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Jordan CrashMaster 2019 – MTB CRASHES and WIPEOUTS!

Jordan CrashMaster 2019 – MTB CRASHES and WIPEOUTS!

happy new year everyone it’s now 2020
I hope you guys are looking forward to this year as much as I am! Now when I
look back at 2019 it’s actually been a really great year for me first of all I
was able to demo the Diamondback carbon sync’r hardtail throughout the whole
winter which was a lot of fun but after that though I only had my Devinci Wilson
to ride for the first bit of the year and I was definitely itching to get an
enduro bike finally, well 2019 is the year that I got some of my first bike
sponsors so I got some free frames from Evolve bikes and DVO gave me free
suspension that was so awesome and a great help! Now in addition to traveling
around and having fun in lots of different locations crashing is
something that is always inevitable no matter where I am whatever bike I’m
riding, well I had some doozies this year that is for sure so here is a whole
compilation of all of the best crashes and wipeouts that I did as well as even
a few from my friends some of them put us in the hospital but most of them we
were able to walk away from okay Oh $#!t! Scratched my stanchion! Oh yo buddy okay cannot do that during
the race this is a sick trail okay that’s not what’s happened of course Forks I’m gonna crash what am i doing oh sorry
well it’s getting rowdy okay yeah I’m good too are you alright
you sure I think so my left ankle okay oh wow ouch yeah see walking down is
more dangerous oh yeah it’s very much like the worst-case scenario Oh oh my shoulder do you know where you are
yeah mister and then we had the EWS 100 and that was
quite the event during the practice I was not really doing the bass on a few
stages and when race day came I ended up crashing four times yeah ya can’t leave me too surprised by that oh crap whoops
oh wait down Oh baby Oh yo yo buddy
yeah that is is not difficult oh okay good bit all right whoa oh okay
you ride down here whoa I’m flipping that spot and that’s
why is so terrifying yeah yeah Jordan what happened to my gimbal in my hero
six smash the screen into the gimbal their gimbal bench oh my goodness Wow fuck oh I see and I’ve still got some
footage from 2019 that I have yet to upload for you guys and you’ll see if tu
wipeouts from that footage but I do want to tell you guys about the fact that I’m
actually gonna take a four-week break from uploading here in January starting
after next week okay so I got one more video coming next week I took a three
week break from uploading last year as well at this time and so I want to do it
again but I’m doing four weeks this time so I hope you guys can bear with me as
we take a little bit of a break on this channel so I’ll just say that for now
and I want to thank all my patrons for being such a big help in supporting my
channel unique independence you know relying on the YouTube money isn’t
really the best thing but that’s where patreon is such a blessing well I’m
already looking forward to what this year is gonna bring I’ve got some
exciting plans I should be doing some more traveling around and one place that
I can tell you about right now is that I’m actually going to Costa Rica in
February I’m really excited about that I mentioned it on Instagram so you can
find out a bit more information there but there may even be room for you to
join in if you want to come thank you guys so much for supporting this channel
throughout 2019 we’re going to do great things in 2020 so I’ll see you next time

100 comments on “Jordan CrashMaster 2019 – MTB CRASHES and WIPEOUTS!

  1. Hey bro, not sure of the logistics behind it, but you should look up a way to Livestream your entire library of vids during your break. People would tune in for sure!

  2. Wow, that Tree Kiss was pretty epic. I have to say though, I think the crashes of the year are either Paul's crash in this video, or Bobo's crash off the rock in Squamish. Great stuff man, keep up the good work, and enjoy your break!

  3. I think you should put some more expensive patreon pledges up, 7 bucks is good but i would be happy to donate much more!!.

  4. ya 2019 was pretty epic and for me alot of crashesh but i was still going… nearly dead but still alive for now haha

  5. Love the channel, but I have a huge superstition about watching crash videos. Gave it a like but gonna pass watching this one. Call me weird whatever.

  6. Hey Jordan some serious crashes thanks for sharing. More than a few of those looked like lack of front grip. Not sure if you have tried the Assagai, but a massive improvement from DHF for grip.

  7. To me the funniest crash has to be Paul the Punter flopping around like a fish out of water when he fell and screaming like a little girl 😂🤣

  8. I think Jordan really just wants to give the trees a hug because they look sad so he crashes as an excuse to hug them

  9. i’m starting to do some youtube and need an editing software. i’m curious on what multiple youtubers use and wanted to know what you use.

  10. You’ve gotta look down the trail to ride down the trail. If you look at a tree, you WILL hit said tree. Just somethin’ to think about🤷‍♂️

  11. A like yuor video guy Jordan Boostmasters of thes fails per not is a good for not sigr in the mismi per good motivation for the rider's bike's in my paid guy's. Saluds a Tod's the guy's rider's in USA sig sey in to good session's 🗣️yyyaaa from the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 🍀🇺🇲 👍 🤘😁🤘🚴

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