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John Deere 644L Hybrid Wheel Loader | Productive and Efficient

John Deere 644L Hybrid Wheel Loader | Productive and Efficient

(upbeat music) – [Andrew] When we’re digging a basement, the hydraulic power is one of the key benefits
of a hybrid machine. We’re at a hundred percent
hydraulic strength all the time, so we don’t have to wait
for the machine to spool up. When we come into that dig, we can get a full bucket every time. – [Ron] All the loaders
I’ve run up to this point have all been normal hydrostatic
type of transmissions, you know, the difference with the hybrid, what I had to get used to is, it’s so responsive because
it’s electric drive. It’s real torquey and
it gets with the program once you step on the pedal. I love the way the thing
digs with that torque. (upbeat music) – [Andrew] The fuel consumption
is icing on the cake for us. We get all the benefits
of the hydraulic power and it makes a faster operation for us, which is savings in itself. And then the fact that we burn significantly less fuel
than a traditional machine, helps even more on top of the
speedy digs that we can get for the lower fuel burn obviously, has a lower price impact for us. I would tell other people
considering a hybrid, they need to make sure that they look at all the aspects and all the
benefits of using a hybrid because it’s more than
just fuel consumption. It’s the increased time with the increased hydraulic power. And once you add that, there’s no other decision
that can be made.

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