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Kitna deti hai? || Motovlog on RV 400

Kitna deti hai? || Motovlog on RV 400

WHY? HOW? Hello and welcome everyone back to my youtube channel greetings to elders love to youngers and Hi to all so today amongst you all i’m again here with the revolt RV 400 and first of all i would like to thank you all very much that you’ve loved my previous videos so much my video on process of getting the bike has gained 7 lakh+ views so thankyou very very much for giving that much love to that video and if you haven’t watched my previous videos about this bike yet then go and watch it now and give your love to that too so today we’ll talk about this bike’s mileage that in what percents of battery it run for what kms in all 3 mode 1..2..3.. so watch it carefully so that you will get to know about each percent of battery consumption and what’s the power output in which mode you’ll get to know it all but first I want to give a shoutout to those who commented on my previous videos i’ve shortlisted two of them so.. first one is Rajeev kumar silelan and he’s commented on my Complete process video Thanks Brother Love You you make us understand very well thanks so thanks to you that you’ve given so much love and 2nd shoutout to Arrow gaming who has commented the world needs electric bikes a lot so i can’t say about the world but in India and specifically in Delhi it is needed the most there’s a lot of pollution in delhi because of petrol vehicles so according to me now people should opt for EVs that will reduce the pollution and will be very economically cheap so let’s go take out the bike and show you guys the mileage of this bike you can see bike is On but there is no sound and when i turn on the sound the speaker gets activated so let’s go now as you can see here it’s charged 93% and the range is 130km and the odometer is on 3140km now let’s check for next 10% in 1st mode so i’l test the bike completely will ride it in traffic too and let’s see how many kms we can go on 1st mode that’s the bike’s sound and this is the parking light and if i turn the ignition switch ready light will glow that is all rest you can see Range here Kms Battery percentage here.. you can see the speed here’s mode and this is the battery temperature and this is the Ampere meter like in petrol bike’s there’s a RPM meter so this is the ampere meter so like that so in 1st mode you won’t have any problem in traffic conditions it’s just that you need to twist the accelerator a bit more and.. power is enough because you don’t need to attain great speed in traffic so for 1st mode this is okay but i can have problem when the roads are clear beacuse speed of 45 kmph is very slow and then there’s Delhi’s traffic especially this road towards DND because Shaheen bagh roads are closed so the whole traffic is diverted to this route for all those who are going towards noida so it gets a jammed every time because of this but we’ll take advantage of having a bike and as of now i’m handling it with one leg only because as you guys know my leg is fractured but it’s not major now now i’m better but still i’ve some problem so i don’t want to put wight on that leg and it’s electric so there are no gears so it doesn’t have functions for legs so on silent mode as you can hear there could be wind noise also but there’s no sound the bike is completely silent in starting days there was some noise in it’s belt but there’s no noise now that means if you clean the belt time to time you won’t face any problem with the belt in all it’s a good package for city usage and normal commute as you can see here amount of ampere used is shown there so if you pull it up in starting the reading goes up but slowly as bike gets the momentum the power consumption becomes less so that’s why it shows less so it’s not like RPM that acceleration is directly proportional to RPM of the pistons but the power required to attain a specific speed only that much power is derived from battery so it feels slightly uncomfortable in 1st mode because pickup is less and throttle needs to be twisted more and speed is also slow so riding in first mode on highways is not recommendable you won’t even ride in that mode on higways so this is the Delhi – Meerut Highway it feels really slow 87% remaining i need to consume 5% more for 1st mode’s average so that i can tell you how many kms it has done in 10% and how many it will do in 100% so you can see even a splendor overtook this bike in 1st mode so think how slow i must be going and how much patience i have right now that i’m not switching it to 2nd or 3rd mode just to check the mileage so now you can see we’ve consumed 10% battery charge it’s on 83% now maybe you are not able to see I think it’s visible now and i’ve done 3150 km so that mean’s i’ve covered 11 kms so i’ll tell you in details after taking out the average of all 3 modes so now let’s switch it to 2nd mode you can see that here too previously range was 116 km and now the range is 74 kms in 2nd mode so now let’s check till 73% so now on 2nd mode you can see there’s a lot of power than before and