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Benefits of cycling
John Brumby – UCI track world cup cycling at Hisense Arena

John Brumby – UCI track world cup cycling at Hisense Arena

This is a great event for Melbourne and for
Victoria and for Australia it starts tomorrow, we’ve got many Olympic athletes, we’ve got
competitors from 34 countries, 222 cyclists are competing and they’ll be here at Hisense
Arena. It should be a sensational event for the State
and we are going to beam out to something like 59 countries around the world. When you
think of the big international cycling events Melbourne has done very well to attract the
UCI track worlds, we’ve got, we’ve got World Championships of course next year in 2010,
we are fortunate in having some of the best cyclists in the world competing here and we
have got a great arena to do it in. So it is part of our role, I guess as the sports
capital of the world. We’ve got to keep getting these events and this cycling event is going
to be great for Melbourne and great for our promotion overseas. In a sport that is increasingly,
of course, popular for so many Victorians and so many Australians.

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