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Joanna’s Story: Recovery After a Traumatic Motorcycle Accident

Joanna’s Story: Recovery After a Traumatic Motorcycle Accident

Hi I’m Joanna Ramirez I’m 22 and I’ve been in Vegas most of my life so unfortunately I was involved in a motorcycle accident in May that lasted me two months in a coma when I first came out of my coma I recognized my family all around my bed and room here at Kindred hospital the nurses were very great to me always checking up on me seeing I was doing if I was feeling good one day your ICU nurse her name is Carmen she and I had a conversation and we made a plan you cut back on the sedation and myself and and Molly she’s a she’s a rehab tech here we’re going to get you up and so the next day as planned miss Carmen turned off your sedation and we got you into what’s called a cardiac chair it didn’t require you to do anything we just slid you into the chair and your family was there and it was the first time you were out of bed and it was amazing and then of course collaboration with the respiratory therapist and John was he’s our respiratory director big in this initially you weren’t able to breathe enough on your own so with all the respiratory therapists team they were able to work with you not just once a day to try to wean you but multiple times a day and after about three weeks we got to the point where we took you off the ventilator you were breathing well on your own you got the speaking valve on and I’ll never forget the day I walked in your room and said today’s graduation day and you smiled but I could feel that you were a little apprehensive you were a little scared and I said it won’t hurt and before you knew it the tube was out and asked you to say hi and you had the biggest smile on your face and hi I’m it just for all of us were high-fiving and I mean from administration down we were just thrilled at how you progressed it reinforced why we do what we do for me it’s been 45 years and it just rejuvenated me as well we watched you in a bed completely sedated where we were very unsure what was going to happen with your health to watching you walk back in here on both of your feet just beautiful the overall care I received here at Kindred was great the doctors and all the nurses made me feel very comfortable today I’m back on my feet walking thanks to my physical therapist here at Kindred who helped me you definitely are a shining example of what recovery at Kindred hospital is about and I’m so honored and just so grateful to have been a part of that for you because you make a difference your presence makes a difference so Joanna for coming back and showing us how our efforts turned out to have such a great outcome and to see you’re doing so well I want to thank you

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  1. Saw your trache scar at the beginning, I have one too. 2002 Minding my own business riding to work, kid blew through a red light and hit me. 12 weeks in coma, ventilator, torn aorta, ortho surgeries on compound leg fractures, collapsed lung, ards, etc. but the thing I really have to share is that I was fueled by overpowering gratitude towards all of my health care providers (there were so many ! ) and I never thought to assemble a video like yours, especially with the level of dignity you present. I have gone back to the hospital ( ironically, its the same hospital I was born in and almost died in ), every year, to personally thank everyone, and those I cant visit, I track down. The dream team of level one trauma specialists that put me back together have since moved away from Grant hospital but I visit them all and thank them all at every opportunity, although I feel negligent sometimes in these small efforts because they saved my life and what may be a daily event to them or "just doing my job"  is such a huge life changing event that I cant get over it.  I don't mean to sound obsessed, but to me and my family, these efforts not only saved my life, but also they put me back together in such a fashion that I really lead a modestly normal life thanks to everyone !. Been home 3 months now from my last back surgery and typing on a laptop has been therapeutic through the years, but now, I have a new project, Im going to assemble thoughts and comments on vid from my team. Thank you !..(sorry to ramble on)

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