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guys! let me know in the comments If you think that French is a beautiful language because I don’t think so If no idea where or what we are riding it was raining yesterday and the guys just hunt me down somewhere Guys! I lost the boys … I’ve got no idea where I am cruising around .. But all roads lead to Rome Yo! I found the boys afterwars at the line for the chairlift I don’t know they told me to ride left, they go right & the trails merge later on .. but I missed it somehow however! How do you feel, when you ride a trail in the park or where ever for the 1st time? I personally think it’s super helpful if someone who knows the trail is riding in front of me to see the line… at least once, that’s enough How do you handle it? Leave me a comment. I am pretty sure you know him because 1-2 weeks ago someone crashed hard on the container drop here in Whistler I’ve got the feeling I was riding this already But I am not sure It’s crazy Partly you’ve got the best grip on the rocks and partly you absolutely don’t This trail is so fun! This trail is so much fun! There are just so many lines! And this is how it looks like in the line to the chair lift Actually there aren’t a lot of people right now Most of the time the line goes until somewhere over here But I already mentioned it’s not soo bad standing in the line it goes relatively fast and you really meet all and sundry According to that it’s okay But it’s not soo cool When it’s raining & you’re sitting in the chair lift And it’s so crazy Down in the line for the chair lift it’s so hot and after 10m in the chair lift it’s super cold Guys! This part of the trail is so much fun Are you recording? (when the Austrians finally meet in Whistler) Elias dislocated his shoulder a few days ago Have fun! So Miss Peaches, are you ready? What are we riding actually? I’ve got no clue! What line is it? I don’t know! Really! But you? I still have got zero overview here! Let’s shred A Line, ok? Is it recording? oh fuck Shall we? well guys by now I can really approve that When a Pro Rider says Ah no, super easy … Don’t fully trust in what they say on the other side, I was riding A Line only once with Fabio And Whistler is really just next level Everything is shaped perfectly And you can really trust in the jumps that when you have the speed you make it to the landing I would have loved to ride it more often maybe with someone who presets the speed in the end it was pretty cool especially finally riding with Fabio I am definitely coming back to Whistler next year And next year I am going to practice A Line than With this in mind Thanks so much for watching my video Leave me a LIKE, comment and subscribe if you haven’t already You definitely won’t regret it. Thank’s again for watching! Until next time!

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