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Later Giant Gator | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Hot Wheels

Later Giant Gator | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Hot Wheels

(energetic, pulsing music) (cars vrooming) – [Chase] Who knew
fighting a shark would get our cars so dirty? – I’m telling you
man, rain clouds aren’t gonna get seaweed and
fish bones off your ride. – Hey man, we put our
cars back together. I think we can handle
a little seaweed. (engine revving)
(energetic music) – Game on. (energetic music) (Chase yells) (cars whistling) (cars thud)
(cars vrooming) (car tires screech) – Ha ha ha, your
car still stinks! – All this dizziness
for nothing. I’ll get you for this, clouds! – You need me to show
you how to be fierce. Just go like this. (Draven roars)
(alligator roars lightly) No, like this. (Draven roars)
(alligator roars lightly) (Draven roars) (alligator roars ferociously) (Draven exclaims fearfully)
(water splashes) Not bad. I could work with that. (conveyor belt whirring) (cars skid to a stop)
(water and suds sloshing) (distorted audio)
(radio cuts in and out) – Sheriff, what?
You’re cutting out! (distorted audio) What are you trying to say?? – [Sheriff] There’s a giant
gator at the car wash! – Noooooooo! (alligator chomps down)
(Chase’s voice reverberates) (crowd screams) – [Elliot] Little
brother, you okay? – Uh, who turned
out the light, too? – You’re in a gator’s mouth. (Chase laughs)
– I thought you just said I’m “in a gator’s mouth”. (alligator thumps)
(cars crashing) (cars screeching
and engines revving) – [Elliot] Hey! Out of my way! Being a hero! – [Female Reporter] Wow!
Look at those drivers go! – Smile for the camera… Watch out! (yells) (Elliot exclaims
as his car bounces) Yep! Meant to do that. – [Sheriff] Looks
like Chase and Elliot have this under control. Wait. That’s not
Chase or Elliot. Who’s driving those cars? – I don’t get it. All the roads come right here. Where are they? (building collapses) (Chase reverberates) – [Chase] Never thought I’d
be mouthwash for a gator. (alligator growls) – [Elliot] Check you
later, giant ‘gator. (cars vrooming) (wheels screeching) (cars crash)
– [Elliot] Dude, you’re free! – [Chase] I knew I could
count on you, big bro. – Uh, I didn’t save you, bud. They did. – [Chase] Much appreciated. Next time a little
sooner, but hey you know, thank you. Can I at least get your names? (cars honking) – Was that (honking) or was
that (honks differently)? (cars revving off) – Nah bro, I think its more
like (beeps and honks). – No maybe that was (honks) (alligator beeps and honks) (playful, energetic music)

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