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Lake MXZ303-X Winter MTB Shoe Review

Lake MXZ303-X Winter MTB Shoe Review

Hey Bart Miller with Cycling Strong so most you
know I love to try out shoes and gear and all that kinda stuff and I know sometimes
you think oh my gosh it’s just another review but
reality is I do lotsa riding and it’s fun to try stuff out and give people
kinda what I thinks they don’t have to spend a lot of money
on trying things that won’t work for them so I reached out to Lake shoes which is
a Netherland Company there’s a lot of people that talk about
another brand of shoes that are out there so I wanted to talk about these a little
bit and WOW! I was really really impressed with
two things first of all they have a wide that you can buy so you can buy the
shoe in a wider shoe you don’t have to just buy it in the
regular size so people who have really wide feet can get a shoe that’s gonna fit ’em really really
comfortable the second thing I was impressed with is this boa system it’s real easy to get
into this boot and I mean real easy and when you get
inside the boot but that soul and the way these are like wearing a pair of slippers there’s so dang comfortable and you can kinda see that they have a
different liner inside of here kinda see that as I bring it around and
then this kinda covers it with the leather waterproof leather and they got a strap
here that’s really adjustable and so once
you’re in the boot and you kinda got everything fit the way you
want it fit you hit this boa system ratchet them down to where you want ’em to be like that and then snap it on and that boot fits like a glove lots of room the nice
thing about ’em is they’re really roomy but yet really snug which doesn’t make sense
but with the boa system it brings that really together so you
can put a thick sock on if you want to or wear a thin sock I wore just a normal sock you can see
these are sub-zero rated and I wore a normal sock in em you’ll see
another video if it’s not attached to this one find
it but I’m out in the snow and I mean we’re talking snow clear up to here
really really deep snow in these boots and my feet stayed really really warm comfy warm like wasn’t even stressed about it normally my
feet would be freezing like cold so I was a little worried
worried enough that I brought an extra pair of socks just in case just saying cause I hate feet cold
can’t stand it one of my pet peeves so I did that and never needed to even pull
’em out it was awesome I am riding a look pedal so I’ve got these these clips on here they’re a little
different and they worked great on here I had no problem getting in and out of my
pedals you can tell I’ve got ’em plenty dirty this soul is amazing going through the snow you know everything I
was doing when I’m hiking up the mountains all that kinda stuff the soul is just rock-solid being
you can see it’s very stiff yet lots of tracks to do everything I
want to do I’ve fact I really wish this was a road bike shoe
I wish I could get my road cleat in here a little bit because when
it comes Spring here this shoe is so warm and so nice it’ll be nice to
peddle in it on my road bike I mean it just be awesome so anyway I’ll put my mountain bike
this fits my mountain bike too I guess I’ll just have to ride in the gunk and
all that in the cold in my mountain bike on the same shoes so
pretty stoked about this shoe I dunno what questions you have but glad glad to
answer ’em but I can honestly tell you this company
bends over backwards for you great customer service I call ’em on a
couple of questions because I wanted to know cleat height you know where they needed to
be exactly make sure I did everything right they were stellar to get back to me and make sure I was taking care of it’s a matter of
fact I ordered a wide first of all and I’ve got a narrow
foot so I wasn’t thinkin I made a mistake and contacted them they absolutely was like no problem
send ’em back get the next one We’ll get you taken care of
So they took care of meme just like that and where it was just awesome so highly
recommend the lake 303 I haven’t tried the other
boots out there and I really don’t think that I need too
I got a really amazing boot and love ’em downfall to ’em if there is
anything I’m not used to where the cleat lines up on
my foot that probably the only thing I’m really not
i might have to adjust this a up higher a little bit because the size of the boot
it’s obviously not their fault they get they sent me a longer boot
then when I normally wear in cycling shoes I think for sock spacey and stuff like that and so that’d be the only thing is
just being to be able to get that exactly dialed in If anything so other than that really
like it like how it fits and the comfyness of the boot so we’ll talk to you all we’ll talk to you later

11 comments on “Lake MXZ303-X Winter MTB Shoe Review

  1. I run SPDs on all my bikes, in fact, I am looking at these to increase my commuting season because I can't stand cold feet either. Great video and review.

  2. How does sizing run on this shoe? Would you recommend getting your customary size, or sizing up or down a size? Thanks.
    Chip Bolman

  3. Why doesn't this fit your road bike. I was actually considering buying these for 30 deg F road riding. Maybe too warm for this temp.

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