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Kuat “NV” Hitch Plus Add-on Review

Hey Bart Miller here with cycling strong I wanna
show you something that Kuat has thought through that’s awesome If you’ve ever put your bike rack on before on
the back end here and had it just rattle while your going down the road not if you have a Kuat, because they give you a
lever right here it’s got a ball inside of here that actually
makes that tight inside of there so it doesn’t sit and
rattle anymore makes this rock solid and when you’ve got
something on the back like I do on my Subaru you don’t have a lot of height you want it
to stay that high and not sag down when you put bikes on
the back end of your actual rack they’ve also through and kinda
got that sitting there They’ve gone through and put a bike stand on here
which is awesome flip that around put a bike on there and
actually work on it how cool is that two thumbs up for that
love that very very much then they’ve got an easy latch release system
down here you just hit that like that pulls it this thing comes down sits
down real simple now they also have a neat locking system on the back end just
like they did on the other one yeah that’s really neat
really neat. SO this one comes out lock the bikes they are
right here on the actual rack itself this also has extenders so you can use to be able to extend put a
fat bike on, the thing I like the most about this is it’s real simple you pull that out it’s got a tray here
snow, dirt everything can go right through this tray
so it makes it simple to put a bike on keep the system clean when I put the
bike on show you here really quick. Just sits on there
like that sits right into the system They’ve got a really wide tire holder on this just push down put that on there the bike fits right on then you go
back and you can secure the very back into this thing so makes it real nice for the bike to be on
a good plate for it to be rock solid and it doesn’t move the actual racking system itself so this is the
coolest rack there is out there the easiest to use halls for bikes
absolutely amazing and I love that I can just put my fat bike on
it and actually go right to riding now
I’m gonna take this bike off and I wanna tell you a little bit about the fun part of this system because I think you guys will get a real kick out of this because I know I did so when I first got this
system I I put this back together very first I start screwing it together and when
you put this one on right here this number two there’s only one way that this will fit
together right? so I got it all bolted together and figured
that out I got up the next day and decided to put this half of the system together and I had it flipped upside down when it was flipped upside down I put these all on but they were all upside down
unbeknownst to me right so I got up I got that all put together
and then I brought this one in and I go wow that looks kinda odd I guess I did it wrong so I took all these off
and tried to re-put this on even though I knew that this wouldn’t go on any other way I’m
thinkin man I don’t get it I’ve done something totally
screy I was already about to call the company I realize that I had this one turned the
wrong way so then I had to take all this apart put it back together
again so I put it all back together I got it
all back together thought it was great came out put my bikes on the very first
time and realized I had the two I had the two that were like this on this end and they won’t raise the other end to lock so then I had to turn around and take two of them back off and put a lock on one side and one of these
on the other so I got the experience to take this little rack apart and put it back
together several times It was a real joy and the saddest part
about it all is is all I had to do was go to Kuat and
watch it on their YouTube channel and they had a video that would walk me right through this so yeah the YouTube ninja really screwed
that up anyway I had a lot of fun I absolutely
love this rack I love how solid it is, I love how cool
it looks with my car and I love the fact I can put any bike on here and it just works really simple they even have a device for smaller
bikes there you just mount right on here it brings this down even further for a
smaller bike to be able to mount right on this too at the same time
they’ve thought of everything this company their engineers are absolutely awesome
they think through everything they make a great product and it’s just
absolutely first-class so good job you guys and I really like
the racking system so hope if you have any comment any questions
put them below and we’ll get back to you most of all
keep out there and keep Cycling Strong

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