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Lance Armstrong Is Back! | The GTN Show Ep. 60

Lance Armstrong Is Back! | The GTN Show Ep. 60

– This is the GTN show, and this week we have the
unfortunate announcement of a few athletes having to withdraw from the Ironman World Champs. Also, Lance Armstrong is back, but this time, into the world of triathlon. – Oh, well on top of that, we’ve got news of some disruption at Triathlon New Zealand. We’ve also got our new
feature, Question Time, as well as and some exciting race results as athletes are actually capitalising on the fact that the top
contenders are focusing on Kona. (upbeat music) – Well let’s talk about Lance Armstrong. Now I’m sure you’re all
accustomed and aware with the Lance Armstrong story, of how he was banned from
all cycling events in 2012 for his doping violation, and then given a four year ban
from all non-cycling events. That four year ban has
obviously been and gone, and now, he’s dipping his toe in swim run. – Yeah, well he has partnered up with the Olympic medalist
from 2000, Simon Whitfield. And they’ve actually made a team called Shower Shampoo Blow Dry Run, and it might sound like
a bit of a mouthful, but there’s actually a
bit of a joke behind it. So apparently, back in 2012, they had a bit of a twitter spat, where I think Lance Armstrong, apparently was dissing triathloners, just being basically getting wet, and what was, I don’t know the rest.
– Go for a bike ride, and then a 10k foot race. So yeah, he basically said that triathlons was just waiting
for the run to happen, which obviously Simon
Whitfield didn’t like. But, interesting to see
them back competing. So they took part in
the San Juan swim run, in Washington, and they
actually placed third, out of 21 teams, which
is quite impressive. And, we also, we’ll we’ve seen on Strava, that Lance has been gearing up for these swim run events, and I think a lot of people are wondering if he’s gonna
try do Otillo swim run champs. – But you were worried
that you might have him to compete against. Well, we didn’t see him there, but it’s got us thinking, the bigger picture, you know. Jokes aside, when, the morals behind athletes who have doped, and have served their ban, should they be allowed to come back? And sadly, all sports,
including triathlons, we’ve seen some athletes
come from other sports, and some get banned within
triathlon and come back to it. And I know some athletes really struggle to compete against them as well. – I don’t want to make a decision on this or really make a call on this, so we’re gonna throw it to you guys. We are going to put up our GTN poll, so this week, we are gonna ask you, should an athlete who’s tested positive then be allowed to compete in triathlon once the ban has been served. Simple yes, no, and other, and we’d like to hear
your comments on that, whether, depending on
certain circumstances, so you can enter that by
clicking just up here. But now for last week’s poll. – Yeah, well last week we were discussion that cold event that
was over, Weymouth 70.3, so we asked you, should events, or triathlon events, be
cancelled if it’s too cold, and it ended up being
a pretty split field. Yeah it was, so we had
48% of you said yes, they should be cancelled, and 52% of you said no. – And there were a lot of debates under the poll, or under that show, with so many people saying “it’s
about having the right kit, if you’re strong enough you
should be able to do it, and the other people saying no, it’s not safe, you want your money back. So interesting debate that’s been ongoing. Okay, now it is time
for some announcements that are pretty exciting, it is giveaway time. Now, few weeks ago, Mark took a video of the Polo unboxing of the Vantage V and the Vantage M, and very generously, Polo are giving away one of each. So we have two lucky winners to announce. The first one, which gets the Vantage V as well as the H10, goes to Chelsie Piddington from the UK. – Yeah, and then we
also have the Vantage M, which goes to Laura Gaigala, from Latvia. So congratulations to you both, we will be in touch with both of you, to get your information
and send those out to you, very lucky. – Pretty cool prize, eh? Well we’re being generous
here at the moment, we have got some more giveaways, so another chance for you guys to get your hands on a Fankit jersey, but this time, we are upping it, and we are including a Fankit jersey as well as the Fankit shorts. – The full set. Yes, so to enter that,
