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L60, L90, L120 Z-bar Volvo wheel loaders: Exploring machine features in the walk around movie.

L60, L90, L120 Z-bar Volvo wheel loaders: Exploring machine features in the walk around movie.

L60 L90 and L120 GZ was added to
the Volvo Wheel Loader family in 2015 to offer reduced cost of operations to
customers in emerging markets these machines are specifically optimized for
bucket handling applications, thanks to the Volvo set bar linkage and will fit in most applications. Go ahead Anteneh Please tell us the benefits… This
machines fit in most of the wheel loader applications extraction of sand and
gravel through handling enquiries as false or concrete mixing plants light
materials handling and general service at construction sites, this is
where these machines shine. The engine transmission and axles are the same as in the proven F-series wheel loaders. The Volvo design will deliver optimized performance high
productivity low fuel consumption and superior reliability. The axles have wet
disc brakes on both the front and rear the powerful Volvo engine delivers high
torque at low rpm. Inside the oil circulates to maintain an optimal axle
oil temperature this provides longer component life and excellent performance.
As an option we offer an external axle oil cooler for the L120 GZ.
For outstanding traction the front axle is equipped with 100% differential locks as
standard. The automatic portion transmission has
four settings. You can choose “L” for loading carry long-distance “M” for Medium distance or “H” for intensive short cycle logics such as truck load or you can put
it on “Auto” for general purpose applications. Using the echo pedal is a great
way to reduce fuel consumption, it applies a mechanical push part to help
you work within the economic operating range of the engine. The Volvo load
sensing hydraulics and steering system supply power to the hydraulic functions
only when needed, the powerful systems provide fast response for shorter cycle
times while delivering smooth operation through superior control of the load.
Attachment and steering the hydraulically driven and electronically
controlled cooling fan only rotates as much as required to maintain correct
temperature saving more fuel. The Volvo design dead bar linkage provides high breakout force for powerful digging even in the hardest materials the linkage is
matched with original Volvo buckets you want them to work together as one solid reliable unit. The purpose-built pockets have been
developed as an integral part to the machines parameters including lifting
arm geometry and breakout force rim pull and lifting force. The automatic bucket
leveler and boom kick out functions quickly and accurately stop the bucket
and linkage in adjustable pre-selected positions when activated this
easy-to-use feature increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue.
Hundreds of anti-slip steps and service platforms make it easier whenever
entering / exiting the cab cleaning your windows or completing other service
tasks on the machine. When it comes to comfort nothing can compete with a spacious cab from Volvo. The operator can easily set up an ergonomic working
condition. Steering column is adjustable. The armrests, the seat and control levers
have many adjustment possibilities and the control switches are easily accessible. The superior all-round visibility will
let you operate with precision. Further the air conditioning and heating
system will keep you comfortable whether you work in the hot desert or during
the cold winter in the north. The air in the cab is effectively filtered passing through a “pre” and “main” filter that keeps the air clean and the operator
stays fresh all day long. The Volvo “Contronic” system continuously monitors
the machines operation and performance in real-time and displays it on the
operator’s control panel. These diagnostics can also be accessed by CareTrack, the state-of-the-art telematics for your Volvo machines. CareTrack allows you to access a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save
time and money. To keep the machine going, service and maintenance is essential but what is to be done as fast as possible so that your machines can be out making
money OK! The excellent access to the engine compartment in the radiator
allows this to be done faster increasing machines Uptime on each of the brake housings there are breckwell indicators that
allows you to easily check on the wear level of the brake discs. If you want to
make sure the brake system is proper just do the electronic brake performance
test, critical components feature breather filters for superior cleansing
of air and gases, for easy and fast servicing the brakes are outboard
mounted, the rear axle trunnions are lubricated for life and are maintenance
free this cuts down the time spent on greasing and other servicing lowering
your costs. For superior durability Volvo buckets are constructed from
high-quality steel and special wear resistant materials in the areas that
are most exposed, jewel sealing on the bucket pins to keep dust out and the grease
inside for long service life of the bucket pins. Quality is never compromised at Volvo!
All Volvo wheel loaders are equipped with highly tested components proven for
performance, efficiency, availability and durability, the L60, the L90 and L120 GZ
Wheel loaders are ready to take on challenges, anywhere…

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