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Journey rear racks fit almost any bike

hi this is aaron from axion performance gear and i want to talk to you a little bit about axioms journey series racks now these racks offer loads of stability at a really great value so they’re a great solution for everyday riders they’re all designed to offer the maximum carrying capacity with a minimum amount of material so riders are getting the best of both worlds now there are five racks in the journey series you’ve got the transit the journey the journey disk the journey to four to nine and the journey spring all of which leave ample room for fenders now journey racks are double welded by hands and they feature six-oh six-one aluminum construction so they’re exceptionally strong and light and if you’re an everyday Rider who needs a simple solid rack for everyday use journey racks are a great option so first up in the line is the transit so this is the simplest and most economical rack in our lineup it’s got extra long stainless steel hardware so it’ll fit the smallest bicycles with ease and this actually is one of the favorites among urban commuters it’s built tough weighs in at 550 grams and can carry up to sixty kilos next up in the line is the journey so this is one of the most economical Sweetback wrought style racks available so this solidly built rack fits 26 inch 27 inch and 700c wheel sizes it weighs 700 grams and can carry a whopping 70 kilos and the journey features this set back design which is a big deal for riders with smaller bikes or shorter chain staves what it does is it ensures excellent hear clearance and also leave plenty of room for a trunk bag and the Versa lock arms here are specially heat treated to allow for up to thirty degrees of DIY bending just in case you’ve got an oddly shaped bicycle and need to tailor fit them yourself so next up is the journey disc feature is a patent-pending design that makes it compatible with disc brakes and this is actually the bicycle industry’s first ever disc brake compatible rack that we know of and it weighs in at 750 grams that can carry up to 50 kilos next up in the line is the journey to four to nine so named because it can be adjusted to fit bikes as small as 24 inches and as big as 29 inches that’s thanks to the extra-long extendable Versa lock Hardware at the bottom here so the 24:29 is a problem-solving rack that’s recommended by a lot of different bicycle manufacturers simply because of its compatibility with so many unique bicycle designs like sit back bikes and recumbents the rack weighs in at 786 grams and it can carry up to 50 kilos and then finally in the lineup is the journey with spring so this is the same as the standard journey except it features this spring-loaded bar at the top here for added convenience so you can quickly stash a jacket or a towel or anything else here on the fly it also features this updated sweep back style that makes it compatible with a wider range of bags and this rack weighs in at 890 grams they can carry up to 50 kilos so there you have it axiom journey series racks a super sturdy versatile and economical set of racks for the everyday user nothing too fancy just a rack that’s easy to mount and works day after day axiom ride more and live better

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