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Keeping warm while riding your motorcycle

Keeping warm while riding your motorcycle

What’s up youtube? ThatCanuck here and today I’m going to be talking to you about keeping warm while riding on your motorcycle. Now there are three
essential notions to keeping warm while riding. There is number one which is keeping dry, the
second one is insulating and the third one would be wind proofing. Now this doesn’t have to apply to
motorcycle riding, it can be applied to any activity really whether it
be motorcycle riding or going outside enjoying nature. Right now in Ottawa it’s about 0
Celsius. 32 for my American friends what I want to explain today is how to
properly layer up to stay warm while riding now you could say: “but I could do everything and wear a winter coat” Yes, you could the problem with that is you’re going to pay a bundle just to get a specialized winter riding jacket that you can only really wear during the
opening of the season. Now… [awkward silence] with my method essentially you just layer, you stack layers. To keep warm. The first layer is to repel the moisture because when moisture is near your skin, that’s what makes you cold if you’re riding within the wind my first layer, I say avoid all cotton, because that sucks up moisture and keeps humidity close to your skin you’re going to want to think of synthetic fibers like polyester. Right now I’m wearing polyester athletic wear next to my skin it keeps me dry, it keeps me… well not really warm, but at least it keeps you dry so if ever you sweat and you’re walking off the path you know how motorcycle gear can be heavy that’s going to keep you dry now the second layer I just wear my
casual day-day clothes on this layer, but you can if it is colder you can wear something that insulates you better like wool sweater or a sweatshirt and that’s going to be your insulating layer and the top layer what you’re really going to want is a wind proofing layer usually motorcycle jackets and motorcycle pants have this feature built into them, but if they don’t want to consider getting maybe like a light wind proofing layer to actually cut down on the wind because wind chill make you cold really quickly [awkward silence #2] now the thing that you’re probably going to have to invest in
a is a good pair of winter gloves or heated grips. Now you’re asking me why should I invest in gloves? and why can’t I just wear mittens or something? Winter gloves are essential because they’re going to cut
down on the wind and they’re going to be insulated. It’s really hard to insulate summer motorcycle gloves because they’re so thin and they let air in. and the problem with that is with the more air flow that you have into your gloves, the more you’re going to feel the cold on your hands. Another accessory that you will probably want to invest in is.. a balaclava as that’s going to protect your neck area from the wind chill not all helmets cover everything in the neck area and
even my full-face doesn’t cover a part of my neck and wind can really get cold right in your neck area. So a balaclava is almost a must if you’re riding in cold weather. Now I’ve been riding in cold weather with this technique, I’ve been
walking exercising even biking with this technique and it’s always kept me warm [awkward silence #3] the advantage of having layers is that if you’re hot you can take a layer off and put it in your packsack or put it in your saddlebags you won’t have to be so warm. where as you if you have a winter jacket that’s one layer, well you can’t really take it off [awkward silence INTENSIFIES!] Thanks for watching! I will be posting
weekly motovlogs, so if you liked the video leave a like and subscribe if you have any comments, leave them in the section below and I’ll see you next week.

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