you just need to go down to the description below this video, and hit the link for the giveaway. And this one comes in from JavierCamon, and it says “When I get
into an areo position, my neck and my eyes hurt, for being in a very extreme position. Am I doing something wrong or have I just got to get used to it?” Again, a very good question, and I think this is something a lot of people fall into a trap of. And I’d even stay, when I first started really focusing
on my areo position, I also had similar complaints. Probably worth considering whether you’re going too extreme. Are you literally
looking down at your feet rather than being able to see the road, in which case yes, that’s probably gonna hurt quite a bit. I did spend a long time really
working on my areo position, so the biggest sort of take away for me, was rather than sort of trying
to force this areo position, it was actually about sort of
relaxing through my scapula. – That’s your shoulder blades. – So I’m going to use the table here as my elbow rest. – That’s your usual show position anyway, so you can just practise
it all day at your desk, that’s another way to do it. – So rather than trying to
force this areo position, it’s a case of actually relaxing, with the scapula and shoulders. As you can see, my head
dropped down a little bit here, but then that’s all setting up, because I’m a bit lower here with my head, I then have the, sort of the room to play with my
head position a bit more, rather than being rich in this position and then trying to move my head, I’ve actually dropped down
so much more and relaxed, and I can move my head up. And also what this allows is me then to shrug my shoulders in, more aerodynamic, again, this does take a
little bit of practise. – And you might get some weird looks from your office colleagues, unless you work at the GTN, where that’s just perfectly normal. – Yeah, just find a table, and start presenting to a camera, like I do. – But I think also, it’s something that does take time, like any new position. So you don’t need to go, like you said, fully aggressive, or fully low, and just start to increment it a month at a time, as you get more used to it. Then put your bars a little bit lower, put them further away, and work out what works for you. (upbeat music) Okay, it’s time for our new news feature, where Mark and I get to
compete with our stories. But more importantly, we are bringing you exciting
and breaking stories from triathlon. Must admit though, this
first one that I’ve got, is not the most positive of stories, let’s pin it up. It’s the fact that we
have got more athletes out of Kona. Sadly, Terenzo Bozzone, who a few months ago got knocked off his bike whilst at
training in New Zealand, and had severe injuries
and a lot of operations, most significantly in
his face and his hands, as well as injuries to his brain. Now he was determined to get back to Kona, and I know at the time,
when he announced this, everyone was thinking “oh my goodness, is that really possible?” He had a great early season, he was at Ironman New Zealand, that he won, and a couple
of other victories. – Which is backing up
weekend after another. – It was incredible for him, and sucks through the winter. So really sad, but he went out to Kona, he’s been training in Hawaii, but has realised that he’s just not quite there, and his body isn’t quite ready, so he’s made that tough decision that he’s just gonna
take a bit of time out to fully recover. – Real shame. – Yeah, and then also, we’ve just heard in
the last couple of days that Melissa Hauschidlt has
picked up an injury in her hip, she did have one on the other side, had that operated on last year, and she’s another athlete that came back from that injury so strong, and so it’s really disappointing to see those two out. – My bit of news now, and I’m afraid I’m gonna come in with some negative news as well, and this one’s around
Triathlon New Zealand, so I’ll pin this one up here. New Zealand problems. Now, this actually comes from quite a famous coach in New Zealand, Chris Pilone, who actually coached Hamish Carter to a 2004
Olympic games gold medal, he’s simply come out and said that Triathlon New Zealand should not receive public money for the sport. He’s ashamed of how they’re running it and everything else
that’s going on in there. He says they’re almost a little bit archaic in their approach, and things need to change. And this all coincided with their performance
