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Kerala to Europe | EP01| Riding With “Strell”

Kerala to Europe | EP01| Riding With “Strell”

So guys, Strell is finally here Hello everyone, so this is the first video of our Kerala to Europe ride The first one. Yesterdays program went really well. Approximately 3000+ people attended the function the auditorium was filled with people. Thanks to all YouTubers who attented and also to everyone else. There were some issues due to problems with the event management team and some clubs were unhappy about it. I ask for forgiveness to each one of them. Right now I am at Iritty The first part of the ride will be from Iritty to Bangalore Its not just me we have an entire gang with us today. I will introduce everyone to you. As you saw in the caption, Strell is coming with us in todays trip. Here we have Junaid Bhai, and we have one of my friend The bike looks like Strells but it is not Strell Amal from Kannur And here we have Gayatri Then we have Suhaib Bro So without any delay lets go straight to Bangalore We have to reach Bangalore by evening and now the time is 8AM So, right now we are at Kootupuzha I have shown this place in many vlogs but I will show it again We are about to leave Kerala This is the Kootupuzha Bridge And now we have entered Karnataka We are not at the top of the mountain and now we are planning to have a tea. So time is 8:55 We will have tea within 10 minuets and then we will resume our journey Everyone is having food, I did’t. I usually dont have breakfast and during the ride we should not have lunch to avoid falling asleep We have stopped here for a while last time I vlogged from this location I will show you around It is a peaceful forest area All vehicles are halting here Actually we are not allowed to stop here Good place. And good climate Fortunately it didn’t rain during our program I just fall down here I am ok. No issues with the handling. Also remember not to fill full tank petrol because if we fall down oil might get leaked I saw about this a while ago but I didn’t really knew now I got to know So inorder to prevent this never fill your tank fully with petrol Atlease provide a little bit of space It was raining here the last day right now there is no rain and everything is fine I forgot to tell something about yesterdays function there were a lot of people in the function Most probably this must be the biggest flag off event in Kerala and the biggest auto event in Kannur we invited a lot of people and many came but there were lot of mistakes from the side of event management and also from my side Many people were sad because of this Once again I am sorry about what happened in yesterdays program It was my program and no matter who arranged it all responsibilities belongs to me Many people informed about this through Instagram Sorry about that. Right now we have stopped here to clarify about location of his birthday party And we will be going straight since this is the route The location is near Coloumbasia hospital We are going through the Mysore road This mount is a little bit loose we have to fix it He is talking in his phone his wife and kid is waiting Now we are here at Sunflower Hotel This is Suhaib bro’s son I am Arjun, i am a fan There is noting as a fan among us All of us are here we will get inside and then right after cutting the cake we will leave cake is all ready Let me show you something many people doen’t know about this this bike was made for off-road trips The main thing about this bike is that it does not have clutch Instead of clutch we have handbrake. What if we hold this while running? It wont reach that far. This is the owner of the vehicle. Introduce. So guys, Strell is finally here thanks for coming. Can we see the face? The same question that everybody asks Strells bike is here and everyone is here He is coming with us till bangalore Lets go. and let me take some photos before that Riding with Strell is a big dream. We have Strell with us He has covered his numberplate Many people cover their face and there are two reasons. Some try to get publicity by doing this But Strell is not like so. I am telling this because he is one of my closest friend He is covering his face because of his job and family reasons. He is also a YouTuber and certainly because of this he might have issues in his workplace etc. Issue is nothing but supporters might want to meet him a lot The privacy might be very important for him and this should be why he is not showing his face Right now we are between Mandya and Sreerangapatana We have to reach bangalore. No rain. Its sunny. We are at a petrol pump for filling up we have a photoshoot here and we also have strell with us Aamina is also here. Aamina meets red. That is todays theme. Lets all stand together and take a photo We have stopped here for a while and some kids came to see the vehicles And we asked them which one did they like the most and they told its Strells We had water and we are all refreshed now. We have around 70km to Bangalore Totally happy. We have good riding comanions with us today. We talk to each other via intercom When we were about to go all of them asked me for treat. this is because I reached 100k followers on instagram Day before yesterday it was 91k and within two days it reached 100k and everyone is here waiting for the treat. Now we are about to cut the 100k Cake cake is ready Cake cutting is over and we are going straight to Bangalore Everyone is happy even though there is nothing with us we should live like a king we should enjoy Right now we are near NICE road This route leads us to Bangalore we are going to Art of Motorcycles Koramangala We are taking the toll for everyone together it is a large queue Out ream itself is a long line and we will have to keep a track of our people like this Now we are at Bannerghatta exit we have to take left and strell bro is going right all of us are turning left except strell It was a really good ride with lot of people with us Red is here and I am not sure whether I can see it anytime soon So, Strell is leaving Anything to tell to our Subscribers Ride safe. Thats it. That is the only thing Strell had to tell you guys. Time is around 7:45 and we are at Art of Motorcyces we reached a bit before. We all went to our rooms to get freshened up and a small work on Aamina is being completed here Also we have a surprise tell hi. These are the Malayalis from Bangalore This used to hit my leg so we are adjusting the position of it Also TVS has provided us with two boxes of parts So that is pretty much it all other details will be in tomorrows video Let me talk to them

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  6. Bro, you are going for such big event. You are obsessed with your mother tongue. Speak English, you will reach the world.

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  9. Bike panitha macahnum undallo, Baki alukal from other states kerlathil ithin vannu? Gayatri from? Macha ellavareyim wish cheyumbo Gayatri ye avoid cheyunna pole tonni maybe oru penanyatg kond avark ozivakkunna feel indavum support them too.have a safe and happy journey


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  11. Dude going to Europe during winter season not a good idea.. right now it's freekin winter days especially in motor bike… harsh weather will not easy as you think… it's balls freezing cold and windy and snow some areas… please do your homework my brother..

  12. Strell ഹെൽമെറ്റ്‌ വെച്ചോണ്ട് എങ്ങനാ കേക്ക് തിന്നത്??? 🧐🧐

  13. അയ്യോ strell ഇത്ര അടുത്തുകൂടി പാസ്സ് ചെയ്ത പോയിട്ടും ഞാൻ അറിഞ്ഞില്ലല്ലോ ദൈവമേ..😭

  14. 12:43 strellinte കണ്ണ് ഒരു മിന്നായം പോലെ കണ്ട്….. 😜 # STRELL പെരുത്ത് ഇഷ്ടം 😍😍

  15. better use english, so that even north indians too can understand….oho ur fans fellow is more than 4k+, so i dont think u vl care of my views

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