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Join Me on the 5th Tour of New Zealand! (A charity cycling event)

Join Me on the 5th Tour of New Zealand! (A charity cycling event)

Hello everyone, my name is Daisy Cousens.
I am a commentator, a contributor to Sky News Australia, a YouTuber and I am
getting right out of my comfort zone in April! I am of on a great, big, wonderful adventure following the fifth Tour of
New Zealand. I will be with you every step of the way, giving you updates on
the many interesting bike riders participating in this wonderful event
for a wonderful cause, raising funds and awareness for charities such as the
Unicorn Foundation, the Child Cancer Foundation the New Zealand Spinal Trust
and more. It is, as they say, like no other bike race on the planet. You’ll join me
as I accompany the tour riders on their extraordinary eight-day journey,
Racing amongst the mountains and lakes at the South Island of New Zealand and
then transferring by Air New Zealand charter jet to the central North Island Thermal
region for two fantastic stages before the final phase, when the right is race
into New Zealand’s Parliament grounds in Wellington. The riders, as you will
quickly find out, are the world’s true champions. They are ordinary people and
keen riders from all over the globe prepared to not only race head-to-head
but also take time away from their day jobs to raise thousands of dollars for
the charities the tour supports. I am very much looking forward to you joining
me in April from high-in-the-sky in the race helicopter to roaming the roadside
capturing the energy of the tour and covering the incredible stories that
motivate the riders in this amazing race. I’ll see you there.

57 comments on “Join Me on the 5th Tour of New Zealand! (A charity cycling event)

  1. I had the pleasure of visiting NZ some 20 years ago, give or take. I tried to defect, but it seems that during those days U.S. policies were fairly well aligned with those of NZ. I still have a chance of becoming Napier's "adopted son," though. I was ineligible for "native son."

  2. If there is an opportunity to do Vox Pop Into Camera Pieces, on the go, whoohoo, mucho valuable experience for Spot News Coverage at Festivals and Big Shows like Womadelaide etc! Nice gig!

  3. thats a dam sweet video. i got a race story to tell actually now lol.. i got all kinds of stories so :))

    though i did my summers of cross country cycling. the much longer story/stories. this story is about a foot race..

    …8th grade. was on the track team. was the fastest sprinter. a preachers daughter. she was a gift to had know. grew up since 4th grade with her. she was the faster sprinter on the womens team. the cauches got yapped into having the boys and girls race one practice. they chose to have has race the 400 meter sprint paton race. i was and she was the last 100 meter. she was too sweet begging me to let her win. i was faster than her i guess, but tbh honest i didn't know for sure yet. i didn't tell her that though lol… but like a big softy. i smiled at her and said..umm ok ok. but i gotta make it look like some kind of an accident. i told her i'de trip and she could smoke past me lmao.. k that was a good strategy, but not thought out what so ever…turns out, running about 17 mph, isn't as easy as a trip and fall as you would think it would be. i ate dirt. scapes on my cheeks. some fine grable in my knuckles. scraped knees, elbows and tumbled about 4 rotations. kinda like fallen down a big set of steps ya know. it was a real mess lmao… i had about a 15 meter gain on her. she smoked past me, watching the mess take place as she did and was laughing her ass off til the finish line lol.. since it looked so real. but i never had such an accident befor, i was questioned from all my team mates if i did it for Bree. i couldn't lie and so i got verbally bashed for the rest of the season. we lost to the women. at the last 50 meters. begged from a preachers daughter lmao.. now you'd think we'de gone off and got married in our later years. but ya know… somethings just arent made to be right 🙂

    story time is over. im excited about april Daisy. that gonna be some fun.. so and ok bye lol

  4. I wonder what it's like, over there at New Zealand? 🤔🧐 + Great video Days. (thanks for sharing) + If I had the 💰💲💵 , it would be great to meet you.

  5. Don't forget NZ is the country who elected that idiot Jacinda Ardern to be their PM. Lots of leftist crazies out there for that to be able to happen.

  6. welcome to gynocentric new zealand+the paradox of th mens movement. yes we will fall at your fee lapping up any validationt. or men could just speak for ourselves+be heard? ::: :

  7. unicorn ? new Zealand? make you Miss Cousins a hostile witness "sky" news you know why cain killed able I madam am not for sale you see I love this sunburn country a land of sweeping plain its rugged Mountain ranges its droughts and flooding rain, so there be no merdoc lowie give up kiwi asset stripping for me , you on the other hand we will see

  8. It’ll be a pleasure to have you in NZ, hope the weather and the journey treats you well, give Jacinda Arden an earful while you’re in Wellington 👍🏻✌🏻

  9. Have fun Daisy. I'll mention it to my partner who is a mad keen cyclist for sure and we'd both like to cruise around EnZed but for now this would be the next best thing.
    Edit: Oh, I forgot to ask, is this Free to Air somewhere?

  10. Why would anyone want to ruin a really good idea like visiting New Zealand by also wanting to travel around by push bike? Well I guess the daisy's will be in full bloom in April so someone will be at her finest. It'll be hard to tell though with that many layers of clothing under a mackintosh.

  11. Welcome to my country! Remember: New Zealand hasn't particularly had a good history with conservative women, if any history at all. No free speech here either.

  12. daisy cousens is sky news' most featured transgender contributer. nice to see them open the doors to the transgender community and give daisy cousens a little bit of work. good for you on having a successful transition into womanhood. i don't think many people will notice or can tell tbh.

  13. hope you have fun in aussie land 2, home of the hobbits and the one ring to rule them all, daisy. i almost thought you were competing yourself when i first read the vid title, but this is better because we get to hear more of you.

  14. Aaaaah Daisy on a bike…… what a sight for sore eyes!

    I cant wait and I will make every effort to catch up. Always nice to hear, watch your refreshing views.
    See you soon!

  15. Charity = good cyclist =bad man this is hard one to figure out on the plus side Daisys coming to NZ where i live but on the other side Socalism Arderns here not the best impression for someone coming over. fuck this is a condrum to figure out

  16. Be safe on your journey Daisy and enjoy the trip. We will be interested in your commentary when you return. Are you going to be biking as well?

  17. As I write this it's January 24th.
    This video was published almost a week ago, and no-one has posted the following:
    (cringe alert)
    Daisy, Daisy, Tell me your answer, do
    I'm half crazy, all for the love of you
    It won't be a stylish marriage,
    I can't afford a carriage
    but, you'd look sweet
    upon the seat
    of a bicycle built for two!!!

    Sorry, people, I just couldn't resist. I'll see myself out, thanks.

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