director Mark Elliot also resigning, and it’s really sad actually, I was looking into it a little bit, and back in, I think 2014, Triathlon New Zealand, actually used to receive 1.4 million dollars in funding, public funding, to support and help their team. Now the receive just 750 thousand dollars. – That’s quite some cutting there. – Yeah, so simply my news is that Triathlon New Zealand is having a tough time, and I really hope that they get through, because they are such a
good team, strong team. – Not a good week for New Zealand, is it? Well, I’m not sure whose story is better, but whose is more impactful? Come on then? – Heather? – Yes, I get a win! At last. – Okay, well I’m gonna go first this time. And for this one, we need to take a little
trip down memory lane. Now, some of you diehard fans out there, might remember the
Bordeaux indoor triathlon that took place in 1993. Now, I gave you a bit
of homework for this, didn’t I Heather. – You did, yeah, it was
some interesting watching. – Yeah, so this was a very
short distance triathlon, and it took place in a velodrome, with a 25 metre pool, in the middle of it. It was, I believe, a 400 metre swim, a 10 kilometre bike, and then a 2k run. And it attracted some big names, we had Simon Lessing, Mark Allen, Thomas Hellriegel, Brad Bevan, they are like the biggest names in sports, they are legends in sport. And it’s incredible ratings, so Brad Bevan taking the win, and actually did the run
without his shoes on, saddles breaking, it was exciting. – It was a retro kit. – And you can actually find loads on this, watching the videos on
the internet out there, it’s very exciting to watch. Now, there is a triathlon club in France, Triathlon Levine, or Levine. They are trying to
recreate this indoor track, and they’re doing it over sort of a festival weekend, I think it’s from the 27th of February to the 3rd of March, And the idea is that they’ll do these kind of qualifier events, you’ll do like heats, semi final, final, it’s going to be over
super short distances, even shorter, I think 200 metre swim, 2 kilometre bike, 1 kilometre run, it’s really short, really fast, and I’ll be honest, I’m
really excited about this, it’s like super league to the max, I’m really excited. – It is cool to see
something like triathlon really just reinventing itself, and seeing what people want to watch, but also what people want to do. – Well yeah, I think this is really visually impressive, very easy for most to just sit down to, it’s only 20 minutes of your time, and that’s it, done. – Yeah, cool, well I look
forward to seeing that. Right, well I have probably the other end of the spectrum here, but like a massive challenge. These guys, Charlie Walker,
and Callie Morgigno, have just done a version of a triathlon, that spanned 5000 miles, so from the Arctic circle, all the way down to Istanbul in Turkey. And, they cross country skied, they kayaked, and then eventually cycling, the final part to Turkey. And I mean, from what I gathered, the first part was probably the hardest, but it was weeks and weeks on end of just carrying all your stuff on cross country skis, and I think survival was
the biggest challenge. No one else to be seen,
no one else to rescue you, and just the two of them, I mean that is an extreme triathlon. – That is very impressive, and the complete polar
opposite of my news. – Polar opposite, I like that one. – Well, we’d love to now find out what the results are! – Oh yeah. – [Director] Oh yeah,
Hannah’s got this one. – Yes! Two nil. – Okay, now for some tech, and I’ll try and claw something back here. Although, I can’t win now, can I? – No, sorry. – No.
– Hate to break it to you. – At least one point would be great. Well now, this is, the Velosense, and this is all about aerodynamics. And you know I like my aerodynamics. And I talk a lot about CDA, on the channel, and some of these CDA products that are
coming onto the scene. So we’ve got these kind of pitot tubes that can attach to your bike, and they can read real time CDA data, ie how aero you are as you’re riding along. Had a few of them ready, this is another one, a new one, it’s called the Velosense, and the idea of this is actually, it’s almost a mini wind tunnel, so it’s got a pitot tube in there, but it’s created a tunnel around that. So it funnels in the wind. But what they’re saying is so different and special about theirs, is that it’s actually capturing data from different angles, and
