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Benefits of cycling
Learn How to Ride a Bike!

Learn How to Ride a Bike!

Being a cyclist means freedom, health and fun! To enjoy all that biking has to offer, your child can learn how to ride a bike using a few simple steps. This video will help them get them going on two wheels fast, so let’s get started! Find a big, uninterrupted space with no traffic and a hard, level surface. Grab your tools and remove training wheels, if necessary. Then remove the pedals. Remove the left pedal by turning the wrench clockwise, and remove the right pedal by turning the wrench counterclockwise. Be sure to keep track of which pedals are the left and the right. Next, lower the seat so your child’s feet are flat on the ground when seated comfortably. If your child can’t put their feet flat on the ground, remove the reflector to lower the seat a little bit more. Fit the helmet properly by tightening the band. Adjust the straps so they make a V beneath the ears and adjust the chin strap so only one finger fits between the chin and the chin strap. Ready? Begin by walking the bike and work up some speed. When your child is ready, have them move the bike fast, lift their legs and glide! The faster they go, the easier it is to stay upright. Once your child is comfortable gliding on two wheels for a distance of about 20 feet and making turns successfully, it’s time to put the pedals back on. Grab your tools once more and make sure the pedals are on tight! Raise the seat a little bit and have your child walk and glide like they have been doing. Once they get going, they can start to incorporate pedaling. Now that pedals are back in the mix, remind your child to stop by pedaling backwards or using the handbrakes. Remember, everyone learns at their own pace! Soon you’ll be enjoying a lifetime of fun and adventures riding bikes.

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