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All right, my brother wants to play some happy wheels so I just told you yes. Lets give this a shot shall we? Hey guys welcome back to my channel – today is the day. We’ve got a little bit of a different video, We’re playing happy wheels and we’ve got a special guest. Come in please Don’t be uhhh… why are you not wearing a shirt cause dude cause I don’t want that’s totally not cool. cause I don’t want to! He’s not wearing a shirt. It’s fine. Go dress up fine! I actually didn’t tell you guys. I have a twin brother. Why did I keep the secret away from you? I don’t know Why did I keep it a secret tell me. cause I have a job at McDonald’s and they make hamburgers all day, McDonald’s So it doesn’t matter what your job is yes, it does to you you say it sucks Okay, he’s a little he’s a little bit awkward no, no yes, I agree. Oh, I’m not awkward. so today we’re gonna play happy wheels we’re gonna play some levels that you guys made for me. people make levels for you. Yes Yes, people make levels for me, okay? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. you? [alright], let’s have a look what do we got over here? We got well we got a lot [of] levels. Yeah, we did 4,000 place Don’t move that’s okay. What we can do that right? No, you suck Okay, oh goodness. What is this about? I know I don’t know why I don’t know why [either] hahaha What even is this? [I] just told you i [-] [no] that’s possibly the worst level ever played. Hey, you do you agree I don’t know. I don’t watch your video. You don’t watch my videos I Love my brother. It’s sad for a jelly rope swing this one actually looks good. Do you think no? I doesn’t do this, okay here. We go. What you got wah-ha-Ha-Ha wow You know I actually think it kind of looks like me. Yeah, I agree kind of looks like you. Yeah, that’s funny Yeah, because we’re twins [no], but you’re not the real jelly I’m the real jelly just so you guys know you don’t get confused the one with the green hoodie is jelly, okay? Oh, it’s me. Shut up. I said shut up, okay. Stop talking okay here. We go I got this I’m a way better half prius player than you. We will find out. That’s not you no It’s not who’s that I don’t know maybe Geordi. I don’t know yeah. Maybe you’re right. I’ve got a scratch. He knows what about you This guy ignores me all the time [all] right, so I want to play a couple more levels, and then it’s your turn Yeah, okay. Yes, it is. I wonder what is this about [we] have to fire I? Miss You miss because you suck. [I] know I suck don’t you know what to tell ya, all right? So I have to click on the fire button Okay Dad do you want to do it now? I suck at this don’t let me do it He wants to do it. He wants to click on the fire, but I don’t want to click on it Come on [ok] I’ll just do it for him. You suck big time dude. I already knew to go shoot him [three] [two] [one], [ahh]? Dad give me a thought maybe not What’s wrong with you? It is time for the ultimate Jelly quiz hey jelly or player also he also said hi to you see You’re the player. I know yes. You’re a player. I’m not. We’re a slut. Why my slime What do you mean? What do you you me? I’m not a slut. I don’t know what he’s trying to say, but this is shut up This is my possible for you. I just want to say thank you remember you two. I keep up the good work I’m from Sevilla Do you know our Slovenia’s do you know what yes yes yes, I know where slough is I do as well I love Slovenia me [-] question number one who is featured at the zero Star jelly time? [vaughn] Darlin [quibble] cup or [kendrick] blood it’s fun directed alright. Man. What what do you think but darling? I just told you Stop burping in my face But I’ve got sorry where ever you don’t to say sorry you’re right. You’re right. It’s no dollar you’re you’re right Yes, I know. I just said that all right question number two MMM-hmm looks which card is Jelly have Mercedes right you got lisa. Oh, you made a video on it right? I think a Honda Civic [a] range Rover evoque He doesn’t have a car. He has a bike wow I guess yeah, I actually do have a car. Yeah, uh I guess at the time they didn’t know yeah. I guess I’ll have to break this one there you go no bike Question number three what’s [daily] stream car. Do you know what my dream cars [Kymaro] [do] it? Yeah? What is it then come on right you’re right [you’re] right. All right. Yeah, the [chamorro] nice I’m gonna keep on doing like this. Are you keeping accurate [that’s] my dream car – yeah What should I do next save the replays? Save it save him [ok] that was a that was literally an amazing quiz you want to play some happy with me. Yes That was really loud. It was a bet you hurt that with your phones on yeah All