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Kerala to Europe | EP:10| Muscat to Haima 500km desert Ride !! 😢😢,ആദ്യത്തെ കഷ്ടപ്പാട് യാത്ര,

Kerala to Europe | EP:10| Muscat to Haima 500km desert Ride !! 😢😢,ആദ്യത്തെ കഷ്ടപ്പാട് യാത്ര,

People say you will be able to find a Malayali where ever we go. Here we have a Malayali in this dessert Hello welcome. Can you guys here me? Today will be a good day because we are going to Salala It is around 1100 KM from here to Salala But we wont be riding continuously We will be stopping at Haima today which is around 500KM from here I have no idea how long it will take to reach there I have packed everything to take with me I have vacated my room here Now the time is 9:30 AM, I was supposed to leave at 6 AM but since many guests arrived yesterday I slept late I slept at around 2 AM yesterday I am at the highway, let us start the ride I traveled for around 10-15 KM now I am not traveling via express highway I stopped at 4 places within this 15 KM People when they see the vehicle will stop me to meet Many people are amazed to see the vehicle I told them that I was going to Salala and they helped me with the route People going through the road in vehicles look at the bike with amusement and I am happy to see the look on their faces Trailers are an issue here everyone was tellimg me about the same I wont be able to vlog when I travel fast I am traveling at around 110-115 KMPH These place is filled with hills on the sides You can see the hills spanning a large area These are small villages with homes I am not able to read the name The name on map is in Arabic All the truckers are good people. They see me and wave at me. This place is filled with rocks. But these cannot be used for any construction because they are brittle They come sliding from the hills If it looks this good in video, imagine how good it is to see with naked eye The oil is at reserve now I filled 20L petrol As Ganesh bro told us, we will be filling normal petrol which is similar to what we get in India I think that will be better for mileage There are some special type of goats here Is it wild goats? I am not sure. I think those are wild goats since there is no one neat by They are wild. I dont think they are domesticated. Gone. My flag is about to fall. I have to fix it. Look at the flag. It is about to fall down I have given a tag here. But still it falls in the wind So what I am planning to do is I will make a hole here I will give one more tag there It will not fall of anymore I have some tools with me This was given to me by my dad about an year ago He told me to keep this with me. But then I asked him why would I need it. Now this became the most used item in this trip. It will be fixed there now. [Goats… where did they go?] All of them left. I think they went to the mountains. We are entering to Nizwa as you can see in the board We have to go straight Time is around 11:30 We will go to Nizwa and explore it for a while I have to fill petrol too There would be something to see like Ruwi That is the road which we have to take I am coming through the wrong side I am searching for petrol pumps Since many people dont know me I hope to get new subscribers Whom will I ask for petrol pumps The Souq is not on this route I came here to fill petrol I will have to pay fine if oil gets over while on road There is a board for Oman oil This is a tourist location and this place is filled with lot of tourists Europians are more here Let us get inside and see what do we have inside We have lot of clay items here in the entrance I will go slow There are national flags too because it is national day All of them are made of clay There is no finishing as such They have decorated this are with the Omani flag There are lot of souvenir available here but I have bought them from Ruwi itself We also get to see this in Muthra There are some bikes inside We have a fort closeby That is what you see there and I am going towards it This is just a place to get souvenirs and that is what people told me when I asked them We have Oman Hats here There are some items shaped like forts And we also have some baskets here Let us go to the fort and see what we can find there Let us go get the bike I took my bike here. We have some malayalis here They told me not to get into the fort as there is a 5 Riyal entrance fee That is around 1000 INR Let us walk outside and see the views The same happened while we was in Mambasa and we walked around outside I will show you the location This is the entrance We get lot of grocery items in here This place is kept traditional There is nothing more here The food here is very expensive we will leave this place and we will have food from a cafeteria on the way They told me it is desert after a place called Adam so I have to fill petrol from there again Let us go. In our concept Oman is a place to work but actually Oman is a tourist location for people from Europe Many tourists come here from all around the world. We have stopped here in a Shell petrol pump I will have some food Let us leave after having some food Food is here. Look what we got. Pure Kerala food Google please stay shut for a while We have rice, sambar, papad, and sardine fry Did anyone expect that I would get this? Since there are Malayalies everywhere we have Malayali food at all places We have chicken biriyani too But since this is lunch time and if I have biriyani I will fall asleep Let me finish this. I had food and it was around 14 Rupee Even if it was good food I couldn’t each much because I would feel like sleeping I told not to have heavy food while on a trip during the Kashmir video But I didn’t had any food for breakfast It will be desert after a place called Adam That is why I had food My