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Keystone Bike Park Colorado Riding the MTB Down Hill Green Lines

Keystone Bike Park Colorado Riding the MTB Down Hill Green Lines

Go get it
all right I love this welcome back to the channel guys today
we’re in Keystone Colorado at the Keystone bike resort and we’re about to
be hitting some park today I’ve never ridden Keystone this is my first time do
you guys watch the last video from Winter Park at trestle I had a great day
did a little bit of rain towards the end not all the trails are open but I think
today here at Keystone all the trails are open I’m here with Joseph from trail
features so we’re gonna be doing a lot of riding yo I don’t think Joseph’s ever
ridden here before either so we’re just gonna get out there we’re gonna have
some fun we’re gonna try to hit as many trails as possible today let’s go do it
alright so we just made it onto the first lift we’re gonna do our first run
here at Keystone pretty excited I don’t know what we’re gonna actually hit I
mean I don’t know any of the trail names do you know I think we would just like
find a green that looks fun shake out the bikes the the gondolas are
surprisingly empty there is literally nobody on any of these gondolas that
we’ve just seen yeah the weather is freakin perfect everybody who left early
I guess after the fourth of July holiday to get back to Denver made a mistake
because today is probably the day to be up here riding
assuming that it doesn’t start raining that’s that’s true there’s a little cool
and overcast right now so we just made it here on the top of Keystone we’re
gonna do the first run of the day we’re gonna start off with some green runs
we’ve never ridden here before woo woo nice little drop was I expecting that
We are doing let it ride right now all right woo trails are just so flowy its lose yeeeeew all right love this nice I made that jump oh yes I love this that is a wrap for Keystone guys it was
an epic day both me and Joseph had a great time we rode I don’t know how many
trails we probably did about five lifts runs today I actually got to ride his
bike you guys will hear about that in another video but yeah if you guys
haven’t made it off the Keystone Colorado you guys got to do it there
weren’t any lines it was a great day and I’ll be back for sure we’ll talk to you
guys later joseph has something to tell us folks
I was just saying how nice it is to be up here in these quite mountains with good company all this nature
just looking all the Magnificent just a beautiful day

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