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Late For School Parkour POV

Late For School Parkour POV

Hey. I’m late for school. Can you give me a ride? Again?! On my way. Why is there nobody here? Ah crap. I forgot… It’s Saturday!

100 comments on “Late For School Parkour POV

  1. This is me when the end of the world is near

    Me in reality: sitting in the couch eating chips while the news raids about the world ending

  2. Boy get your nasty ass then brush your teeth didn't take a shower didn't even change your pants from last night not even breakfast. So disgusting but the parkour cool though

  3. he's was probably one of those kids who would stand on the table when the teacher would walk out of the class and do a backfilp, landing in his chair, in a sitting pose

  4. When you parkour all the way to school and realize it's the weekend

    him: oh crap I forgot its Saturday


  5. Who was that guy who torow a bag on you then you take the bag is that your bag and that man am I correct or not comment me please

  6. At 2:06 How the cycle is moving ??!!!! 😂😂 and……
    At 0:35 how the bag is flying? Really? !!! 😂😂😂😂

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