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Jonny Brownlee’s Scott Foil RC Pro Bike

Jonny Brownlee’s Scott Foil RC Pro Bike

(bright music) (futuristic buzzing) – This is Jonathan
Brownlee’s Scott Foil RC. We’re currently at the ITU
Grand Finale in Rotterdam where the conditions
are less than favourable so forgive us for being inside. But let’s start with the frame. Now the Scott Foil RC is an Aeroframe. And interestingly, Jonny
is on a size 54 frame which is a medium in Scott. Jonny is not far off my own height. I’m six foot one, ride a 56, so riding a 54, it’s quite a small frame. But we might see some slight changes in his position and componentry. But we’ll get to that later on. The 454s are believed
to perform really well in cross winds. And another interesting point is that these are actually tubular which are currently quite rare. And those are equipped with the Continental Competition
Pro Limited tubular tyres. Which you’ll quite often
see a lot of the pros using. And with a groupset, he
is running Sram Red eTap. Which is a wireless groupset
with individual batteries in both the front and the rear mech. So his Sram Red crankset
is a 172.5 crank length with Speedplay pedals. And he’s got relatively standard gearing with 53-39 chainrings on the front. And he’s using an 11-26 11 speed cassette which is also Sram Red. And moving back to the seatpost, he’s got the standard Scott Foil seatpost with a sunken clamp for
aerodynamic reasons. And then on top of the seatpost
he has a Fizik Arione Saddle which has quite good cushioning. And it’s also set back quite far. And as we’ve said he’s on a 54 frame. So this just allows him to get into a nice aerodynamic position. These have got a flat
and aerodynamic profile to the top of the handlebars and then we’ve got the Sram eTap shifters and levers on the end. And to finish it off, he has
Zipp Alumina Bottle Cages. And a little bit of tape
to mark his position for whilst he’s travelling. So that’s his Jonathan
Brownlee’s pro bike. And to see more videos
like this you can subscribe to GTN by clicking on the globe. And to see his brother Alistair Brownlee’s Scott Plasma TT bike, just click up here. And to see a bike skills
video just click down here.

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  1. haha Im 5'7 and ride a 56 frame because I really like the long elongated feel of the longer reach theres quite a few ways you can approach this whole bike thing it would seem 😉

  2. How long is his stem? How much does it weigh? More details please. The videos you do with the athletes are brilliant but the ones you do without them lack a lot.

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