stomach is filled There is desert where ever we look Only desert on both sides The speed is around 107KMPH and that is why my sound is not clear I am not at all tiered I am carrying a 3.5L water bag in my back but still I have no issues This is because the road is very good and there are no potholes Oh god, we have goats on the side Haima 300KM and Salala is 800KM I have stopped here because we were traveling above 100KMPH for a long time now There is around 133KM more to travel like this Since we are traveling in speeds like 100-110 KMPH and since it is a 200CC bike many people tell these and that. But it is a good bike no matter what. We will give the bike some rest anyways. Look, there is no one anywhere There are no trees, no shops and no petrol pumps. This is the situation since I left the restaurant We have 100 more KM in the desert Vehicles come through this roads very fast once in a while I have lot of water with me What we have less is petrol. We have 5 more bars and that would be enough Since we changed the petrol to normal, mileage has increased. As people say there will be Malayalis where ever we go, here we have a Malayali What is you name and where are you from I am Nazeer from Trivandrum Are you alone? Where are you going to? [Yes, Muscat to Salala] Do we have petrol pump in this route? Yes, after around 80KM. How is the road to Salala after Haima? It is ok, but after Haima it is not that good He stopped after seeing me standing here Wherever we go there are Malayalis. Let us go from here I always say good things about lorry drivers. As you know my hitchhiking was with them. He is also a good guy. He came out of the vehicle and talked a lot. We talked even after turning off the camera and he even offered me food that he had on the truck. I told him that I had rice few hours ago He had lot of food in the truck and he bought them beforehand. He was carrying gas cylinders in the truck from Oman to Salala and he has one stop in between They sleep in the truck itself He told me go ahead of him and not to worry I am traveling at around 110KMPH and he is coming slower than that He told me I will be there till Salala and not to worry if I get stuck anywhere 99.9% of drivers are really good people After traveling for a long time through barren land we have a petrol pump here Oh god this road is blocked. Hope it is only for cars. Let us go fill petrol first You are a malayali too? Good. We again have Malayalis here We have them everywhere How long have you been here? 3 years Not just here. Finally came here in this desert. How is the life in desert? There is no disturbance here. It is hot and there are sand storms often Are you guys happy? [Yes]. That is good. As I told, these places are very difficult to live but they live here happily But people who live in better places complain about their surroundings. They live here happily even facing many issues So let us go. There is no one anywhere near Time is 5 and the sun will set very soon I have 160 KM left I am sitting here comfortably keeping my legs straight We will get bored after seeing the same thing for so long I have been seeing the same scene for a long time now There is nothing to see on both sides. I am tiered now. It has been around 100KM from the last petrol pump and all this way I traveled above 100KMPH There was nothing to see all this way I will take rest for a while now Else, I would get mad seeing the same views We wont be filling here, but we will stay here for a while. At least for 30 minutes let me do something on my phone There is no coffee shop here we have a restaurant here but I wont be having food Let me sit here for a while Look at my eyes. This is because of the heat and dust My head has been shaking for so long now and I am tiered seeing the same view One more thing, out food parner is a UAE based restaurant called Royal Grill. Even if we dont have food here, I am telling you this. I am planning a meetup there on the first friday when I reach UAE in the Royal Grll Restaurant I will confirm the dates and inform you. You can contact them It is in DIP Haima is 100KM from here The next petrol pump is in Haima too There is no one here except me When I see the sky it sometimes feels like hills But actually all these places are plane lands without any hill or mountains My brain is playing with me This is all because of the clouds in the sky Our brain does this to us once in a while Finally I am in my room I am tiered after the ride. But I dont have any body pain Bike is parked outside. Introduce yourself. My name is Nivin, I stay here in Haima and I work here in a spare parts shop Because of him I saved room rent I thought I would have to take a room here in Haima I will be staying here for today As usual we have all our things spread in the room I will edit the video and I will sleep after keeping it for uploading. So that is what happend today. Tomorrow morning I will be going to Slala The road to Salala is even worse because it is single lane We will have to travel this same 500KM again on that road tomorrow I started at morning 9AM and reached here at 7PM Salala will take even longer I am not stopping often on the way so that I can reach the destination before it is dark So that is it. We will see the trip to Salala in the next video. Bye.

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  20. Kutukara egottu venogilum pokko. But nammede nattil kure karyagale nadakunude prathekiche nammude kunju sahodare marke nadakanda sambavam athine kurichonnu prathikarikku

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  22. Njan parayan karanam njan paranjal arum shradikilla karanam njan ee samoohathil shradika padathavana but you angane slla

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