it’s far more accurate, from what they say. Really interesting, it is still a concept, or I guess it’s more than a concept, it is actually a product, but it’s not actually quite available. Sounds like, from my understanding, this is something that maybe, we’re gonna be able to buy it, it’s probably more gonna be sold off to Garmin or
Intel or someone like that. But it’s really exciting,
really interesting, and that is my news, and I hope I win it. – Well this one though, Mark, I think you’re gonna like, purely because you have been riding the older version, because there is a new Cervelo S5 that’s just come out.
– [Mark] Definitely won’t win this one over. – I think you’re actually
going to like this. This, I’ve been writing
the S3 with disc brakes, but now the S5 is coming with disc brakes, so they’re making it obviously more aero, there’s also the ability
to have wider tyres, on it, and they’re making all the cabling rooted inside so great for
bad weather and things. I think you’d like to get
your hands on one of those. – Well I think the really
exciting bit about this is it stem, so if you saw the front profile of this, it’s almost like a V. So it’s all missing. So I have seen some leaked images of this, but yeah, it’s really exciting, it’s actually out now. So the idea is the wind sort of funnels, comes through, and within the stem. I can’t really describe it, but it’s like this shape. – I think you’re doing a very good job of helping me get another point. – But it’s horrible, it looks horrible, and it would look much better with one of these on them. (laughs) It does, it looks really nice. – [Director] Three nil. – Oh my goodness. – Okay, well now for the race news. And to start things off, this weekend, we had the
Super League triathlon in Jersey, which is
quite an exciting format, takes place over two days, and attracts some of the top athletes to the events. So first day was the triple mix, which was essentially three different races, with
ten minutes between each race, and completely mixing up the formats, so you go swim bike run, run bike swim, bike swim run. – Yeah, so the ten minute clock starts as soon as the winner crosses the line, so if you’re, say, a minute behind, you only get nine minutes
rest, for example. And if you’re more than a
minute and a half behind, you’re out. It’s really harsh. – Well after day one, it was actually Vincent Luis that was in the lead for the men’s race. We then had Henri Schoeman,
Kristian Blummenfelt, Johnny Brownlee, and then Richard Murray. – While it was Cassandra Beaugrand, so it was a French one one
either side for the women, it was Katie Zaferes finished in second, Ashleigh Gentle third, and then it was Kirsten Kasper just off the podium in fourth, and Jodie Stimpson in fifth. So still very close on the points going into the next day. – Yeah, and the next day,
was the enduro format, which was swim bike run, three
times through, continuous. – So it was what, a 300 swim. – Five kilometre bike, and a 1.6 kilometre run. – Three times through, the intensity of that.
– Flat out. Yeah, in the men’s race, Vincent Luis, managed to stay clear and take
the win overall in the day, and obviously taking
the overall win as well. Henri Schoeman came home in second, Richard Murray came back in third, but not with enough
points to actually take the overall third, so that
went to Kristian Blummenfelt. Fourth went to Richard Murray, and then fifth was Johnny Brownlee. Well it was Katie Zaferes who, I think, that format
really played into her strength, because she is such a strong athlete, so she managed to break
away from the others, and took the overall win, and that gave her enough points, from coming second the day before, to win overall. On the second day, it was
Katie Zaferes’ teammate who joined her on the podium in second, Kirsten Kasper, and the Cassandra Beaugrand
was down in third, but actually the overall
results were flipped around. So as I said, Zaferes won overall, but it was actually Beaugrand
who was second overall, and the Kirsten Kasper who was third. Well now onto Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, and on the women’s side, it was another win for Ellie Salthouse, she had a consistent performance, it did come down to the run between her and Svenja Thoes, as they came out of T2 together, but Ellie Salthouse managed to run away and take the win by a minute and a half over Svenja Thoes. And then, another eight or so minutes back in third, it was Angela Naeth, who I was quite surprised
