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Lazy Dirt Bike Rider Returns To The Track! (Day 1968) |

Lazy Dirt Bike Rider Returns To The Track! (Day 1968) |

(upbeat music) – What is up my clan? Welcome to Arizona Cycle Park. That’s right, I’m here
at the dirt bike track. We got Mike from the Swags,
we got my dad riding my old 250. We’re gettin’ ready to
tear it up on the track. Try to chase my dad,
honestly that’s just my goal is to just try and
keep up with my dad. (laughs) No Tanner today? – No Tanner.
– [Clintus] No Tanner. – Has to work,
couldn’t get his shift covered. – [Clintus] He’s
workin’, he’s working. – I’m solo. – [Clintus] Es solo. And our bike’s good to go. Air filter, oil’s good
to go, let’s go ridin’. (upbeat rock music) (dirk bike engines revving) – [Clintus] So
we’re back at the track, me and my dad, ACP
ridin’ my 450, his 250. And last time we
talked guys, I talked about how I was thinking
about sellin’ my bike and getting an off road bike ’cause I really
love trail riding. I really love single track, and that’s kinda what
I really enjoy riding. Don’t get me wrong,
I loved riding down this track I really love ACP, but watchin’
this footage right here, this is my dad’s
angle, chasing me around. I’m definitely not
riding to my capacity. I’m definitely
not pushing myself. I’m definitely not
riding as fast as I know I can. I had a few good laps,
it’s hard for you guys to see from my angle, but I
know I had a couple good laps, fast laps for me. I did clear a
couple of these table tops. Again, it’s hard for you
guys to see that from my POV. But anyways, the
suspension for whatever reason it beats me up, it is
still too stiff for me. I’m only 165 and I
keep softening the forks and I keep softening the
suspension and it just still. After two laps my
arms are spaghetti. My arm pump and the
fatigue I have is just so unbearable I can
barley hold on to the bike, and so it makes
it hard for me to try and push myself to go
faster when I feel like at any given moment I’m gonna
lose control of the bike. Also, I feel like I’ve turned
into a really lazy rider. This 450 has so much power,
I’m able to cruise around into second and third
and a lot of you guys, a lot of the crap head
kids would like to say, “Oh yeah, yeah, you don’t
even ride that fast enough “you don’t wanna use that 450, “you should’ve got a 250.” I’d rather have too
much power than not enough. I’d rather be cruising around
in second and third gear rather than it scream
in third and fourth gear. That’s just my riding style. I prefer the low
third verses the high third, high fourth, that kinda thing. It’s just my style. And the 450
allows me to be lazy. But I definitely
need to step it up, I definitely need to push myself
a little more in the future so stay tuned, more
videos at ACP for sure. I haven’t made any decisions yet on whether or not I’m
gonna sell my bike or not. I’m not in a hurry,
there’s no need to. I think I’m gonna put
a kickstand on it though. I’ve seen a couple of
guys now with kickstands on their motocross bikes. I think I’m
gonna grab one of those and throw it on,
’cause it definitely makes my job as a
vlogger a lot easier. So, yeah. – Good, – [Girls] Morning. – Is that how she does it? – No, that’s how my mom does it. (laughing) Me and Mason are makin’ slime, ’cause that’s what you do in
the morning on Sunday morning. – [Tiffany] Is that what you do? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] When
you have a sleepover? – First time, first timer here. – He’s never made slime before. – [Jack] He made
slime, doesn’t look like he really wants slime. (laughing) – [Tiffany] Oh
how’s that sandwich? – Good. [Tiffany] Good? – Took out the
egg sandwich maker. – [Tiffany] Yep. Haven’t used it in a while. Our breakfast spread here. So the kids made their
way back into the pool. It’s kind of a weird day today. – [Bryce] Mason do
you wanna play again? – We’re overcast, not very hot. – No he doesn’t
want to play again. – You can play one
of this with us too. – [Tiffany] They’re
playing a new game we got. It’s like a Go Fish diving game. – [Mason] Sierra. – [Clintus] Tiff’s
back in the kitchen. What are you makin’? – Cauliflower. – [Jack] Oh really, right now? – [Clintus] Well
I see that (laughs). – Buffalo wing cauliflower. – [Clintus] Buffalo
wing cauliflower, alright. (yelling)
– I just ordered pizza but I’m like, “At least we’ll get a little bit of
nutrition in this, right?” (laughs) – [Clintus] Hey,
there’s vegetables on our pizza. – Pineapple and jalapenos? – [Clintus] What is yours? – We got spinach Alfredo. Spinach. – [Clintus] Oh. – [Bryce] Wait, what’d we get? – [Clintus] What’d you get? – I don’t know. – [Tiffany] Spinach Alfredo. – [Clintus] Oh you
didn’t get a hamburger pizza? – They don’t have it anymore. – [Clintus] Oh, fail. – Hopin’. Try it Mason. (squishing) (oven beeping) (Tiffany laughing) – No.
– Aww. – We had a huge one
earlier, it was humongous. – Alright try again. – It looked like a butt.
– Try again. (laughing) Try again. – Wow.
– Oh no. – Did you see how big that was? – You jiggled it too much. – [Tiffany] Jiggled it.
– You were like. – My arm hit it, that’s why. That was awesome. – [Clintus] Hey
here’s the final product straight from the oven. It’s still smokin’,
still steamin’. And then Papa
John’s just got here. – [Chrissy] Papa John’s. – [Clintus] I
got crazy and ordered a pineapple jalapeno pizza. – [Sierra] Nice. – [Clintus] Got
peperoni and bacon. And we got a spinach Alfredo? – [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Spinach Alfredo,
you ever had that before? – I’ve had
Alfredo pizza, I think so. – [Clintus] Okay. – It had Alfredo on it. (cheering) – [Sierra] Go Mason, go.
Go Mason, go. We haven’t actually slid
down the slide in a while we’re always
just attacking in it. (laughing) (splashing) Your stomach. Oh. (splashing) – Well we’re
done with the pizza, the Bevos ended
up staying longer than they thought
they were going to. We’re back out at the pool,
my mom has joined us. And we have almost all of our
floaties in the pool, guys. It’s a giant pool floatie party. Pool floatie party. (cheering) Oh, splash. Chrissy’s on the swan,
kids are on the slide, Tiffany’s on the
giant smiley face emoji. What’s that? Yeah
your booty looks great. Your booty looks great. (yelling)
(laughing) – [Woman] Hey save the drink. – [Clintus] Save the drink. – And my hair. – [Clintus] And your hair. – [Mason] Laugh the bubbles. – Look at that,
I still have it. – [Jack] Wanna
make sure you had it. (laughing) – [Clintus] How’s
Sally the swan for you? – Oh it’s quite nice. – [Clintus] Fabulous. (upbeat music) – [Mamaw] Oh, it’s
just mac and cheese. – [Clintus] Mac and cheese. – [Mamaw] Mac and cheese. – [Clintus] Oh, is that the… – [Tiffany] Buffalo
chicken zucchini boats. – [Clintus] Buffalo
chicken zucchini boats. – [Mamaw] It smells amazing. – [Clintus] You better eat it. (laughing) Well that was a
fantastic dinner, something she
found on Pinterest. Just searching for
new things, new ideas, and that’s how
she found it guys. Pinterest is the
mother load of new recipes. Thanks so much for watching,
hope you enjoyed the video. We will see you guys tomorrow
as we kick off another week. Vlog on. – This is Trey from
Warner Robins, Georgia. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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