right, my brother wants to play some happy wheels so I just told you yes Let’s give this a shot shall. We [okay]. Do it what about how do I do this [okay]? [it’s] my turn. Yes, finally What [do] [I] what do I do? [I] click exit to menu uh What do I do? Just click anywhere, dude. I don’t want to play your shitty levels Okay, I know you didn’t make them, but I want to play some good ones. You could go to like viral levels You want to do that? Okay? What? [anytime] yeah, okay. Thank frankly you’re a good brother. Thank you. That sounds like fun It actually is fun You just suck at the game your car is being stolen chase after it feel free to [raid] fuck, okay? What do I do you got to drive the car? [what] do I all right? You got to teach me how to play the game all right come on. [I]? Choose you Yeah, [pokemons]. It says seriously, what do I do? You’re the most boring at it listen 200. I can use the arrow keys. [haha]. It’s happy wheels okay? Uh hello little dude. I want to kill you [that’s] me. [I] [can’t] I can’t kill him Pokemons Jim you Gotta play the game. Go forwards. I think I know I’m supposed to go forwards [I’ve] seen you playing this game Thank you, Pikachu this is you oh, I [think] [ah] Yeah, oh goodness Pikachu kill the Thunderbolt guy, [we’re] a pikachu killed the guy with [Thunder] [boy] That’s what Pikachu doesn’t tell me okay. I’m not telling you. Yeah God [damnit] this game is scary Jelly no, it’s not oh, hey. Look it broke my arms. That’s just great. No. It’s not alright What’s next go forward I gotta go this way right? Yes forward [oh] Jigglypuff is coming edges. Okay, wait do I go more forwards look the walls like The wall is like backwards stop burping. We’re really already saying okay. Maybe I gotta go this way [I] just told you serious. Are you kidding me? I’m dead cuz you saw no no no no no no The ultimate happy wheel speed bridge yeah, something you would say haha. I’m jelly now ah [speed], bitch ah That’s not nice. I seriously suck at being I don’t know seriously. I don’t do it like [that]. Okay check hold up always are oh Wow, haha I’m trying to be jelly you’re not even close. I know I’m great at it. [I] love my brother. It’s great It’s great having him around you need to Erica I love my hair you need a haircut look at your fucking hair if it wrong with my hair. Yes There’s something wrong with your hair. I said, what’s wrong. [oh], my hair. Oh my goodness look I’ll brush my [hair]. I had it. She knows nice. Okay. I’m gonna do this [Jellies] brother is the best oh, I’m the best jellies. I got nice hair now Did you die right when I said that I died I wasn’t launched because I’m playing on your computer dude No, it’s cuz I’m playing on your computer that I’m doing worse. You got like hacks from Stalling don’t have any stupid house? Well, it’s your computer both. I’m blaming it on it. It’s not my computer. I want to do one more level, [bro] North Pole Rush Santa has a help or especially when it’s late, okay my Santa is on the North Pole, and we gotta help someone move you little shits. [oh], oh, you’re funny, Santa Okay, Launchpad is you’re so knocked up boss. Be careful. I’m the boss. Yes I’m the boss was that supposed to happen. Yes. It was supposed to happen okay. Oh my God this oh I’m doing this seriously dude. You’re not I’m flying oh Okay What okay can you try no? Okay, I’ll try [alright]. I got this now Santa you are going with me. [oh] no Did I do a good job? No? Thank you? Hey alright. This is my last ride, okay? Okay Okay, okay Jelly wants me to leave Goddamnit Jelly wants me to leave. [I] didn’t say that nice. I didn’t see that was pretty good. [I] didn’t say [oh], no I’m not gonna help you [oh] You’re having too much fun. Yeah, you should definitely set up your own YouTube channel Okay, I’m flying again. Jelly. I’m flying again. [I] can see that. Go forwards more. Yes, no I didn’t do it. She saw oh, do you have [dinner] for Charlie’s brother? Yeah? DnF [kinks] brother hi like the video if you enjoyed it Do it like like the video? I need to do the outro. Yes, dude. Are you serious? I? Really suck at this shit. No, just do haha do it. Thank you for watching Jellies awesome video with me if you want to see more of me jellies, brother They make sure not polite that you hit the like button do it and what else subscribe my stuff? subscribe down below and uh um how many hundreds of 100,000 likes 100,000 likes and we will do g zn another video, [okay]? Now. I got to do your stupid like who [Gothia] Who ha do it come on you got it? I don’t know how to [do] that Seriously [ok] I’ll try a day blah close again [no] [ah] What we’re done. Oh, that was better wasn’t it ha ha ha you

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