to see competing, cause we only mentioned
in the show last week, how she’s actually got a Kona slot, and that’s just in two weeks time. – Very interesting. Well, in the men’s race, it was a very impressive performance from Michael Weiss, he actually placed outside of the top ten coming out of the swim, but then posted the fastest
bike split of the day, no surprises there. He was in fact over three minutes quicker than the second best
bike split of the day. He then went on to post a 1:18 half marathon to
take the win overall. In second, it was Tyler Butterfield, and in third, it was Alan Avila. – And now on to Iron Chattanooga. And unfortunately, before the race, they did have some
ridiculously heavy rainfalls, and I think it was
quite a few days before, that they’d already decided that due to the fast flowing river, and also the E. Coli in the river, they just couldn’t hold the swim. I mean, I’ve swam in that river, I know that it’s fast running
even without the rain, so it did become purely a bike and a run, and they actually set the athletes off in a time trial format, but it’s 116 miles cycle, I don’t know if that was
added on because of the swim, or if it was just a
longer bike course anyway, and then obviously the marathon run. – Yeah, and it really seemed to play into the hands of Cody Beals, who posted the fasted bike
and run splits of the day to take the win overall, and an astonishing 11
minutes and 32 seconds ahead of second place
finisher, Matt Russell, and in third, it was Kirill Kotsegarov. Well now we have the Otillo
1000 lake swim run event, which takes place in Germany, and it quite a spectacular event from what I understand. And this race was really quite special, because we had a team, for the first time, winning every race in the series. So any team that has won numerous races on the trial gets to wear the golden bib, and if they manage to win
the whole series of races, without getting beaten once, they take home 33000
euros between the team. And this one was the mixed team, and it went to team Thule
Crew wolfwear swim run, so congratulations to them! – Yeah, pretty consistent, to go to a, to just do that many races, and to win every one, impressive. Well the men’s race was
won by team Sport Office, and the women’s race at this event was won by team Swimming Garmin. – Well finally, Xterra Taiwan, and in the men’s race, we
had a new pro to the scene, and that was Lewis Ryan,
and he lead the swim out with Ben Allen, and the two worked really well together on the bike, Dean Cane from Australia was chasing them really hard on the bike. And then we had Doug Hall
a little bit further back. And actually on a very technical
part of the bike course, Ben Allen came off his bike, suffered quite a bad injury with the handlebars going into his ribs. So as Dean Cane was catching him, he actually got off his
bike, tried to help him, Allen told him to carry on because he could get back on his bike, and unfortunately, poor guy, three kilometres later, suffered a puncture of his own, slashed tyre, had to run into
transition with his bike, and at that point, that’s
where Doug Hall passed him. Onto the run, and it’s Lewis Ryan that went ahead to take his first pro win, and then we have Ben Allen in second, and Doug Hall in third. – Well in the women’s race, it was also affected by punctures, it was Nicole Walters
who led out of the swim with over a minute lead on Jacqui Allen, but then they soon became
quite close on the bike, sort of referring with the
uphills and the downhills, and then Jacqui Allen
actually got a puncture, I think just before the final uphill, so Nicole obviously managed to get away, and she never managed
to get back on the run. So it was Nicole Walters
who took the overall win. Jacqui Allen was second, and then in third it was Leela Hancox. – Well now for the caption competition, and last week we had a
photo of Fraser Cartmell, who joined us on the show last week, coming out of the Ironman
70.3 Weymouth race, from the swim, covered in seaweed. And we had some good captions come in. – Yes, quite a few plays on sea weed also being known as kelp, so before we dive in,
I’ll just plant that one. Our first one here from Jack Rigal, “It’s so cold, had to add layers.” I mean we did talk a lot about how horrendous and cold