it’s going fast so for highways 3rd mode is suitable but more general usage 2nd mode is optimum that means you can ride it normally and even fast on empty roads it’s more fun to ride in 2nd mode it doesn’t feel slow at all like how it felt in 1st mode that it is literally crawling so keep in mind that i also have a pillion with me and then it’s like this so with only 1 person you will obviously get more mileage so on 2nd mode it feels that there’s power when you accelerate when you slightly twist the throttle bike responses quickly like this.. on 2nd mode you will not ever feel that you are riding a slow bike it’s very fast and when compared to 1st mode it’s faster in comparison of power also and top speed also so i think by the time we’ll be at 73% kms will be around 56-57 3 kms less than 1st mode so it’s 73% now we need to stop -It only did 5 km? so i don’t know why why is it giving so less mileage it’s 3155 km on odo and we’ve consumed 10% in 2nd mode so it covered only 5 km in 2nd mode and you can see that i’ve not changed from 2nd mode now let’s put it in 3rd mode so i’ve done that and it’s 3155 km on 72% so now let’s take it from 72% to 62% and let’s see how many kms it will cover there’s a lot of power in 3rd mode so let me show you guys launch control in this bike hold me tightly so let me show you cheaper version of launch control so i’ve engaged the brakes and the accelerator won’t work so i’ll twist it completely and the moment i leave the brake it shoots up and now i can easily leave other bikes behind because now i’m in 3rd mode i’ve more power and greater top speed and i’ll tell you after complete analysis that why it has happened it’s 64% now so 1% more and i think in 3rd mode it’ll cover 9 kms that’s great man because in 1st mode it has done 10 kms so this will cover exact same km in 3rd mode as in 1st mode because I started at 3155 and now we’re at 3164 with 64% battery percentage let’s see till 63% how many kms it can cover so now it’s on 63% so let me stop the bike somewhere roadside so you can see 63% and this is 3165 km that means 10 kms man! same as the first mode WHY? HOW? just now you have seen that in what percentage it covered how many kms so we’ve started at 93% and till 83% it covered 10 kms 3140 to 3150kms that was on 1st mode so on 1st mode it covered 10 kms on 2nd mode 50-55 km that means 5 kms and then the most shocking thing that on 3rd mode it covered 10kms i.e. 3155 to 3165 kms so that’s something unbelievable because it covered less in 2nd mode and in 3rd mode it covered equivalent distance to 1st mode and that’s because or maybe that’s because of the wind resistance and we were 2 people sitting on the bike and while going towards meerut wind was in opposite direction and while returning it was in favour so that maybe a reason or i don’t know what happened there but i’ll tell you it’s mileage that if you switch between 1,2 & 3 mode during your daily commute then you’ll get approx 100-110 km of mileage in a full charge when you mostly ride it in 2nd mode and in 3rd mode it does around 80 km what company has specified somewhat lesser than that or very close to that if you don’t get caught up in traffic and you bike goes smoothly so average is 100-110 km when you switch between 1,2 & 3 while commuting so that is about it’s mileage i would recommend that you ride it in 2nd mode so that you can get an average range of 100 kms in one full charge and you can easily commute with that and plug it in at night and you are good to go for the next day if you want to know more about the bike you can check the previous videos which i made about the bike in those i’ve told most of the details about bike like how you can get it, about it’s battery and this one was about it’s mileage next video will be probably it’s review because now it’s 4 months old and it has done 3k kms so next will be it’s review video in which i’ll tell about the pros and cons and if you really should get this bike or not or you should wait so thankyou very much for watching this video and i would like that you guys also watch the previous videos too and if you like them then do like them and especially like this video don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE the channel Right now because i’m working so hard to bring out the videos and you guys know that my leg is hurt and it’s still not completely cured but it’s better than before still i’m on road to tell you about the bike so Stay Tuned See you in next video till then Bye-Bye Stay Tuned JAI HIND! There’s more it’s top speed it 72-73 now and if i was alone on bike it would have been around 84-85 km/h the guy next to me has accelerated completely but still i’m winning even he’s alone and we’re two and this bike has gone further as you can see WE HAVE WON THIS RACE LET’S CELEBRATE Hahahaha

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  2. bhai aapki bike koi problem nhi aa rhi hai kya
    maine suna hai kaafi logon se 0% error hai
    immobilizer kharab hia
    kafiyon ka to speaker bhi kharab hua
    kisi ki belt awaz kar rhi hai

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