year, thanks to Rapha and thanks
to EF deciding to take a little bit of an alternative view
on things and be innovative, I think we’ve made the first
steps to building that bridge, and that’s the key to the future
of bike racing as a sport, is the bridge between people who ride
bikes and people who race bikes, that they’re seen as one community as
opposed to two separate communities. I think that’s something that people
would say couldn’t have been done a couple of years ago. The message in the end
of this year is just, to be very simple about it,
just well done. Everyone, they rode together,
they rode as a team, they executed on the fundamentals. Everyone always showed up fit. We were never having
to chase anyone about training, we were never having to
chase anyone about their nutrition. It was very much a very professional,
motivated group of riders, a very professional,
motivated staff behind the riders. I mean, yeah, I think ‘well done’ is just-,
those are the two words. I just wanted to say thank you
to everybody that came out today. All the Japanese fans made
me feel super loved, and I tried to give as many bottles
to as many people as possible. I spent the whole race off the back,
which I actually prefer. All the best to y’all. Thank you.

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