the conditions were, so again, nice little scarf maybe? – [Mark] So we had one
here from Russel Chiodo, and he said “Kelp! Kelp!” A followup from that, very similar, Robert Nastasi, said “I’m a fine swimmer, I
don’t need the kelp!” – But our favourite this week, so the winner of the GTN cap, goes to Izzytdi, “I hope no
one can sea I weed myself” – [Mark] Very cute. – Made me chuckle anyway. – Izzy, you are the winner of the GTN cap, get in touch with us, or we’ll
try to get in touch with you, we’ll send this out to you. Now for this week’s caption. – Yeah, now this one I’ve
actually brought into the show, because this is my friend Ella, now she might kill me
putting this picture in, but it is my back you can see, and we were just about to swim, 6k swim at the Exmoor open water event, and we’re in the holding
pen before our race, and I want to know what I said to Ella. – [Mark] You just told her that it was 6k. – Might have, I’m pretty
sure she was aware, but maybe not. – We just signed up for 1k! – Just one lap of the lake. So yeah, I’d love to know what you guys would suggest that I
might have said to Ella, or a general caption for that photo, so do drop those in the
comment section below. – Okay, and now a chance for us to look through some of the lovely photos you guys have sent into us. So the first one is of a swim start for, I believe, it is the Vitruvian, the English national
chant for middle distance, which actually, the first ever
middle distance race I did. – [Heather] Ah, was it such beautiful conditions when you did it? – It was very misty when I did it, so no, so I think we got about
100 metres into the swim and nobody could see each other. This next one is from Sarah, and this is their pain cave. – [Heather] Well Sarah
sent this in from Sweden, it’s of Yankee Sempra B4P. – Love it. Moving on, we now have
a very interesting one, sent in from Dale, and this is of the Ironman
70.3 Super frog competition in California, and they were just setting up their bike, walking through transition, and they spotted this. They wondered what is it? Well, Dale, it is, I was gonna say a very old bike, but it’s only 1997, it’s quite a retro bike anyway. – Not something you see regularly. – No, it is the softride windshear bike, as I said, from 1997. It became quite popular, a few pros were seen riding it, and not too dissimilar from our P5X, the frame sort of design. Alright, next one is sent in from Victor, from the Netherlands, and this is their Merida reacto 400, which is a road bike, with clip on aero bars. – [Heather] Well, he’s
going to get square eyes, if he’s on lift or something, as it looks like he might be. And watching GTN, I don’t think I’d want to watch us that closely. But I’m impressed. Also has the treadmill ready to jump straight off the bike,
with a stride power metre. So all the stats ready to go. – [Matt] It’s a full setup
there, that’s very nice, and a Heineken mat underneath the bike. – [Heather] Just for any spillage. – Brilliant. And then finally, this from Anatalie, and this is their Cannondale slice RS, with Plan X wheels, although, I was gonna say, they look like zip, but they are Plan X. And this is from the Malta 2018 sprint triathlon championships, and they managed to get a PB! – [Heather] Nice work! – Very nice. Well do please keep sending in your photos using our uploaded, your swim locations, your pain caves, your transition zones,
anything you like really. – All of it, yeah. Well that is it for this week’s show, and I’m afraid we’re not
gonna be here next week, but don’t worry, we will have a show, because we’ve got a
slightly different location. We are gonna be in Kona! Can’t wait. – I’m gonna be drinking my pina colada, mid show next week. I’m sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, but we’ll do our best. But no, in all seriousness, we’re really looking
forward to heading out to the Ironman World
Championships next week, we’ve got loads of content coming from it, meeting all the pros,
seeing the new bikes, what new bikes, didn’t
mention that, sorry, but we’ll be putting more
of that on the channel soon. And yeah, I mean if you like this show, hit that thumbs up button, and if you’d like to see
more videos from GTN, click on the glowing subscribe. – Yeah, and if you want to see a video that we’ve done recently on
myth busters for the gym, that’s just here. – And if you’d like to see the how to run a sub 40 minute 10k video, just click down here.

