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Today on BCpov We shred some berms in the snow Hajime hit’s a tree And I follow Taro down this half-pipe So after sending some rad jumps at Rookies Bike Park we got back on the road We checked out a few other small bike parks Visited Yamabushi again But now it was time to visit our friend Hajime Who we had met at the DH race in Yoshimuta Hajime invited us to meet him and his friends in Nagano To do a couple days of riding He was about to show us some of the best trails Japan has to offer But anyways, let’s introduce the characters to this story First off, we have Taro Urakami He’s recovering from a broken back and this is his first ride back Next up we have Paul He’s an Irishman who has been living in Japan for 16 years Karasowa-san who is a local ripper And of course my wife Yuka Hajime’s super cut dog, Hana And of course, Hajime Imoto The current DH champ in Japan We all met late in the day for a quick ride before sunset The air temperature outside was quite cold, but That wasn’t going to stop us from having some fun How you feeling Taro? You wanna go in front? Okay Alright, we’re on our descent Just pedaled up like 8 km So far so good Sick! Taro, the guy in front of me, he’s he broke his back or, maybe more ribs a few weeks ago oh, sick! Nice! Nice one, dude! Suspension is feeling a little stiff, it’s so cold Ya, ya, ya, hard My suspension is locked up on the back Ah, that’s awesome, though It seems like nobody rides that It’s just like all needles Off the trail! F*ckin hell! Where’s the trail!? Aw, man I couldn’t see anything! F*ck Oh my god Ah, it’s almost like snow! Snow, ya! No f*cking brakes work there! How are those leaves? Yuka: Ya sometimes I lost the trail, like Ya, we all did! It’s so good It’s so fun Oh, a little bit rooty under the trail The guy in front of me is Paul And uh, He’s been living in Japan for 16 years He’s a bit of a ripper as well Something’s stuck! Ah, come on, get out! Ah, I gotta stop Okay Oh, it’s getting dark Anyhow, anyways, Paul, he’s He uh, cleaned up at the National enduro series here in Japan Oh my god, these ancient trails Oh man, this trail is Gotta be one of the best of the trip! Aw, so good! Enjoy! That was a good ride Woohoo! How was that? Yuka: That was fun! There was so many forks and I just assumed.. I think they probably all connect Some are bypassing the halfpipe which I don’t know why you would want to do, because they’re so cool Oh, it’s getting a bit dark It was getting pretty late in the day at this point so we all headed to the onsen to warm up and then we headed to Takuro-sans house For some dinner and some drinks But wait! Who’s Takuro-san? He runs the local bike shop and He joined us for the ride on the next day We’ve also got Ryo Who’s a trail builder at Iwatake Bike Park in Hakuba And we also have Yuki Kushima Who is the previous years downhill champion in Japan Feeling slightly hung over we all met up the next day to do some more riding Really big group today So, just dropping into the first trail Supposed to be a bit up and down, and then down This is pretty fun Oh, Hana! Oh, that’s pretty slick! How was that mud? It’s super slippery! We had a little.. Yuka: Slippery under the leaves Ya Suddenly it’s… vvvvuuutttss! Yoooott! Yoooww! After our warm up lap, we headed to another spot in the valley Alright, Hana is in the back now That’s the right spot for you! But we were in for a change of scenery! Snow! Push? Ya, of course! Alright, the Hi Ace is not four wheel drive, so we gotta push! Geeze, it’s one wheel drive isn’t it? This is pretty f*cking cold I have a lovely winter jacket sitting in my bag Oh, in your car In my car So cold, huh? I need to pedal! Alright Ah, it’s so cold! I’m glad to pedal though Cause it’s Just gonna warm me up Ah, it’s beautiful though! Is that a problem? It’s awesome! Awesome! Sick! Ah, so nice! That’s sick, dude! I’m actually light headed! Oh, I love it! It’s pretty grippy though! Like, more grippy than the last place That’s were we get to high five It’s so fun! That was so cool! Okay It’s fun though, isn’t it? Yup! Yuka: It was really slippery on the top! Was it? For me yes It’s really snowing now Just loading up and going to another mountain We’re going to one called “Jet Coaster” Jet coaster? Yes That’s a good name Apparently, natural banking Hana! Hana, come on Hanako! Good girl But before we hit Jet Coaster, it’s time to refuel at the local Konbini Oh, so tasty! This one? See you soon! Another mountain, another pedal Yuka: Yes Pretty cold, though They’re saying uh This trail is a half-pipe trail Yuka: Oh really? Yesssss! Alright, this is supposed to be a half-pipe trail Which I love Okay? You okay? Did you get hurt? No, I’m fine All the snow on the tree fell off I didn’t see this corner I jumped and Yuki stopped here Good for you Ya? Okay Haji, are you alright? Ya What did you hit, tree? Tree, ya Haha, sick Awesome Oh, you go It’s good to follow you The guy in front of me is last years Japanese DH champion He’s pretty good Sick And as if four different riding spot’s wasn’t enough we head to our fifth and final spot Paul: Welcome to the top of the mountain! Another shuttle, another trail! Ah, it’s a bit cold! That was fun! I thought that was going to happen That was a tight corner! I always forget that point! You looked sketchy! Your back tire was sliding You had a moment before too You hugged the tree! I hug one tree a day! One tree a day! Oh, this is going to be a good one, I can tell Getting a little steep! Aw, so sick This ridge trail Oh, a log All good? Oh my god Man, the leaves were so deep in some of that It’s crazy! Yuka: My dropper post didn’t work Yuka: You know why? Nope Because I crashed a little bit Did you crash? Just a little bit Oh! High five! They’re so stoked You guys are so gross! Yuka: Gross!!?? High five! High five! He is a foreigner! Foreigner! Yuka: The kids said we are gross! Thank you for your hard work Thank you for your hard work too Do your best! Do your best! Yes! Hello Hello I just gotta thank Hajime for inviting us out and giving us such an awesome tour and of course Takuro-san for letting the whole crew crash at his place And really, this was our last ride in Japan It was bitter sweet We spent 2 months riding in Japan and I miss it so much The people are so friendly the food is so good and those trails… unreal Who knew riding in Japan could be so good I truely hope I can go back some day! Thank you Japan!

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