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Johammer J1 electric motorcycle — Introduction

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle — Introduction

It has to be possible here in Europe to develop, manufacture and sell a modern product that can also be efficiently disposed of at the end of its useful life. A product that benefits everybody involved in its evolution. When we design products, we have to take their recyclability into consideration. Recycling is unavoidable. It is essential and it is the right thing to do. However, there is always something lost in the process because energy is consumed and complex infrastructures are needed in the background. One of today’s major challenges is to use energy responsibly. Products that are more difficult to recycle should have as long a service life as possible. Efficiency is an important factor. A conventional vehicle has an efficiency of less than 30% while electric vehicles – or EVs manage an efficiency of over 90%. Another major consideration is where this energy comes from. In 5 hours, 8 m² of photovoltaic panels can generate 100 km of range for the J1 just from the sun. The J1 has been designed based on 3 principles: maximum utilisation, recyclability, and using energy carefully. The result of our work is a product that makes sense in every respect. Many people assume that the J1 was designed to be different. But that is not true. The innovative appearance of the J1 is much more… …the result of consistently applying new technologies. The frame required for the batteries determines the geometry of the motorbike frame. Leaving out the front fork reduces weight, makes the frame more rigid and reduces the amount of maintenance needed. Although the electric motor inside the rear wheel took a while to develop, it is completely maintenance-free and unbeatable in terms of efficiency and weight. All instrument displays are integrated into the mirrors on the J1, so they are perfectly placed in the field of vision. The rider can concentrate fully on enjoying the ride. With one hand you can accelerate and brake, at the same time as regenerating energy. Your feet can relax in the most comfortable position, because they do not need to feel for a gear lever or brake pedal. No wear, no noise, no exhaust… it doesn’t annoy anybody just pure riding enjoyment! From circuit boards to the operating system, we developed everything at our plant to make sure that all of the components work together perfectly. Two of the most important features are the battery management system and the rear-view mirrors with integrated displays. We continue to develop our software to account for our customers’ experience and offer regular system updates. I think the result is something to be proud of!

57 comments on “Johammer J1 electric motorcycle — Introduction

  1. The riding position looks very comfortable, but I'm curious about the aero development. The front of the frame behind the front wheel looks very resistant to airflow. Are there vanes that control airflow through the frame to cool the battery, etc, or does the bike have a lot of drag?

  2. The electric motor is in the rear wheel.. !
    1) The force/vibrations will degrade the power unit rapidly to random failure (post test data if I'm wrong)
    2) The large mass at the rear wheel compromises the dynamic performance on the road
    If this a real road bike..?

    If its a toy. then .. whatever

  3. Hilarious. But brilliant. They would make a killing if they created an dual sport adventure version that is 2 wheel drive, with good traction control and intelligent synchronized braking.

  4. Working with that battery with no personal protective equipment looks scary.

    You would not wave a naked flame around gasoline would you?

  5. Not a good idea to put instruments in the mirrors as mirrors are one of the first things to break when you drop a bike, and these look like they would be no exception.

  6. ugly as hell!!! And it seems to have very costly build processes.
    Why reinvent the wheel? Thi bike could be a lot prettier and for shre cheaper without loosing quality, just through better design and more effective building processes…. for example, using laser cutter to make a perfurated metal sheet………come on!!!!!! You can buy this from market at a fraction of the cost!

  7. Tolles Projekt. Ich bin zwar kein Motorradfahrer, finde aber die Umsetzung und die Idee dahinter richtig gut.
    Ich wünsche euch weiterhin maximale Erfolge!

  8. I see now why they waited until the last few seconds of the video to show the whole bike. I would have stopped watching it way sooner if I had see how butt ugly it is.

  9. They keep you watching by only giving fleeting, partial views of the bike until the end. And you realize it's hideous. Then you look it up and realize it has less power and range than Zero Motorcycles and costs 2-3 times as much.

  10. ..ausgesprochen nervige Musik (wozu überhaupt Musik, zu einem technischen Video?!) und nerviges Gelaber – statt wenigstens ein-zwei Sätze zum Gegenstand des Videos, zum Moped selbst

  11. Looks as a funny insect from away, obwohl die karituristische look it has some performance, how is the driving experience ?

  12. Ich bin auch kein Motorradfahrer, aber Bundesstraßenanwohner und wohne in Tirol, ich würde mich freuen, wenn es zu einem Wandel zu diesen Motorrädern kommen würde und die Motorradfahrer die Landschaft Tirols genießen und diese nicht kilometerweit mit unerträglichem Lärm beschallen.

    Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg.

  13. Ein grässliches Video für ein geniales Produkt. Das hat ärgsten Home-Video Charakter und ist eine Schande für ein so genial designtes Produkt. Allein der Auftritt des CEOs ist mega uncool. Am Sessel lehnend in einem Hinterhofzimmer. Dem Video Produzenten kann man nur gratulieren dass er für den Schrott noch Geld genommen hat. Wie wenn Steve Job's am Klo das iPhone präsentiert hätte…. allein das Gebrabbel über Mitarbeiter und Gehälter. Hier wird Produkt Marketing mit Social Competence aufs grässlichste vermischt . Das Video weckt keinerlei "will haben" Emotion, sondern nur Kopfschütteln, wie man eine solche Chance marketingmässig so verbocken kann.

  14. This is what you would see as a "future" bike in a 50's movie. Anyone remember the 90's Animated Batman cartoon? The bikes in it looks a little like this.

  15. Sieht aus wie ne Kellerassel auf Räder…sorry echt Hässlich , so Hässlich wie meine MIA Electric.  Könnt ihr nicht mal ne Naked Version bauen …und ein Stück länger und mehr Designe wie aus den Film TRON ….

  16. verstehe nicht ganz warum die kein "normales" E-Bike gebaut haben das wie ein Nakedbike aussieht, dieses hässliche Ding kauft doch keiner!?

  17. I would never buy such ugly thing… Total abomination. I don't like writing mean comments but this thing deserves it.

  18. It looks great except for the front wheel well looks like it has a lot of aerodynamic drag. It looks like a big air brake. How does the steering from the handlebars work? I haven't seen any photos or video where I can see the handlebars move.

  19. I´m a Harley Rider and I´ve had the luck riding a Johammer this weekend in Bad Leonfelden; it was fantastic !!! thanks to the Johammer Team for such a great Bike!

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