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  11. I would check your facts about Lance Armstrong, pretty sure he started in Triathlon as a Junior before getting into pro cycling! Remember seeing a photo of him with Mark Allen Mr Ironman competing in the same race, Lance was a junior back in 1987! With regards to doping in the Peloton, Lance was certainly not the only one doing it at the time! He has payed for his crimes and should be given another chance, as he has lost everything! I’d ride with him anytime anywhere!

  12. How I would like to have some jersey with GTN on it!!!! I’m from Mexico and I follow you since quiet a lot; I think I have seen all of your videos. Been cycling since one year; been swimming since have of a year; been running since 4 years; I have done a duatlón in April of this year and right now I’m training for my first triathlon!!! Best regards, specially to heather!!!

  13. If you’re proven to have cheated in any professional sport a lifetime ban should be obligatory. You don’t deserve to compete with those who do it properly and your integrity will forever be in doubt. It isn’t fair to the others. Besides you’d be a lot less willing to risk it if the consequences would destroy your career, not just give you a sabbatical.

  14. Research clearly shows that the benefits of doping with GH are lifelong and therefore anything less than a lifelong ban is unfair. Simple as that.

  15. Armstrong should be banned for life from all sport. The gains achieved whilst on drugs will always be there to some degree so having a few years ban isn’t fair on clean athletes.

    Plus Armstrong and the way he used cancer was disgusting and a slap in the face for all cancer sufferers.

  16. who cares about country skiing kayaking etc…'s not a triathlon !!!!!!! GTN …don't bring in other sports !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's heaps of other sports that add three sports together, don't cheapen triathlon by calling it a triathlon , it's adventure racing……stick to the topic please ….. TRIATHLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or lose viewers……

  17. In context of ALL world class level sport being doped and I mean ALL its a total farce that cycling is si gled out and why?Because its the most tested sport on earth by double.No other sport is as tested except maybe Olympics.Lance has been honest by comparison and he also had a responsibillity to win as rotten as everyone says he is he had the whole of US postal dependant on him winning,he didnt win the team goes down.He was still the best cyclist of his time no doubt about it.Pantani was doped to his physical limit of epo without dying and Lance Still beat him up hill.Lance beat the best guys on the flat too who also doped.Lance has like all of us faults but unlike most he admits it.Like all humans on planet earth he has good and bad.

  18. The puclic asks for superhuman performance, and looks surprised when athletes use superhuman methods. The audiance is the reason for doping. Either you enjoy the superhuman show, or don't look at it, but don't blame athletes how dedicates their life and health to achieve what no human like us can achieve.

  19. I mean if you've served your time, you've served your time, right? It's a bit silly to put a temporary ban in place but you're never allowed back. Makes no sense.

  20. Caption: "Heather!!! What do you mean you have the wrong color goggles??" What do you mean by Bilateral Breathing?? Next thing you're going to tell me is that Lance Armstrong is Back!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!

  21. I would say a lifetime ban depends on the degree and significance of the doping. Lance was huge in the sport and his cheating had a very high negative impact on the sport. So in Lance's case, I don't think he should ever be allowed to take part in any competitive sport. I'd also be very disappointed in any sponsor he may get.

  22. I think it’s great LA is back!!! Forget all the HYPOCRITES and HATERS. Athletes like Kaepernick have done far worse and have a NIKE contract. Kick some ass Lance!!!!!

  23. He wasn't the first to dope or the last. He was just the most famous doper. Does he have to be punished for life for something thousands have done and still are doing?

  24. Haha…the fact you've got existing athletes in tria Athlon still competing and are dopers and some in the past are not dopers but were dopers (Wellington/McMahon/Gaag/Spirig) come on guys…get your head out the sand ffs.

  25. Armstrong wasn't putting down triathlon as such, rather just the Olympic distance one. He had, and I guess still has, great respect for the Ironman Triathlon.

  26. Get over it. How many athletes go in to the rooms during sport and get a jab in a sore knee or ankle to continue playing. ANYTHING that enhances performance is cheating so its time to move on.

  27. Caption Contest: “Ella, before we start…I thought I’d let you know that I also signed us up for the last wave aswell as this wave.”

  28. WEDU Full Distance & 70.3 Events will surpass ironman within next 4 years and Lance will be leading the charge. It's a no brainer. Also if a 5 or 10% percentage of every registration goes to cancer research everyone will feel great about doing his events. Go Lance!!

  29. Ban for life otherwise what's the point in not doping? Need consequences to stop making doping appealing. Ending a career is the consequence to stop it. If everyone knows up front the consequences then there is no excuse or appeal. Stop doping if the end game.

  30. Lets be honest here it is safer to be pro cyclist doping then been one not doping the demand on the body is crazy plus nearly all pro cyclists are doping

  31. F#@k Lance!
    He should never be allowed to compete in competitive sport again!
    Once a cheater always cheater, he'll always dope, he's a master liar and manipulator that cannot be trusted! Ever! He'll dope again but probably won't get caught again. 😔

  32. F#@k Lance!
    He should never be allowed to compete in competitive sport again!
    Once a cheater always cheater, he'll always dope, he's a master liar and manipulator that cannot be trusted! Ever! He'll dope again but probably won't get caught again. 😔

  33. Lance obviously loves sport. Let him compete, he's done his time, paid his dues, made his apologies and is actually a pretty cool guy now. Enough of the witch hunt.

