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[Korea] Developed New 30mm Wheel Type Anti-Aircraft Gun

[Korea] Developed New 30mm Wheel Type Anti-Aircraft Gun

– The future battlefield environment, especially the air defense weapons operation environment, is changing rapidly.
New and various attack methods such as drone drones are emerging. CMB system and local air defense radar and wired / wireless intercommunication DMBGl
In conjunction with the surface-to-air fire control system Target detection tracking that can work with network-based external detection systems
Technology Electric motor real-time control technology for premature jamming
These skills are the ones that maximize your operational capabilities. Gradeability test
Climbing ability test (long slope) Rainfall test Forcing test Automatic Fire Extinguishing Test Accuracy test to verify operational performance Operating temperature test to confirm technical incidental performance
Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Self Diagnosis BIT Function Test And we performed an electronic optical tracker test and found it satisfactory.
Operational test evaluation chart to verify operational performance and suitability for military operations [music] Gas Particle Filtration Test Lower protection test
– Ground shooting test Night shooting test – Maritime Fire Test – Antiaircraft shooting test
[music] Defense out of sight Defend and fight first
The real defense we think is For the perfect defense at low altitude in Korea
Hanwha Defense is with us today

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