  34. Armstrong's offense against the sport went beyond doping. His manipulation of others, lying, belligerence and bullying were key too.s in keeping him in the sport and without getting caught. He destroyed lives, ruined careers and made so many threats against others. And to this day he's barely shown remorse or recalcitrance. I lost respect for Whitfield. I will never compete at any event where Armstrong takes part, and I will boycott any organization that sponsors him.

  35. triathlon: doping no stress – nobody checks- everybody can be a phenomenon – just become obsessed and druggy – what a great example of true resilience – i'm over it

  36. hahaha, the Lance question is not just about "being positive", but running basically a criminal operation, threatening everyone around, even suing, with obvious backing by UCI criminals… capitalizing on his DeepSociopathic "value core" of "nothing is too much". #zipyourlips (google/youtube the case of Filippo Simeoni)… and now think what example it gives (think Bernie Maddoff running another type of "fund" again, or Al Capone serving his "tax related ban" and run some charitable business… yes, it's THAT bad… and you know what's worse? That NOBODY CARES.)

  37. Lance Armstrong should never be allowed on a competitive field of any type. I do not care that he doped. All major professional sport have dopers and cheats. Lance Armstrong would like to have people think that he doped because everyone else were doing it, however the truth is Lance Armstrong cheated so well that he drug the entire sport of cycling along with his team. Again, to be clear… I do not care that Lance Armstrong was the greatest cheat in the history of sports. What is unforgivable is that he used sick and dying people who suffered cancer to shield his crimes. The quote people like to say is "But look what he did for cancer" Lance Armstrong gave his name to a 'Not for profit' business which most athletes and rich people do. It is a form of tax brake. In Lance Armstrong's case, he became involved with Nike who came up with the yellow armband and changed the name of the Not for profit from "The Lance Armstrong Foundation" to "Livestrong." I worked as a volunteer for 10 years within the organization. I lobbied Congress and the US Senate for continued funding of cancer related programs like the NIH, the CDC and others. Whenever the accusations against Lance Armstrong's cheating and lies would flair up in media, Lance Armstrong would go to a hospital, or make a commercial to try and put forth the idea that he was doing so much good for cancer, that he could not possibly be a cheater. All the while he lead the largest cheating organization in the history of all sports. Lance Armstrong should be banned from any and all sporting events for life. An organization that allows him to participate in their events is forever marked as a supporter of a man who held sick and dying children up to deflect bad press from his lies and cheating. Lance Armstrong is proof of evil. He sent people to their graves believing his sycophantic rhetoric. His ability to bend the truth to his will is so impressive, the entire world was his oyster for years. He changed the entire sport because his doping was so well done. If you believe anything positive about Lance Armstrong I am here to tell you that you are under his spell and you have been conned by a master manipulator, and you are his fool. If you support Lance Armstrong, you are his fool.

  38. Athletes tested positive should be able to return to sport after serving the ban time but should be tested in every event during first year. If next years the results gets way better…

  39. It's not about Armstrong doping. It's his attitude about it and his role in it. He wasn't just a guy who had no choice but to dope to be competitive.
    He was a bully, threatening journalists, manipulating teammates, leveraging officials and generally being an asshole to people.
    He should be banned for life from pro sports for being a total asshole if anything, he's the definition of "unsportsmanlike".

  40. You two are a couple of A-grade clowns. Ohhhh, my head position, ohhh my body position. Did you win shit? Or are you just more excuse makers. Im calling you the latter. What shit dribbling imbeciles. Triathlon isnt half as enjoyable as it was because of complete turdburgling dropkicks like you two.DIRE!

  41. Most top athlete have or do dope let’s not sound dickish acting like most top tri iron runners cyclist are completely clean, facts are facts

  42. Lance was unique and very special in the epoch of mass cheating by every pro cyclist, he drilled them all over and over again. They all doped and could not challenge his dominance.

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